A Laura Disney Surprise


I recently won several online auctions and most of the dolls were Sasha dolls and Kathe Kruse dolls. This lovely girl came undressed and the photo showed her in a group dolls crowded together. I thought she was a Gotz Maria doll. She came to me undressed except for her pants and when I inspected her torso, I was so surprised to see that her torso was marked. 😊


I think she is Laura Disney and #16 of 50 dolls made.  😊


I dressed Laura in a stunning dress made by Karen Warnaka and gifted to me by a dear friend who lives in England.  I was keeping it for a special girl.   She looks Dee-licious! ❤️


Hello there pretty Laura. ❤️


Laura’s blue leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.


Laura up close. ❤️


Her hair is nice and full and silky.  I added a barrette. 🌹


My son’s dog Duke also likes Laura and her new vinyl smell. 😊


Laura and I want to thank you for visiting us today.  Life here is very busy and we are only now beginnng to decorate for Christmas.  We both wish you a happy weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx

Note:  My son Luke’s wedding was so wonderful and his bride Mollie was absolutely beautiful.  We all had such a wonderful time.  Love is blooming here on Cow Creek. 🌹


9 thoughts on “A Laura Disney Surprise

  1. Congratulations on discovering you had Laura Disney! She is lovely Ginger and looks very pretty in her dress and shoes. Also congratulations on your son’s wedding. Looks like it was lovely.

  2. WOW! That was a lucky find!
    Laura Disney was the ONLY doll that I didn’t have in my 1990s Gotz collection (due to her being a limited edition of 50) although I was offered her much later on AT a PRICE… but by then (if I’m remembering correctly) there had been issues with some of the navy checked dress and navy socks having stained her vinyl so I declined the offer.
    Loved your son’s recent wedding photo.
    BTW. You’re not alone in only starting on your Christmas preparations…and I didn’t have a family wedding to help do!

    • Hi Kendal. Yes, now that you say that, I remember the staining problem with those dresses. Maybe it was a good thing that this girl lost her dress after all? She had been stored awhile I think but nicely stored with no damage and still keeping her newer smell. If her original dress had been on her, I imagine she would have had staining.

      I at first thought she had neck caving because her head did not move smoothly. But after inspecting her more closely, she does not have caving at all but her neck circumference is not the same as the torso neck-opening circumference. I am not certain if this is the reason she doesn’t move well or if her stringing is too tight or maybe both. I am so happy with her though and the problem is a minor one. 😊

      The wedding was all joy Kendal. It is wonderful to see their glowing faces and hopes for the future in their hearts. ❤️

      Rick put up the metal nativity scene in the front yard yesterday and we put up a Christmas flag decking the front porch. At least a start at decorating is underway. Our other son bought a house this week and Rick has helped him with the move and all of the handyman work at the new house. Bless him!!! Thank you Kendal for sharing that we are not the only ones with decorating delays. The area farms are shining bright at night! ❤️xxx 🎄🎄🎄

  3. What a lovely post Ginger and what a great surprise to find such a rare doll amongst your new treasures. She looks very beautiful in her lovely dress, shoes and hair tie. How lovely to see the wonderful photo of Luke and Mollie at the end, love is all around ❤

  4. A very lovely surprise for you Ginger! She’s a very nice doll and has lovely hair too, the dress looks great on her.
    Congratulations to your handsome son and his beautiful bride! I can so relate to the lovely feeling of having a wedding in the family! 🙂 I hope you will share more photos!
    Big hugs and lots of love Sharon xxxx

  5. What a great find! It is lovely when these things happen ,give them a little extra sparkle.she does look Dee lightful in her new dress😏

    Congratulations to Luke and Mollie on their marriage. Thank you for share a photo of this wonderful family event with us. Xxxx

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