New Sashas From “A” to “Z”

A Long Note: Most of you are know that I am very tardy on blog posting and also tardy  with reading/commenting on my dear friend’s blogs. It seems daunting at times about where to start because my normal, logical writings would start with my trip to England.  But these are not normal times.  I have decided to begin with the some recent events and then decide what to post next later on.

Our family is focusing on spending time together and talking about our son Lance. The tears still pour forth even as I write this.💔  I have to say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the outpouring of love, kindness, and support from you all. Thank you all so much for caring about me and for caring about us. xxx

The Sasha Festival came up quickly though and I wondered if I had the strength and fortitude to attend…though I knew intellectually it would be fantastic in every way, my heart was here at home with Rick and family and trying to do little things each day to show love to them and some days, help just to get through…

My dear husband, however, encouraged me once again to go and though I cried as I left him and the healing hills of West Virginia, I ventured onward through the Shenandoah Valley, and onto the major concrete artery that led towards Washington DC.  I made my way steadfastly away from home to spend time with dear Sasha friends.  ❤️End of A Long Note ❤️

The 2017 Sasha Festival was held in Washington DC and was titled Forever Young.

A warm welcome from the lovely leaders that organized this most wonderful event.  Thank you so very much Karen, Charla, and Norvell. ❤️

The schedule of events was placed on the back of the book which was brilliant!  No need to search and shuffle pages to know what is next and when it begins …  just pull out the booklet and there it is! 😊

Headings of the booklet’s contents plus there are areas for notes and the attendees directory which is always very helpful. 😊

This post is focusing on two new members to the Sasha Shangri-La family plus the fantastic Festival outfit. I will post other new additions to the family and Festival news soon.

The first new member is Alaine. Alaine means beautiful and I think she is truly a beauty. I adopted her from Laura Ward through a type of doll exchange between us and so my doll Fara is now living with Laura.  It works well. 😊

Please meet Alaine and she is a 1968 fringe girl.  She is wearing the beautiful Festival outfit received at dinner on Saturday evening. It was made entirely by Karen Warnaka and I cannot conceive even making just the socks much less 100 entire outfits! Karen is a most remarkable lady and so very kind too.  The leather shoes were made by the very talented Marti Murphy who was greatly missed at the Festival.  Thank you dear ladies for the dedication of your time and your talent to create such an outfit. ❤️

I took photos of the outfit just out of the box. You can see there were four different styles of outfits and they are shown on the right side of the sheet. I love them all.


Alaine is wearing the white pants also included and what amazing red socks!


Socks lovingly tied as a pair.  ❤️


The beautiful dress that fits perfectly. ❤️

A very fine corduroy material, a gingham trim and the tiniest of buttons. ❤️

Fantastic brown leather shoes by Marti. ❤️

The full outfit on Alaine. I happened to have some red gingham ribbon for her hair. ❤️

The dress secures in the back and is easy to put on and does not mess the hair. 😊

Thank you Alaine for modeling. ❤️

Next is a fantastic Cora reroot with light repainting to her eyes.  A friend kindly brought her to the Festival for me because she knew I was looking for a special Cora.  I have named her Zayna, also meaning beautiful. 😊

Some of you might have seen Zayna on Facebook because people were snapping her photos at the Festival.  I have dressed her in a lovely long white dress with blue embroidery and it was made by Petrana.  Zayna wears blue suede sandals made by Jean Jensen.

Zayna was rerooted and lightly repainted by the very talented Jackie Rydstrom. Her amazing eyes are a deep, smokey blue color and her amazing hair is very wavy, has red highlights, and is very soft. I am smitten with this unique girl. ❤️

A clever and innovative Festival wrist tag was made and gifted to me by the lovely daughter of Julie Wiesler, Emma. I received one last year from Emma in Rochester and it was wonderful to receive one again this year. Thank you Emma! 😊


Beautiful hair by Jackie. 😊


Zayna and I, along with Alaine, thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you have a blessed day and week to come. 😊 xxx

Post Note: My time spent at the Festival went beyond my expectations and I had the most wonderful and uplifting experiences. I met new people and renewed friendships.  It was so nice to be among friends and so many kindnesses were extended to me.  I am deeply humbled and so grateful for the generosity of spirit and the grace abounding in our Sasha community. ❤️ xxx




23 thoughts on “New Sashas From “A” to “Z”

    • Thank you Marti! It was wonderful and it flew by!!! We missed you and I know you worked hard all year for the Festival. Thank you for helping to make it such a special Festival and I hope to see you next year in Minnesota! 😊 xxx

  1. First up, sending you all a huge virtual hug ❤
    Really pleased you managed to find a some joy at the Festival and that others there were supportive. Wow! What fantastic girls! Enjoy! If you ever get tired of them …send them my way 🙂
    Much love from us all here and little Lance sends his vinyl love to you xx

    • Thank you Ronny for the much needed virtual hug! The Festival was so very nice and the people made it nice of course! I am glad you like the new girls and I better not tempt them with the possibility of returning to England to live with you….or at least not yet since they just arrived! 😉
      Please, please tell little Lance that I look at his little photo every day and think fondly of him. Everyone here sends their love to you, Little Lance, and your Sasha kids. ❤️ xxx

  2. So Glad you were able to enjoy the festival Ginger and have a chance to be with friends 🙂
    Both your new girls are just gorgeous.
    And what a wonderful outfit from the extremely talented and hardworking Karen Warnaka.
    I love your new Cora too, such wonderful hair and she looks perfect in the blue and white Petrana dress.
    Life must be lived even when times are tough and I am glad Rick encouraged you to go and have a little sunshine after the dark.
    Sending you both, strength and love Dee xxx

    • Thank you Dee! I am glad you like the new girls, they are very different from one another but I think both are beautiful. I know you love Karen’s outfits too and the four Festival outfits were all wonderfully made. She is just amazing!

