New Sashas From “A” to “Z”


A Long Note: Most of you are know that I am very tardy on blog posting and also tardy  with reading/commenting on my dear friend’s blogs. It seems daunting at times about where to start because my normal, logical writings would start with my trip to England.  But these are not normal times.  I have decided to begin with the some recent events and then decide what to post next later on.

Our family is focusing on spending time together and talking about our son Lance. The tears still pour forth even as I write this.💔  I have to say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude by the outpouring of love, kindness, and support from you all. Thank you all so much for caring about me and for caring about us. xxx

The Sasha Festival came up quickly though and I wondered if I had the strength and fortitude to attend…though I knew intellectually it would be fantastic in every way, my heart was here at home with Rick and family and trying to do little things each day to show love to them and some days, help just to get through…

My dear husband, however, encouraged me once again to go and though I cried as I left him and the healing hills of West Virginia, I ventured onward through the Shenandoah Valley, and onto the major concrete artery that led towards Washington DC.  I made my way steadfastly away from home to spend time with dear Sasha friends.  ❤️End of A Long Note ❤️

The 2017 Sasha Festival was held in Washington DC and was titled Forever Young.

A warm welcome from the lovely leaders that organized this most wonderful event.  Thank you so very much Karen, Charla, and Norvell. ❤️

The schedule of events was placed on the back of the book which was brilliant!  No need to search and shuffle pages to know what is next and when it begins …  just pull out the booklet and there it is! 😊

Headings of the booklet’s contents plus there are areas for notes and the attendees directory which is always very helpful. 😊

This post is focusing on two new members to the Sasha Shangri-La family plus the fantastic Festival outfit. I will post other new additions to the family and Festival news soon.

The first new member is Alaine. Alaine means beautiful and I think she is truly a beauty. I adopted her from Laura Ward through a type of doll exchange between us and so my doll Fara is now living with Laura.  It works well. 😊

Please meet Alaine and she is a 1968 fringe girl.  She is wearing the beautiful Festival outfit received at dinner on Saturday evening. It was made entirely by Karen Warnaka and I cannot conceive even making just the socks much less 100 entire outfits! Karen is a most remarkable lady and so very kind too.  The leather shoes were made by the very talented Marti Murphy who was greatly missed at the Festival.  Thank you dear ladies for the dedication of your time and your talent to create such an outfit. ❤️

I took photos of the outfit just out of the box. You can see there were four different styles of outfits and they are shown on the right side of the sheet. I love them all.


Alaine is wearing the white pants also included and what amazing red socks!


Socks lovingly tied as a pair.  ❤️


The beautiful dress that fits perfectly. ❤️

A very fine corduroy material, a gingham trim and the tiniest of buttons. ❤️

Fantastic brown leather shoes by Marti. ❤️

The full outfit on Alaine. I happened to have some red gingham ribbon for her hair. ❤️

The dress secures in the back and is easy to put on and does not mess the hair. 😊

Thank you Alaine for modeling. ❤️

Next is a fantastic Cora reroot with light repainting to her eyes.  A friend kindly brought her to the Festival for me because she knew I was looking for a special Cora.  I have named her Zayna, also meaning beautiful. 😊

Some of you might have seen Zayna on Facebook because people were snapping her photos at the Festival.  I have dressed her in a lovely long white dress with blue embroidery and it was made by Petrana.  Zayna wears blue suede sandals made by Jean Jensen.

Zayna was rerooted and lightly repainted by the very talented Jackie Rydstrom. Her amazing eyes are a deep, smokey blue color and her amazing hair is very wavy, has red highlights, and is very soft. I am smitten with this unique girl. ❤️

A clever and innovative Festival wrist tag was made and gifted to me by the lovely daughter of Julie Wiesler, Emma. I received one last year from Emma in Rochester and it was wonderful to receive one again this year. Thank you Emma! 😊


Beautiful hair by Jackie. 😊


Zayna and I, along with Alaine, thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you have a blessed day and week to come. 😊 xxx

Post Note: My time spent at the Festival went beyond my expectations and I had the most wonderful and uplifting experiences. I met new people and renewed friendships.  It was so nice to be among friends and so many kindnesses were extended to me.  I am deeply humbled and so grateful for the generosity of spirit and the grace abounding in our Sasha community. ❤️ xxx




Yippee Yippee……It’s Me…..Gracie



Hi everyone, it’s me Gracie!!!  I am whispering to you because Mummy is in the next room and I don’t want her to hear me talking on the blog but I think something is up here at Sasha Shangri-La!


Mummy just redressed me in my pretty turquoise outfit made by Thu Cuc Faes.  Plus she put this suitcase on the bed and that means she is going somewhere!!! 😊


Plus Mummy has been talking a lot about the Sasha Festival to be held in Rochester, New York sometime very soon. 😊


So…..I am thinking that there is a good chance that I might get to go with Mummy to the Festival!!!  I think I can fit nicely in this side pocket of her case…..she would not see me! 😊


Or maybe I should slide in this zipper pouch and hide away….image

Oh jeepers….Mummy is coming back in the room….I want to be a very good girl for Mummy. Maybe she will take me with her. Oh I hope so! 😊

imageHi Mummy!  I love you so much and in my heart of hearts, I want to go with you to Rochester and to be able to be with you and to see everyone at the Festival.  Oh please Mummy, pretty, pretty please with whip cream and a candy heart on top and all just for you!  I love you so much! ❤️


Guess what everybody?  My sweet Mummy said I can go to the Festival in Rochester and I will meet so many nice people.  I am so happy and my heart feels bigger than I am!!!! ❤️

imageThank you all for visiting today with me, Gracie, and I am waving bye bye and sending you all big hugs and kisses!  Plus I wish you all a very happy weekend and week to come.  I hope to see you inRochester and if not, maybe I will sneak a few blog posts to you, my blog friends that are not coming this time.  Mummy cannot watch the blog all of the time.  I am sure she will not mind at all. 😉

Sending much love, Gracie ❤️ xxx