Happy Birthday Greetings for Kendal

Gertie very close

Gertie is getting so very excited about her return trip to England next month. She has missed her twin sister Edith and her Auntie Janet so very much in the past year. I just posted Gertie’s photograph on facebook to wish Kendal a very happy birthday celebration. Luckily, Gertie reminded me that Kendal may not see the greeting on facebook and that I should post it here on the Sasha Shangri-La blog 🙂

So, a very, very Happy Birthday dear Kendal. Gertie and  I, along with all of the Sasha family here at Sasha Shangri-La, are sending you the happiest of birthday wishes and we hope you have a most wonderful day of delightful and delicious birthday celebrations. ❤ xxx

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Greetings for Kendal

    • I’m afraid to say that Clarise, MY Gertie, isn’t actually a Pintucks girl but a wide faced 1970 falling haired Gregor. but it will be wonderful to see and capture them on camera altogether for the first time.

  1. Happy Birthday to Kendal. This girl is very pretty Ginger, I’m sure she is anxious to see her ‘family’ again after being away in the US with you all this time. But I bet she’ll still be happy to return home to her new family at the end of her trip! 🙂

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