New Dresses Grace a Fall Day

Finally, a beautiful, sunny day!  Our first girl is Morgen, a 1960’s Gotz factory ponytail girl that was repainted by Sasha Morgenthaler herself. Morgen is wearing a new beautiful dress made for her by Fanny Boiten.  I love the fabrics that Fanny used and the generous fullness of the dress.

Morgen feels very pretty in her dress and velvet ribbon.

Morgen against a Sasha Shangri-La blue, autumnal sky.

We took these photos in front of a different and very old barn on the farm. It is about to fall down and I will miss its formidable presence on our landscape.

My Morgen.  I never tire of looking at her.

Next we have Penny also wearing a new outfit made by Fanny.  Her lovely leather boots were made by Betty Jean Densford.

The sun was very bright and it was the first sunny day we have had in a while.  Please excuse the shiny spots on the girl’s faces.  Penny is a very early 1965 Gotz girl with a no mold line torso.  She always looks fantastic in Fanny’s dresses.

Pretty Penny in a her new dress.

Penny up close. I love her eyes and her brows.

Next is Mae also wearing a beautiful new dress made by Fanny.  Her shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

Mae is an earlier Gotz girl with ochre eyes. She was made in 1966.  I found her on Shelly’s site where she stayed for a very long time since she is a waif.  I love her and don’t think of her as a waif at all now.

The beautiful Mae.

Mae up close. You can see a scratch in her right eye and I think it adds to her expression.


A couple more photos of Mae and I think I was and am a bit carried away by her.


Thank you Mae for being so patient with your Mom.

Last for today is Briana wearing a  very pretty dress made by Vicky Chapman and leather shoes by Sashapotamus.

Briana is a 1966 Gotz girl with ochre eyes and beautiful brunette hair.

Briana up close.  I love her eye painting and her brows especially her high arching right brow.

I really like the fabric in this dress and the sweet little buttons.

Briana against the deep blue sky.

I took a photo of the girls Mae and Briana together.


Pretty maidens all in a row.

I am so glad that I took these photos yesterday while the sun was out and shining. We had our first snow flakes the day before that and it was 20 degrees earlier in the morning I took the photos. The next day, today, it rained again.

A pretty pair of Gotz girls.

Morgen, Briana, and little dolly are waving goodbye and they thank you for visiting with us.

Penny and Mae also thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoyed this post.  We all are sending you big Sasha hugs.  Have a great week to come!

16 thoughts on “New Dresses Grace a Fall Day

  1. Thanks for these lovely photos. I particularly enjoy your attention to the details…especially of the face painting/eye painting. I would love to have a doll painted by Sasha M. herself, but will be content with the “flock” living here right now!!

  2. What lovely well dressed girls Ginger, thank you for sharing them and the bright autumnal sunshine with us. I don’t normally like long dresses on the Sasha girls because I think that they have cute legs and need to show them off….but I do like the long dress being worn by Morgen, I think it suits her perfectly and Fanny did a great job with the different fabrics, a look I particularly like.
    Have a great week!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. I am happy you like the dresses and the long one too. I think their legs are so nice and I like the shorter lengths that show them best. But I agree, this long dress by Fanny is perfect for Morgen and the different fabrics are terrific and so well matched. Thank you too for the nice week’s wishes. 😊 xxx

  3. What a lovely group of early Gotz girls Ginger. They are all so very special and so different from one another. Morgen is the “cream of the crop” for sure although they are all amazing. A real treat to see them all together in the one photograph and I must say this pic is my favorite one as we see them side by side and appreciate the view of their amazing dresses and wonderful matching shoes. I adore the brightly colored ensembles keeping with the autumn season in mind. I also want to add that I absolutely love your choice of background using the weathered shed.

    • Thank you Cathy! Yes they are all so different and I really love how the early Gotz dolls have so much individual character. I was relieved that we finally had a beautiful day and it was a perfect time to take photos.

      Thank you too for pointing out that you liked the new background of our ailing barn. I like it too and plan to photograph there again. 😊 xxx

  4. It’s always a treat to see your beautiful Gotz girls, and they looks so nice in these dresses. I love the fabrics. They have a very European folk art feel. So nice you could enjoy a sunny late fall day. It was 7 degrees this morning here in Mpls. Burrr!

    • Thank you Steve. I love the fabrics too. It was wonderful to be outdoors on a sunny day and in the 40’s which was very comfortable . Our daylight is growing shorter each day and we are on our way to Winter.

      Wow, 7 degrees is soooo very cold. I hope you are keeping warm and bundled up when going outdoors. Watch out for frost bite! 😊 xxx

  5. Lovely dresses by Fanny. She took me to the shop she buys the traditional dutch fabrics from – just wonderful, and I now have a few pieces myself. Vicky’s dress is also fab – and what a great match with the shoes ❤

    • Thanks Tricia. I remember your photos on Facebook where you met with Fanny and shopped for fabric. A wonderful time together! I was lucky to have those Sashapotamus shoes in that olive green color. It is so nice when it works out for a match. 😊 xxx

  6. Such beautiful girls in wonderful dresses !A delight to the eye.
    But I have to confess that Penny the button nosed lass just inches ahead in this fab four line up.
    Thanks for posting a delightful walk around the Cow Creek yard with your lovely lasses 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Dee. You and your button noses! I knew Penny would be your favorite girl. I hope to move around more and take photos in different places weather permitting. I don’t have a garden as beautiful and interesting as yours but we do have a lot of woods that might provide some nice photos. 😊 xxx

  7. I like nothing better than viewing other collector’s Sasha Dolls and noticing their particular choices of dolls bought.
    Love too, to see just where they have decided to take their photos and just how the backgrounds compliment the dolls and their outfits. Weathered natural wood, like here, is my very favourite background of all times!

    Then there is the added pleasure of seeing how they have been dressed, posed and accessorized. So much to take note of that no wonder my Sasha time flies by!

    Being a brunette hair lover the photos of Briana and Morgen have to be my favourite of this post’s photos…especially the one of Briana against that skyline.

    Many thanks girls for your week’s good wishes. The Brood Remainers say ‘Hi’ back to you.

    • Thank you Kendal. I like the weathered wood as a background too. Plus we have several places here that offer weathered wood surfaces and I can take photos easily weather permitting.

      I am so glad you enjoyed the photos of the girls in their new outfits. I have to admit that Morgen is my very favorite of the group though I love them all.

      The photos showing the sky are different. I tried that one other time and I remember that you liked it then too. I guess the sky is the most beautiful background. I will try it again soon.

      Thank you to the brood for their greetings. 😊 xxx

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