A Happy Gotz Sasha Ponytail Girl Gathering

It is a great day for Gotz dolls.  It is a great day for Gotz Sasha dolls.  It is a great day for Gotz Sasha ponytail dolls.  The Gotz Sasha ponytail girls living at Sasha Shangri-La are here today to say hello to you! 😊

First up is Mimi wearing a fantastic Ra-ra outfit made by the talented Sharon Humphreys.  Her Mary Jane shoes were made by Ruthsdolls. 😊

Mimi looks a little sad today…perhaps lonely but not for long!

Who do you see sweet Mimi?

Oh, it is Berry!  Berry it is so nice to see you! Berry’s adorable top was made by Sharon Humphreys, her cute skirt was made by Chris Meatyard, and her blue leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen. 😊

Berry is so happy to be outdoors. I think she sees a friendly face in the distance…

Who is it Berry?

Oh my, it is Lee!  How nice to see you Lee.  Lee’s darling outfit is unmarked and her pink leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

Lee is a sensitive and caring girl. 😊

A little windy so please excuse the stray hairs in the photos.

Lee, who do you see that is coming to join the ponytail gathering?

Oh look, it is Morgen!  Morgen is our newest member of the ponytail family living here on Cow Creek. Mooooooo!  🐄🐄🐄

Though Morgen is a Gotz ponytail girl, her eyes were painted by Sasha Morgenthaler herself.  We are thrilled to have Morgen join our Sasha family. ❤

Morgen up close. ❤

Morgen is wearing a fantastic Ra-ra outfit made by Sharon Humphreys.  Her shoes are by Ruthsdolls.

I love this outfit…thank you Sharon! ❤ xxx

Morgen up close again. I hope you do not mind viewing extra photos of Morgen. ❤

Pretty Ponytail girls all together…….

Enjoying their time together…..

Just happy to share the day…


So nice to see you girls all together. Let’s look at a few more close up photos of each of you.


Berry. (I took Barry’s photo indoors because her photo taken outdoors did not turn out)



The ponytail girls and I thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post.  We are sending you happy wishes for the weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx


Lastly, waterlogue images to enjoy. 🌹🌹🌹🌹


10 thoughts on “A Happy Gotz Sasha Ponytail Girl Gathering

  1. What a wonderful group of Ponytail gotz girls, everyone unique in her own right and adorable in their nice bright spring outfits.
    I bet they’ll have great fun playing around the farm at Cow Creek 🙂 xxx

  2. Gosh Ginger your ponytail Gotz girls are amazing!! Each one so very different and unique. I felt like I was part of a fashion show watching them coming down the runway. Loving all their playful springtime ensembles.

  3. So you were the lucky girl who bought the rare Sasha painted girl that was on Shelly’s site…WoW! How fantastic to have such a unique doll!! I bet you are delighted to own her!

    • Yes Ronny, it was me!!! I am above cloud nine over adopting Morgen. She surprised me when she arrived. Her painting is breathtaking plus she is very tan. A most unique vinyl Sasha doll. 😊 xxx

  4. What a super and unusual theme today…Gotz and ponytailed girls and skirts and tops!
    I love the ponytailed hairstyle and it reminded of my last year at boarding school when I wore my hair up like this,. So easy to do and it keeps tidy throughout the day. In those days there were special circular brown clips that opened out and then closed around the hair or sometimes I used to leave out a few strands of my own hair out from bunching it up and then wrap this around an elastic band that was holding the ponytail in place (as there weren’t these colourful bands and scrunches back in those days.)

    Personally I think that the Gotz girl’s faces really suit these ponytails slightly more than the Frido/Trendon dolls and over the years I have had three or four of them in my collection.

    Just how lucky were you being able to get to Sashadolluk first to by that very special Gotz doll painted by Sasha herself. She would certainly have been on my wish list given the chance.

    It is such a lovely change to see our Sasha Dolls wearing Summer skirts and tops instead of the more popular dresses and dungarees. I particularly adore Sharon’s ra-ra skirts.
    Many thanks Ginger and these four delightful Gotz girls shown here on this super post and the next weeks good wishes.

    • Thank you Kendal for the lovely comments. When Morgen arrived, I thought of writing a ponytail post immediately. Then as the weather greatly improved and warmed up by the return of much more sunlight, I thought of dressing the girls in flippy skirts and tops, something youthful and carefree. Sharon’s Ra-ra outfits came to mind and I started looking through the cupboard of stored Sasha clothes to dress them. 😊

      I love the Gotz ponytail girls and agree their faces are extremely nice for wearing ponytails. The first to join the Cow Creek gang was Mimi who was adopted from Dee and Dee adopted her from Sarah Williams. I admired her when Sarah posted her for sale so when Dee offered her up, I snapped her up! Then Lee and Berry came from Shelly’s site to make for a happy ponytail trio. Adding Morgen, painted by Sasha herself, was a once in a lifetime event for me. She is so beautifully painted and like a miniature studio doll. I was indeed fortunate to be first up for her adoption. The few vinyl dolls that Sasha painted herself are not often seen except in books. The hand painted Sasha dolls are my very favorite Sasha’s.

      Morgen will be coming with me next month to England and so will Gertie and Finn. I can hardly wait to return. ❤ xxx

  5. What a beautiful foursome Ginger, and the new girl is amazing, those eyes! I’m so happy to see that your girls still like wearing their ra-ra outfits. My own girls would like ra-ra skirts too now, having seen these photos….oh dear, what have you started 😉
    I agree with Kendal on the pony tails, I really do think these Gotz girls suit their hair in this style. My slate eyes girls look nice with their hair this way too, I prefer it to when their hair is hanging down 🙂
    Have a lovely week Ginger xxx

    • Hi Sharon! I hope your girls get their Ra-ra skirts! They are wonderful!!! Thank you for the lovely comments about the ponytail girls. It was great fun to get them dressed and go outdoors on a pretty day. Little Morgen is meeting her sisters and having a great time here on Cow Creek. I think we are to have a lovely day today too thought it is still dark here this morning. Sending you big hugs! 😊 XXX

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