Dane an Inspired Harlequin


I am happy to introduce Dane a wonderful Harlequin studio doll rendition lovingly made by Janet Myhill-Dabbs.  Years ago I was fortunate to see an original Harlequin studio doll made by Sasha Morgenthaler on an ebay auction and he was the inspiration for Dane. 🙂

More recently, Janet located a full size mask, prepared it for her amazing handpainting, made his lovely, long lanky body, found the perfect wig, and designed his harlequin outfit using Laura Ashley fabric.  She also crafted his black leather shoes.  The first two photos of this post were taken by Janet. ❤

Dane outdoors at Janet’s house. 🙂

So Dane arrives at Sasha Shangri-La!  I posed him in a chair and gave him as a pet a resident pig that lives here on the farm. 😉

Dane looks right at home next to Brigitte and his new Sasha family. ❤

A close up view of the very handsome and mesmerizing Dane. ❤

A close view of Dane’s wonderful eyes.  I love him! ❤

Dane is a wonderful new addition to the Sasha family. He brings a very unique and wonderful expression of doll art and I am fortunate to have a Sasha inspired Harlequin by Janet.<3

Another very close view of Dane’s face. Wonderful boy. 🙂

A last photo of Dane along with some of his Sasha family. Doesn’t he look right at home?

Dane and I thank you for visiting with us today. We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful weekend and week to come. 🙂 xxx

A view waterlogue images for you to enjoy. 🙂

Painted in Waterlogue

Painted in Waterlogue

Painted in Waterlogue

16 thoughts on “Dane an Inspired Harlequin

  1. A great new addition to your doll family Ginger. His face is very real looking, you can see a definite look to him, especially in the second and third photo’s , a very boyish face.
    I do love these harlequin style dolls and Janet makes such great ones.
    Love the final photo of him with all the others.
    Enjoy the coming week and not long now to the SW :)xxx

    • Hi Dee and thank you. I agree that he has a boyish look to him and he is a very unique addition to the Sasha family. He is connected but oh, so very different. 🙂

      So glad you enjoyed the post and this time next month, I will be in England!! Hurray!!! ❤ xxx

  2. Although personally I’m not really ‘into’ the Sasha Harlequins I have to say that I am very taken with Dane’s face painting. I just love his most attractive mouth with what appears to me to be a slight quiver/tremble in the lip which makes me want to give him a hug and tell him not to cry.His eye painting is nothing short of superb. Well done Janet!
    Any mention of the Laura Ashley materials and this brings back some wonderful memories of the late 60s and all my long floral cotton LA dresses and pinafores. Those certainly were my best social event years! (I even appeared on the Pebble Mill Manchester Studios TV show wearing a grey/white floral one with a grey over Victorian styled pinafore although only in the participating audience cast sitting at a table with my then boyfriend in the pretence of watching a live jazz group.)
    What a great way of displaying him sitting so naturally on that unusual wrought iron chair. Perfect size and prop.
    What! NO water-logged end photo of him? You are slipping!
    Many thanks for your and Dane’s good wishes for the forthcoming week.

    • Hi Kendal and before I say anything, I just posted several waterlogue images of the dear boy Dane. They turned out nicely. Thank you for reminding me. 🙂

      I am taken with Dane’s face painting too. Janet is just amazing and truly a very gifted artist. I love the dolls that Janet brings to life! Dane is even more remarkable in person especially since he is such a big boy relative to most Sasha dolls plus his face mold is fast becoming my most favorite. He is truly a one-of-a kind boy. 🙂

      How exciting to have been on TV and to have such a nice memory! I can visualize those floral dresses and pinafores, just wonderful. I think I am stuck in time because I still love Laura Ashley fabrics and even today I wore one of her 100% wool floral sweaters, that have been in my closet for years, when I went outdoors. It is wonderful to wear because I love the flowers and I stay warm! We have had a cold spell in the past couple of days and actually have had snow again. This morning was 27 degrees F. Pretty cold for April for us but not unheard of since we have received actual snow storms in April in years past. 🙂 xxx

  3. It is so lovely for me to see how quickly Dane has joined in with his new Sasha family at Shangri-La. I love how you have posed him and feel such a connection as when he was here he sat in a chair just like the one he is now in! I bought that chair in America, a lovely Parisian Cafe style. With my other harlequins I would say they could be either boys or girls but with Dane he was a boy from the start. It warms my heart to hear how much you love him ❤

    • I agree with you that Dane is all boy. He is the star attraction now at Sasha Shangri-La. Everyone is fascinated with Dane and he is a gentle boy with a good heart.

      Thank you Janet for bringing him to life, I love him. ❤ xxx

  4. Dane looks great Ginger and looks to have made himself really at home already! His long gangly limbs work well with the chair too, and I love his outfit, the fabric is very nice indeed.
    He’s very lucky to have found his way to your home, he’ll have lots of fun with your wonderful Sasha/Gregor family, that’s for sure!

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you for the lovely comment and I’m glad you like Dane too. The fabric is so nice and perfect for him. He is making friends quickly and we are so happy he is here with us. 🙂 xxx

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