A New Girl Arrives at Sasha Shangri-La ❤


Some of you may have seen this rare girl on Shelly’s site and you may have wondered where she went after leaving Sasha Doll UK.  She is a Gotz girl but with her eye painting by Sasha Morgenthaler herself.  I immediately fell in love with her. ❤



The first three photos of this post were taken by Shelly. 😊


I love Sasha’s studio doll paintings and this girl was no exception.  She is a very special, miniature studio-like doll. ❤


After she arrived, I immediately took photos of her on this coral colored blanket. ❤


My hands were shaking while taking the first photos. Such anticipation! 😊


I think I was in shock with excitement for quite a while after she arrived. Thank goodness that I did hear her whisper that her name is Morgen. ❤


Next I took a few photos of Morgen in her original brown cord dress with brown leather shoes. ❤


❤ Hello Morgen ❤


Welcome to Sasha Shangri-La dear one. ❤


❤ Morgen ❤


Next, I gave her back her ponytail to see how it would look.  Morgen loved playing in the doll room. 😊


She has the little curl at the base of her neck. Plus the nice side wings.


I really like her ponytail. 😊


Then, I dressed Morgen in a studio style dress by Dolliepatch.  I think she looks very pretty in this outfit.


I hope you enjoyed meeting Morgen today.  Thank you for visiting with us. ❤


I styled Morgen’s hair back into her ponytail and then she joined her sisters Gracie, Joanie, and Gwennie.  They love to share stories of when they came alive as they were painted by Sasha Morgenthaler in Switzerland long ago.  Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have been there to see the dolls come to life in her extraordinarily, talented hands? ❤


A waterlogue image to enjoy.  Morgen and I wish you a very happy and healthy week to come. 😊 xxx

20 thoughts on “A New Girl Arrives at Sasha Shangri-La ❤

  1. Morgen is exceptional Ginger, breathtaking. I loved seeing the closeup of her eye paint and all the detail. She looks so lovely with her ponytail back in place and just so sweet in the studio style dress. I can only imagine your excitement ❤

  2. Lucky, lucky YOU! I would have snapped her up without a second’s hesitation if I had still been collecting Sashas.
    I’m loving her best with her hair in a ponytail as you have now done it.
    Looking forward to seeing her in a variety of clothing over the next few weeks.
    Wishing you both every happiness together.
    (Hoping to start very soon on commenting on the rest of your blogposts that I missed through my recent illness.)

    • Hello Kendal and thank you for the lovely comments. I am so happy you are feeling better! 😊

      I am loving her best with a ponytail too. It really suits her. I think she will look great in overalls spending time outdoors here on Cow Creek farm. I will share photos soon.

      Thank you for the lovely wishes for the both of us. I will photograph her with Gertie so we can see them both together. ❤ xxx

  3. What a treasure to have Ginger! Congratulations on having Morgan come and live with you at Sasha shangri la ! She fits right in with Gracie, Gwennie and Joanie.
    I am looking forward to seeing her in different outfits while she picks her style! and it will be lovely to see her if she does come to the SCW 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dee. Morgen is fitting in very well. We will be trying on some different outfits soon and post them here.

      She will be at the SCW and she said “Hi Auntie Dee. I look forward to meeting you!” 😊 xxx

  4. Wow Ginger!!!! I am so happy for you!! Morgan is breathtaking, a true treasure. She is indeed a smaller Studio Doll and all the more rare being that of a 16″ vinyl doll. Congratulations!!

    • Thank you Cathy! I am really thrilled and I am still pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Morgen is a real treasure and we will see a lot of her here on the blog. 😊 xxx

  5. WOW what a beautiful girl Ginger, and her eyes are so lovely, a rare find indeed. I think she fits right in at Sasha Shangri-la, and yes, I can just imagine the stories the Sasha handpainted girls are telling one another and reminiscing over!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

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