Dreamy Brunette Side Part Girls

Until last month, there were no brunette side part girls living at Sasha Shangri-La.  Then, I adopted one brunette girl from a dear friend and a few weeks later another dear friend offered me a brunette side part and I am thrilled to say there are now two very different and very lovely brunette side parted girls here on Cow Creek.

On the left is Lenore and she is wearing a beautiful knitted outfit by Christine Durand. Lenore came in her original pink dress which is stored for her use later.  On the right is a petite, tiny eyed girl that I have named Tiny.  Tiny was my mother’s nickname and it brings me very fond memories.  Tiny is wearing a beautiful silk creation by Francis Tricket.  I love the floral pattern and the tiny buttons. Both outfits fit perfectly and both came with fantastic handbags.  Both girls are wearing leather shoes made by Jean Jensen.

Tiny is actually smaller than her sister Lenore. She is shorter, has a smaller face, and has tiny eyes.

Both girls have retained their gold tags.

Tiny up close. I love her beautiful painting.

Tiny’s eyes up close.

Tiny’s shoulder bag. 

JJ sandals.

Beautiful Lenore has a wider face than her sister.

Lenore up close.  She has a very sweet, sensitive expression.


JJ shoes in an unusual blue gray color.

Beautiful detailing on her dress.

Both girls enjoying a sunny day with very nice and not too hot temperatures….finally!

They are beginning to meet other sisters and brothers but they stay together most of the time.  I lightly ran a wide tooth comb through their hair and no hair came out on either girl. I do not brush vigorously and I take special care when handling early brunette dolls.  I am happy to say that these two girls have managed to keep their lovely hair.

They are very close sisters.

A few photos of the girls together.

Thank you from Tiny and Lenore and me for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed the post.  Have a wonderful week to come. ❤️ xxx

A Waterlogue image to enjoy.


15 thoughts on “Dreamy Brunette Side Part Girls

  1. I love seeing Tiny and Lenore together, it really shows just how tiny Tiny’s eyes are! What a petite little darling, I’m so happy you now have given homes to these two special girls and their outfits are just perfect for those hot, lazy days in WV ❤

  2. Beautiful girls and so nicely dressed. I love the Christine Durrant outfit especially. My Coinccidently , my brunette sidepart is named Kathleen, after my mam x

  3. I’d be spoilt for choice to have just to keep ONE of these two beautiful girls (but if I had too then I guess that it would be Tiny on account of her fantastic eye painting!) but lucky you Ginger in being able ‘to have and to hold’ BOTH.
    Adore both outfits so again I wouldn’t be able to choose between them and so would need to be greedy and keep BOTH!
    Have a wonderful time in your new home girls and many thanks for your good wishes.

    • Thank you Kendal. Yes, I could not choose between them or their outfits either. It is so nice to have them all here. I do like the manufactured pink party dress but I like these handmade outfits much better.

      We are so fortunate to have such talented knitters and seamstresses and cobblers in our Sasha community. I think Sasha herself would be very happy to see the ensembles made for her dolls. Wonderful to see! ❤️ xxx

  4. Two gorgeous new additions to the Cow Creek crew. I do love the brunettes, even with the risk of falling hair. Both your girls look beautiful and what fabulous outfits they are wearing.
    I particularly love the floral because I love both colour and pattern and it suits her so well, she is quite petite which is lovely.
    It’s nice when two dolls of the same style are in fact slightly different and amazing how dolls always like to invite a friend 😉 xx

    • Thank you Dee. I love them too. So far, their hair is just fine which is nice. The fabric of the floral dress is silk and feels and looks great. I love the way the early Sasha dolls have their individual looks. The hand painting was so nice to do. ❤️ xxx

  5. These two are just gorgeous Ginger, so pretty! I love older brunettes as you know, and these two are no exception. I love how you have dressed them and their pretty names too. And what a great fortune that they don’t have falling hair, that alone makes them pretty special!

  6. Gosh Ginger both Lenore and Tiny are gorgeous! I adore the wide face of Lenore, and Tiny’s eyes are amazing. You have them dressed so lovely with their coordinating purses, and sweet JJ shoes. Such a lovely pair. Eye candy, pure and simple.

    • Thank you Cathy. It was fun dressing them in such pretty outfits. I am amazed at the talent of our fellow Sasha doll collectors. The dolls just look great in these creations.

      It was a very nice day to take photos and the girls enjoyed being outdoors. I am glad the weather has cooled some. ❤️ xxx

  7. I love Sasha brunettes and Lenore and Tiny are both gorgeous, they ooze happiness in the sunshine. Such an apt nickname for that little beauty with fond memories for your mum, so perfect and heartwarming. Viv.

    • Thank you Viv! I have always loved my Mom’s nickname “Tiny”. She was a very small baby and was called “Tiny Baby” until she was old enough to say she was not a baby. Then they shortened it to “Tiny”. ❤️ xxx

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