Wonderful Visits with Friends

This post is about the lovely visitors to Sasha Shangri-La last month. It was a happy time to share friendships and Sasha dolls.

Anne Votaw and her husband were the first to visit.   It was wonderful to spend time with Anne and to see such beautiful dolls and learn more about them. 😊

A sweet wee visitor. ❤️

Friends enjoying time together. 😊

Mary and Peggy visited next. We enjoyed our sushi time very much. 😊

Mary brought her flute and played for us. Boy, she is an amazing flutist.  The best!! ❤️

Peggy meeting her new Sasha, Ellen. ❤️

We played with Sasha dolls, went for walks on Cow Creek, played with Sasha dolls, toasted marshmallows and made s’mores, played with Sasha dolls, and ate very well.  We enjoyed each other’s company very much. ❤️

Janet and I again enjoying sushi and we visited a local Native American burial mound.

My Lily went along with us and also Janet’s Glory. ❤️❤️

Lily is a no nose Gotz girl and Janet helped her immensely by repainting her tired eyes. 😊

Hi Mommy, look at my shadow!!

Janet and I visited the West Virginia State Capital in Charleston.  We especial enjoyed the Cultural Center. 😊

Janet’s favorite restaurant! 😊

My Christmas cactus bloomed during the the visits. So lovely. ❤️

Lily, Gertie, Faye and the babies all want to thank you for visiting with us. We hope you enjoyed this post. 😊 xxx


Janet and I in rocking chairs on the front porch. Rick took this photo just before we left for the Columbus airport so Janet would make her return flights home.  It was a most wonderful visit and one that will hold a special place in my heart. ❤️

20 thoughts on “Wonderful Visits with Friends

  1. Such wonderful memories to start my day Ginger. I am so sushi deprived being at home now and as to lobster, well just a pipe dream! Thank you for all you did to make my trip to Shangri- La so enjoyable.

  2. What a very special time having friends come together during Janet’s stay at Cow Creek Ginger!! I really enjoyed seeing these faces again, and those wonderful Sasha dolls too! I especially loved seeing my favorite girl Nora up front in the photo with Anne. The last photo of you and Janet is certainly frame worthy. Perhaps a collage of all to hang proudly on a wall would be amazing.

  3. A really enjoyable post Ginger, it must have been lovely to have all these dolly visitors. Thank you so much for sharing them with us 🙂 xxx

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