      Thank you too for sending loving thoughts our way. Rick has constructed the foundation and the floor for a new outbuilding which is nice for him to do. It is good to stay busy. ❤️ xxx

  3. Sigh, such wonderfulness Ginger. So glad you had a good time and it brought some cheer back to you. It was lovely to see your gorgeous smile in the photographs. Thank you for sharing your lovely girls and goodies.

    • Thank you Lorraine and I am sorry you were not able to attend this time. There were several people that took great photos and put them on Facebook plus videos too which I hope was helped those who were not there to feel better. I did not take as many photos this time because I was really living in the moment and not thinking about the camera. Though I am happy to share what I do have and hopefully will take photos more regularly now. ❤️ xxx

  4. Dear Ginger…so pleased you have these lovely new dolls to comfort you at a difficult time. Thank you for sharing all the great photos too….take care and keep posting your lovely pictures. Thinking of you, although we have never met, I feel I know you through your beautiful blogs

    • Thank you Lel for the lovely comments and your support. I feel as I know you too and for quite a while! I do hope we meet one day. ❤️

      I am happy to share photos and hopefully will share more often and get back on a more normal track. The Sasha family and the loving support received on the blog are blessings. ❤️xxx

  5. I really can’t put into words how wonderful everything was. I can relate when you say the festival went beyond expectations. I know you were saddened by your most recent loss, Ginger but it was a wonderful thing to see your excitement and to see you smile. It’s quite contagious. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Alaine and also the great detail of one of four festival outfits which we had received. I do believe this one may be a favorite! Also your Cora re-root Zayna is very beautiful wearing a dress by one of my favorite seamstress’ Petrana. Jackie Rydstrom is also very talented. I’m in awe with so many talented Sasha people. Without them my poor Sasha’s would certainly be paupers.

    • Thank you Cathy.I was truly happy to be there. It was so very nice to see you again and I am glad I met your good friend Cheryl. What a special lady!

      My Sashas would wear only their original outfits if they relied on my sewing and crafting abilities. Thank goodness for our talented friends. ❤️ xxx

  6. Once again our sorrow and sadness that we can find so hard to bear is lifted, at least for a little while, enabling us to catch our breath, calm our beating hearts and dry our tears, by these unique and wonderful dolls and their kind and thoughtful owners.

    This 2017 Sasha Festival looked truly fantastic filled with such happy people that it must have lifted your spirits a little after the recent sad loss of your young stepson, Lance.

    These first two of your new Festival dolls to join your already superb collection are ‘just what the doctor ordered.’ They have a tendency to try to take your mind off life’s present worry and hurt until we can finally come to terms with it all. There is that old saying that ‘God never gives us more than we can bear’…although it does so often seem like it.

    I’m sure that you are pleased to now be back at home amongst your loving and supportive family and ready to cope together with the next chapter of your life.
    My love, thoughts, prayers and take good care of yourselves.

    • Thank you Kendal. The Sasha Festival was wonderful and being with Sasha friends really made the time together so special. The events were so well planned and fun to do. It did help me feel better and I know that the grieving process is not a straight path forward but a day-to-day encounter. The few days there in DC though were all very good days. Even the drive which was about 6.5 hours each way, was refreshing as I listened to my audible books and had time alone be to think and pray.

      The two new dolls are fitting in fine and I am glad they are here with us. I really appreciate your kind words, as always, and thank you for your love and prayers. ❤️ xxx

  7. Hi Ginger, wonderful post and two beauties. What a coincidence Alaine means beautiful, so close to the Irish translation beautiful also!! Zayna is also gorgeous and so unusual. Both girls dresses are perfect and I’m so glad you had a good time at the festival xx. I’m sure the journey both ways was cathartic to a certain extent too xx take care of yourself and Rick and wishing you love and strength in the times ahead. Sue xxx

    • Thank you Sue. I have to confess that I did a bit of researching to find Alaine’s name because I thought she was so beautiful. I love the name Alaine and Alaina too.

      The time at the Festival was wonderful and I am glad that I went and saw everyone and joined in the festivities. Thank you for the good wishes for a Rick and me. ❤️ xxx

  8. So glad you made it home safely. It was wonderful seeing you. Your new girls are so lovely,
    Who made the sweater in your banner? Love it!

    • Hi Julie and thank you! I am glad you made it home safely too. It is always good to see you!

      The sweater in the banner was made by Janet Myhill Dabbs. Finn acquired this outfit while we were in England and I will be showing the entire outfit on the blog soon. We had a great trip! ❤️ xxx

      • I love Janice’s work. I was able to purchase two outfits from her last year, and had hoped to add to my collection this year.
        Also, thank you for showing the tag Emma made. It means a lot to her.

  9. Two beautiful girls Ginger. I’m so glad that you were able to go, and have a bit of time with friends and a little less sadness. I hope you and your family are doing better, sending you lots of love and big hugs xxxx

    • Thank you so much dear Sharon. I think they are beautiful too. We are better overall I think but some days are very sad. It really is living each day and doing one’s best. Today I got up at 4:00 am and was looking at photos of Lance and remembering times together and it was heart breaking so I went to play with the dolls to feel better. I so appreciate your kind thoughts and big hugs especially at this difficult time. ❤️ XXX

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