In Loving Memory of Ted Menten

I recently learned of Ted Menten’s passing and was so very sad. Though I had not had contact with Ted in recent years, I am so grateful for his positive influence in my life and the Sasha community.

Ted was very active on the Sasha Mart years before Facebook began and he had a fantastic blog called Sasha Street. He was very creative and artistic and he encouraged others to be creative too. He wrote books and was an excellent photographer.  I am certain he touched the hearts of many people including doll and bear collectors around the world.

This dear bear was made by Ted and I treasure it.

At my request, Ted created the pattern and made this gorgeous studio doll outfit. He used antique christening dress fabric.  This is Alice, a BIII studio doll, modeling his creation.

Such beautiful detailing.

Ted put much attention to the details of the outfit including the back of the gown.

This is the under slip. The neck and arm openings are scalloped. Please notice the lovely work along the hem.

A closer view.

The pantaloons are trimmed in fine lace.

Next are three waist coats or vests Ted made to fit Gregor.


This is Teddy modeling Ted’s waist coats.

Teddy is fondly remembering Ted Menten and the many wonderful contributions he made to our Sasha community. We are very grateful and blessed to have known him. Rest In Peace Ted. ❤️

18 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Ted Menten

  1. A lovely post Ginger about Ted. I only had a small contact with him years ago but much admired his work and his love of Sasha. His blog was so interesting and his stories about how Sasha came into his life.
    Also his love of teddy bears and his books on them are to treasure. A truly lovely man who will be missed by the bear and doll communities and his friends and family.
    Thank you for sharing the items you have made by him 🙂 xx

  2. Thank you so much Ginger for sharing your memories and Ted’s incredible talents. He was a treasure and is missed!

  3. You can still access Ted’s blog, Sasha Street, by Googling it. His books, “Snappy Critters” and “Teddy Bear Studio: Create Your Own Handcrafted Heirlooms” and “Michelle Obama Fashion Icon Paper Doll” !!, are also available through Amazon. There are many of his other books also available there – from bears to paper dolls to philosophy, religion,lots of Wizard of Oz books, stained glass coloring books, and many, many others. No Sasha relted books, but the teddy bear books make up for that. I feel like I”ve discover buried treasure. I hadn’t known about all of these books. He was an amazing Renaissance man. I’m re-reading his blog, and am delighted by it all over again. I had seen some of the blog before, but will revisit it and enjoy it even more.

    Ted will certainly be missed by the Sasha community – and many other groups as well.

  4. What a wonderful and fitting post for such an incredible man. I loved seeing his contributions to Sasha Shangri-La, the Studio Dress ensemble in particular is outstanding. What a great loss for us all.

  5. A really wonderful tribute to a truly unique man who touched so many other lives in so many ways. Particularly loved his/your studio doll dress made from an antique christening gown.
    I remember his lads vests too, although my Gregors weren’t into wearing those preferring Dollydoodles joggers and hoodies leisure wear.
    Many thanks Ginger.

  6. What a lovely tribute Ginger. I only had a brief conversation via emails with Ted some years back when I first started sewing for Sashas, and funnily it was about the waistcoat pattern in your photos above. He was a charming and helpful man and never made me feel like a ‘newbie’ for asking him so many questions. Rest in Peace Ted, you will be remembered by many.
    PS that dress is absolutely gorgeous, wow such work has gone into it, a real treasure.

  7. What a wonderful tribute to such a talented man. I also have lost contact with Ted in recent years although he did request to be my FB friend and was also a member on Timeless Treasures although never contributed to the group. Ted was there for me in the beginning when I got my feet wet with doll photography. His tips took hold and I really learned quite a bit from him. I absolutely adore the dress he designed and made which your Alice is modeling. And those vests/waist coats are sooooo amazing! Real treasures to behold.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I am always amazed at the creativity in the Sasha community. Thank you for sharing his work and life with us.

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