A Happy Gotz Sasha Ponytail Girl Gathering


It is a great day for Gotz dolls.  It is a great day for Gotz Sasha dolls.  It is a great day for Gotz Sasha ponytail dolls.  The Gotz Sasha ponytail girls living at Sasha Shangri-La are here today to say hello to you! 😊

First up is Mimi wearing a fantastic Ra-ra outfit made by the talented Sharon Humphreys.  Her Mary Jane shoes were made by Ruthsdolls. 😊

Mimi looks a little sad today…perhaps lonely but not for long!

Who do you see sweet Mimi?

Oh, it is Berry!  Berry it is so nice to see you! Berry’s adorable top was made by Sharon Humphreys, her cute skirt was made by Chris Meatyard, and her blue leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen. 😊

Berry is so happy to be outdoors. I think she sees a friendly face in the distance…

Who is it Berry?

Oh my, it is Lee!  How nice to see you Lee.  Lee’s darling outfit is unmarked and her pink leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

Lee is a sensitive and caring girl. 😊

A little windy so please excuse the stray hairs in the photos.

Lee, who do you see that is coming to join the ponytail gathering?

Oh look, it is Morgen!  Morgen is our newest member of the ponytail family living here on Cow Creek. Mooooooo!  🐄🐄🐄

Though Morgen is a Gotz ponytail girl, her eyes were painted by Sasha Morgenthaler herself.  We are thrilled to have Morgen join our Sasha family. ❤

Morgen up close. ❤

Morgen is wearing a fantastic Ra-ra outfit made by Sharon Humphreys.  Her shoes are by Ruthsdolls.

I love this outfit…thank you Sharon! ❤ xxx

Morgen up close again. I hope you do not mind viewing extra photos of Morgen. ❤

Pretty Ponytail girls all together…….

Enjoying their time together…..

Just happy to share the day…


So nice to see you girls all together. Let’s look at a few more close up photos of each of you.


Berry. (I took Barry’s photo indoors because her photo taken outdoors did not turn out)



The ponytail girls and I thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post.  We are sending you happy wishes for the weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx


Lastly, waterlogue images to enjoy. 🌹🌹🌹🌹


Sasha Shangra-La Ponytail Girls


Mimi is waiting to greet her new sisters. She is so excited to meet her sisters especially since she saw their photos and they are ponytail girls too. We decided to dress Mimi in a Gotz ski outfit since her sisters were coming dressed in their Gotz outfits. 🙂

A new sister immediately came to Mimi’s side. Mimi is so happy and she has a bear to give her sister as a homecoming gift. 🙂

“Thank you Mimi, I love this bear” said her sweet sister. 🙂

Mimi looks surprised as her other new sister came up from behind! 🙂

“Hi there sister!” said Mimi. “It is so nice to meet you! I have a puppy dog for you to play with and love.”

“What a dear little puppy. Thank you!” said the new redheaded sister.  The three ponytail sisters love each other very much. ❤


Up close photos to enjoy.  This blonde beauty is named Lee. ❤


Lee up close. 🙂


The redheaded beauty is named Berry. ❤


Berry, so sweet. 🙂


The back of Berry’s ski outfit. 🙂


The back of Lee’s Apres outfit. 🙂


Lee, Mimi, and Berry all want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We send you happy wishes for a lovely week to come. 🙂 xxx