A Laura Disney Surprise



I recently won several online auctions and most of the dolls were Sasha dolls and Kathe Kruse dolls. This lovely girl came undressed and the photo showed her in a group dolls crowded together. I thought she was a Gotz Maria doll. She came to me undressed except for her pants and when I inspected her torso, I was so surprised to see that her torso was marked. 😊


I think she is Laura Disney and #16 of 50 dolls made.  😊


I dressed Laura in a stunning dress made by Karen Warnaka and gifted to me by a dear friend who lives in England.  I was keeping it for a special girl.   She looks Dee-licious! ❤️


Hello there pretty Laura. ❤️


Laura’s blue leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.


Laura up close. ❤️


Her hair is nice and full and silky.  I added a barrette. 🌹


My son’s dog Duke also likes Laura and her new vinyl smell. 😊


Laura and I want to thank you for visiting us today.  Life here is very busy and we are only now beginnng to decorate for Christmas.  We both wish you a happy weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx

Note:  My son Luke’s wedding was so wonderful and his bride Mollie was absolutely beautiful.  We all had such a wonderful time.  Love is blooming here on Cow Creek. 🌹