Blue Gingham Dress: Regular and Tiny Check

These five little ladies are all wearing wide skirt gingham dresses.  The girls are from left to right: Rain, Cora, Whitney, Polly, and Zayna.  These dolls (beginning in 1972) were not in production when these wide skirt gingham dresses were made (1966-1968).  I chose them because the post will focus on the check and skirt size of the gingham dresses but I also wanted to provide you a little of the unexpected.

Whitney, in the center, is wearing a tiny check wide skirt gingham dress.  I highly recommend reading Susanna Lewis’ book ”Sasha Dolls Serie Identification” that is full of useful information about the production dolls and the outfits plus excellent photography.  She explains in the book that the tiny check fabric was used in late 1968 to early 1969.

Zayna is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress

Polly is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.

Whitney is wearing a tiny check wide skirt gingham dress.

Cora is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.

Rain is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.  Her dress is noticeably shorter than the others and Kendal mentioned that fact on a recent Facebook post.  Great eye Kendal! The hem appears to be well sewn like the other dresses so I am uncertain why it is shorter but I do like the shorter length on Sasha dolls which shows their pretty legs.

I removed two dolls from the lineup to better show the the tiny check in the center and the regular check on either side to help with comparisons.

Another closer view of the gingham check fabrics.

The tiny check is on the left and the regular check on the right.

In this photo, the regular check is on the left and the tiny check is on the right.

Polly changed into a later gingham dress that does not have the wider skirt.  Notice the gathering of fabric at the bodice and the folds in the wide skirt gingham dress that the narrow skirt dress does not have.

Polly up close wearing the narrow skirt gingham dress that was made from 1969 until the end of gingham dress production.

The regular check size is the same in the wide skirt (left) as the narrow skirt (right).

This particular narrow skirt gingham dress has black snaps which are not often seen.

i hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😊 xxx

A Waterlogue image for you to see.

20 thoughts on “Blue Gingham Dress: Regular and Tiny Check

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to show your beautiful girls in these dresses. It is so clear, the tiny check. I must get my gingham dresses out to compare again. Vivienne.

    • You are most welcome Vivienne. It was nice to dress the Cora dolls for a change. I have been neglecting them for too long. I am glad it helped to see the different size checks. 😊

  2. I am particularly fond of the face work on Rain and POlly, and the interesting wigs. Can you comment on the face painting of those two?

    • Rain was repainted by Mary Madeco-Smith. Polly was repainted by Kelly Wenarsky. Both dolls have no hair with only stubble remaining. Their original wigs were not glued down and so it has been fun to try different wigs on them. Thanks for writing. 😊

  3. It was so interesting to actually see the tiny check dress next to the regular check, thank you Ginger for that clarity! Your girls look so pretty in their unexpected dresses, they suit them well.

  4. It is lovely to see the different gingham blue dresses on your very beautiful girls. I always think that picking blue gingham for the Sasha dolls was an inspiration.
    These girls just sing in gingham, thank’s for sharing Ginger. 🙂 xxx

  5. Wow, what a fascinating post, Ginger! and what a very clever idea, to dress them all ‘the same’ and then show us the differences. They are all lovely but I like the original Cora best, with her curly hair and bow. I look forward to seeing them all re-dressed. I love your posts, please keep posting….

    • Thank you Liz! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I was going to write that all the girls were originally Cora dolls but realized with only the hair stubble remaining on two of the dolls and two dolls totally rerooted, I could not be certain. They easily could have been Caleb dolls. So I am happy to have an original Cora who is pretty as she is. I hope to photograph them soon in their summer outfits. 😊

  6. Rain is beautiful and interesting to see the subtle differences between the girls. i love the fine check dress

    • Thank you Tricia. Rain, by MMS, is really beautiful and it has been fun changing out her wigs for different looks. I like the mini check best too. I wish they were more available. ❤️

  7. What a pretty bunch of girls Ginger, and their dresses look nice on them…thank you for sharing the information and doing the comparisons for us.
    I particularly like Zayna, her hair is so pretty!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. Zayna was rerooted by Jackie Rydstrom and she did a great job. I love the waves and the color. I had a good time dressing them in gingham especially since you don’t see it very often. ❤️

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed viewing this most interesting and wonderful post, not only on account of seeing some of the now the famous Gingham dresses but of the superb variety in the dolls that were wearing them.
    I can well recall that the 1966 Developmental Gingham brunette doll (that I bought for my daughter in 1966) when I felt that her wide skirted Gingham dress was rather on the long side for the is era, I shortened it by very carefully turning up the whole hem by just doubling it over and then hem stitching it again.
    (When she was unfortunately stolen later on in one of her house moves I felt that this was something that I could mention if she was ever found later for sale on the market. ..but alas!)

    • Thank you Kendal. I think the wide skirted gingham dress is on the long side too. Maybe the person who owned the short dress, shown in this post, also agreed with us and hemmed the dress. Sasha dolls are so beautiful including their legs! So it is nice to see them.

      I am sad when I think of Chon’s early 1966 brunette Sasha being stolen. A treasure to be deeply missed. ❤️

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