A Megan Moment

Most of you know that a group of us attending the Sasha Celebration Weekend were able to assemble a charity doll using a Sasha head mold that Janet Myhill-Dabbs covered with fabric and beautifully painted.  The project was approved by the Morgenthaler family and each of the doll makers had a kit waiting for them at Eastwood Hall.  A portion of the cost of the doll went to children’s charities and so they are referred to as charity dolls instead of course dolls. This fantastic wooden tag was kindly gifted to all the doll makers by Florence D. Gadol.

Please meet my charity doll Megan. Her powder blue corduroy Ruthsdolls dress was generously gifted to me by Mary Righos.  I added the Ruthsdolls pinafore that came with another dress and gave her hand knitted socks and black leather shoes. I am over the moon for this lovely girl. She is with me most of each day as I carry her from room to room.

Megan likes sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair.

I have loved cloth dolls since childhood and this little one has really endeared herself to me.

Each doll maker also received a hand made onesie for their doll as a lovely gift from Jenny O’Donnell. 

Look! Another generous gift for each charity doll is a lovely, colorful hand knitted scarf made by Gillian Buchanan.

Having a charity doll is alone a gift.  These wonderful additional gifts just make these dolls all the more special. Many thanks to everyone for their kind generosity.

Megan up close. ❤️

Megan received another gift from Auntie Janet before we left the UK.   A beautiful handmade floral head ring. It is perfect for Megan.!

Look! Who is this little one? Megan has adopted this precious Gotz baby Alek who is now called Lexie.  Megan is her closest sister and best friend.

Lexie up close.  Her wonderful outfit was made by Chris Meatyard. She is holding a tiny stuffed owl.

Lexie is wearing sweet powder blue leather shoes made by Noreen.

Hello there lovely Lexie. We are happy to have you here at Sasha Shangri-La.

A very happy little girl.

Megan and Lexie are waving goodbye and sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful weekend. Thank you for visiting with us today.

A Waterlogue image of sweet Megan. ❤️

20 thoughts on “A Megan Moment

  1. What a lovely idea and opportunity to make a course/charity doll. Your Meghan looks so sweet .
    The goodness and generosity of Sasha friends is wonderful, the onesie’s and scarf adding an extra layer to the joy.
    Lexie is a sweetheart and looks perfect with her big sister.
    hugs Dee xx 🙂

    • Thank you Dee! Yes, our Sasha friends are very generous and kind and I am reminded of this so many times. We are very fortunate to have such good friends. SpI am so glad you like Lexie too. She is different and I love her unexpected expressions. ❤️ xxx

  2. Hearing that you carry Megan with you from room to room warms my heart Ginger, I can think of you there at Shangri La and can imagine all the resting places that Megan enjoys! She is perfect in her gifted, power blue outfit and the accessories she was given at the SCW just remind us of the warm and loving community we belong to. I must also mention how cute little Lexie is too!

    • Thanks Janet. Yes, Megan has favorite places to sit. I love looking at her…she is easy on the eye. It is wonderful to remember the SCW and all the dolls coming into their own. What a tremendous experience! I am glad you like Lexie too. She is different and very nice to see. ❤️

  3. Megan is very sweet and her dress and pinafore are perfect for her. How lucky we are to have these SCW charity dolls.xx

    • Thank you Vivienne. It is very comforting. I bet that if someone took my blood pressure, it would be lower than normal with Megan by my side. A very happy group here on Cow Creek! ❤️

  4. I love your Megan so much! Her cousin here in Delaware, Eleni, is also in my view every day! But that’s easy to do when you live in a small condo! I still pinch myself that we actually had a hand in making these beauties with the expert help, of course! Sasha friends are definitely the best!

    • Thank you Mary. I love your Eleni too. I am still amazed that we have these dolls. Of course, we all had help. Wonderful and talented people helped all of us every stitch of the way. From the inception of Janet’s idea, her moving forward with her idea and turning it into action, finding and ordering the fabric, the wonderful people who stepped up and helped to make the head molds, cut out patterns, sew together the limbs and torsos, giving us 4 eye types to choose from, ordering wig material, covering the heads and expertly painting them, assembling the kits, taking the kits to Eastwood Hall, and then teaching us all how to assemble the doll.

      A whole lot of planning, dedication, work, and love went into each of our charity dolls. The donations to the children’s charities is a perfect ending to the gift we received to have a charity doll. I am so very grateful to everyone that contributed that we should have such a special doll. ❤️

  5. What lovely sisters! I think both look pretty in their blue toned outfits, which suit them perfectly.
    And the wooden Sasha emblem necklace is really nice too, what a great time you had 😀
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. It was a great time and I am glad you like Megan and Lexie too. It was fun to dress a baby again and I really like Chris’ outfit. Sending you a big hug! ❤️

  6. I adore your Megan with her slate blue eyes and black hair in braids, Ginger. And Lexie is sooo adorable! They are really wonderful together. I always love the great detail you share describing the ensembles and where you got them. Both are so lovely, and wonderfully dressed.

    • Thank you Cathy! I love your Pippa too! There is something very special about these charity dolls. I am glad you like Lexie. She is a bit different for a baby. I try to share the outfit information to give tribute to the makers and also in case someone would know who to contact if they wanted something similar. ❤️

  7. How simply wonderful that YOU (along with the other Charity Course Doll attendees)) were able to make this lovely bit of Sasha History… and for us to also enjoy watching this spectacular event taking place.
    I too should be ‘over the moon’ owning a Charity Course Doll that you had, had a hand in making yourself. She will be a most treasured forever companion.

    How lovely too that you and Meagan were also presented with such sweet little accessory gifts. Such kind and thoughtful Sasha friends.

    • It was wonderful Kendal and I am very grateful to the women who gave of their time and talent to give us these special dolls. Megan is a most treasured and forever companion to be sure! She is sitting beside me as I write this message. 😊

      Since I don’t sew or knit or work with wood, all the gifts were especially appreciated by me. Sasha friends are very kind and generous people. Hats off to all these special ladies!

      p,s. I should also say hats off to the men too. I just remembered that Janet’s husband Billy engineered and made the plastic insoles for the dolls feet to give the foot a flat bottom and definition. Plus I am certain there are other men to recognize. Fiona’s husband Alan took beautiful photos of each charity doll at the SCW which each person can save and enjoy. So, hats off to everyone involved! ❤️

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