Christine wearing her New Outfit

As promised, I took photos of Christine wearing her new outfit beautifully knitted by Christine Durand.  I love it! ❤️

Her blue and white outfit consists of a dress, jacket, pants, hat and socks. I added a pair of later Gotz leather shoes.

The knitting is amazing and I love the floral detailing.  It fits perfectly. ❤️

Some close up photos.  Tiny buttons!

I moved her hair to the side so you can see the detailing on the back of her jacket.

Matching socks. 😊

A soft, drawstring gathering of the cuffs and also at her waist. ❤️

A photo taken by Christine Durand of the outfit. ❤️

Thank you for visiting with us today and I hope you enjoyed this post of Christine in her new outfit.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the upcoming Christmas holiday. 😊 xxx

20 thoughts on “Christine wearing her New Outfit

  1. I think you’ve also caught the Christine Durand bug. Regard it as highly contagious. Your doll Christine is lovely in her CD outfit that matches her eyes so well. I’m guessing she’ll now want only the delicate CD Knits.

  2. What an exceptional outfit for Christine, it suits her perfectly with those amazing blue eyes she has. I just love the fine knitting and attention to detail in all the embroidery. Just super ❤

  3. WOW! This knit ensemble is amazing Ginger! It suits Christine very well. There is so much beautiful floral detail. Plus the shade of blue most definitely brings out her gorgeous bright blue eyes. A very lucky girl.

  4. This outfit is absolutely amazing! Blue and white are my favourite colours so it attracted my attention immediately, but such perfect knitting and equally perfect scale. If there is one thing I don’t like it’s when outfits knitted for dolls are not in scale, it’s like a pet peeve of mine, this one is just suburb though! LOVE it!!!!

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