A Happy Trip to New York

I picked up Janet at the airport in Columbus, Ohio and it was a very happy reunion.  Since it was after 7:00 pm, we drove a couple of hours and stopped to rest at a hotel in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  The next day we drove to a second hotel in New York and we went to see Dorisanne the following day.  We were on a mission to pick up Janet’s beautiful studio doll named Katherine. ❤️

Janet reading her emails after arriving at the hotel in New York.

Janet and I eating breakfast and getting excited about picking up Janet’s Katherine or Katie. ❤️

We arrived at Dorisanne’s lovely lakeside home and immediately entered a wonderful world of Sasha dolls.  Janet’s first meeting with Katie! ❤️

Janet and Dorisanne eyeing  Glory wearing her hedgehog outfit. 😊

Dorisanne and Janet enjoying the visit. Dorisanne made a tasty lunch for us.  Dorisanne introduced us to her very special studio doll family and we also saw beautiful vinyl Sasha dolls too.  We had a wonderful visit.  😊

Glory and a beautiful Asian Sasha doll repainted by John Morgan and adopted by me! The two adorable bears were made by Janet. ❤️

That evening after leaving Dorisanne’s house, I could not get out of my mind a very special molded head studio boy that I met earlier.  Sooooo, the next morning I called Dorisanne before we left town and asked her if we could return to pick him up. Dorisanne graciously agreed and so I adopted a new studio boy that I named Albert or Bertie.  His name is Karli so he is now Karli Albert but I call him Bertie. Here are a few photos of Bertie taken on Cow Creek. ❤️

Love this boy. ❤️

After returning to West Virginia, Janet began painting and working to fulfill dolly orders for people living here in the States.  Here is s photo of her in action.  😊

A front porch photo of Janet with her beautiful Katie. ❤️

The next post will be of Mary and Peggy’s visit to Sasha Shangri-La.  Thank you for visiting with us today. Have a wonderful week. 😊 xxx

p.s. Bertie sitting beside Bennie his brother. Plus Bertie had a hidden surprise…look at the photo below!!!

Yes, Bertie has toes!!! 😊

8 thoughts on “A Happy Trip to New York

  1. Such a lovely blog Ginger, I’m glad you took those photos as they have brought back so many happy memories. I love that we both own treasured dolls from Dorisanne’s collection now, give Bertie’s toes a tickle from me!

    • Thank you Janet. It was a very happy time wasn’t it? Bertie was so unexpected but oh so nice. Katie is a gorgeous studio doll and I am happy she is with you and that I was able to see you adopt her. I will tickle Bertie’s toes and please give Katie a hug from me. ❤️ xxx

  2. I’ve always loved this boy with the molded hair, and I know Dorisanne loved him, too. And I’m delighted you are have a turn to own him for the next chapter in his life. We seldom know the journeys our dolls take as they go from owner to owner. I wonder if Dorisanne knows who owned him before she did? He may have been bought from Therealult’s, and therefor his previous owners are unknown, unless someone has met him before Dorisanne’s purchase.

    • Thank you Ann. I am so happy to have adopted Bertie, the molded hair boy from Dorisanne. I will take good care of him and he holds a very special place here at Sasha Shangri-La. Thank you for writing. ❤️ xxx

  3. I totally missed this wonderful post! What a lovely visit you were having.
    Your new studio doll is so sweet and I love his name Bertie , Bennie looks like his big brother
    sitting beside him while he gets used to his new home.
    Your are getting a fabulous collection of Studio dolls Ginger, congratulations ! 🙂 xxx

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