Please welcome Audra to Sasha Shangri-La

This beautiful B-III Sasha Morgenthaler studio girl has come to live with us here on Cow Creek.  She arrived while Janet was visiting and I nearly did not adopt her.  Though she is very beautiful, I though she was so similar to my Gwennie and it would be like having two of the same girl.  Then, after giving some more thought to her, I decided to adopt her for that very reason and having twins would be just great!!! 😊

Audra came wearing her tagged studio dress and having her original socks and undergarments too.  The lovely seller gave her a pair of shoes that were a tad big for her so I borrowed this lovely leather pair from a sister and these were made by Brigitte.  Audra’s wonderful mohair harlequin bear was made by Janet. 😊

Audra loves Harley bear very much. It is nice to have a teddy bear when in a new place. ❤️

A vintage velvet ribbon was perfect for her hair. ❤️

After Audra’s arrival, I introduced her to her sister Gwennie.  As you can see, they really are quite different and not twins at all. I think Audra is a loving older sister to Gwennie.  They became close immediately! I am so happy they have one another.❤️


Gwennie, Audra and I want to thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you have enjoyed this post and have a happy day with a wonderful week to come. 😊 xxx

16 thoughts on “Please welcome Audra to Sasha Shangri-La

  1. Audra is wonderful Ginger and so is your new boy that you shared in your last post. Your Studio family seems to have grown rapidly recently, lucky lady ❤ xxx

    • Thank you Tricia. Yes, the studio family is growing and the vinyl family is decreasing in numbers. I am coming back around and full circle I think since Gwennie was my first Sasha doll. I have a real soft spot in my heart for studio dolls. ❤️ xxx

  2. She is gorgeous Ginger, I am glad you decided to keep her and let her be Gwennie’s big sister.
    Her little bear by Janet is so sweet and the perfect size for her.
    What a lovely addition to the Sasha’s at Cow Creek 🙂 xxx

  3. I can’t imagine more beautiful sisters ! I’m glad you changed your mind and adopted Audra, Ginger, or I think you’d have regretted that decision in the future. She looks to be quite a bit taller than Gwennie which surprised me because I thought all the Studio dolls were the same size. They both have my very favourite face types and I’m hoping that one as lovely as your girls will come to join our family one of these days. Your girls were made to be together and when you’re not looking, I know they’ll have lots to talk about ! xx

    • Thank you Linda! Yes, I so glad I had a second and better thought to adopt Audra. She is taller and I have noticed variations in the heights of the studio dolls. My Abby is quite tall and even taller than Audra. Most of my B body dolls are about Gwennie’s size.

      I hope you find your face mold III studio doll soon and I know you will be thrilled. They are very special dolls. A word of warning though, they are addictive!! ❤️ xxx

  4. Oh gosh Ginger, she is just so beautiful! I just love her face and hair and well everything about her. Congratulations, you must have the most amazing Studio collection now!

  5. WOW! Audra is really amazing Ginger! I love her lovely blonde hair and lighter complexion, not to mention those gorgeous eyes! She definitely is different than her little sister Gwennie. Sisters yes, but twins no. Congratulations on adopting the very lovely Audra!

  6. Audra is just so pretty and in such amazing shape too. I loved meeting her and discovering with you that she was Gwennie’s long lost big sister and not her twin! I love that she adores Harley! ❤

  7. Hi Ginger Audra is indeed a wonderful addition to your Sasha family. I apologise for the late response to this wonderful post, but usually when you post something on your blog i get an email, but this did not happen on this occasion xxxxx

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