Our “Izzy”…Izzn’t She Lovely?

I am happy to introduce Isabelle or Izzy to you today.  Izzy is a BIII Sasha Studio Doll painted by Sasha Morgenthaler in the late 50’s to 60’s.

The B stands for her cloth body type. The III is her face mold number.

Izzy’s eyes are a very deep blue and her brows are bold.

She has pretty pink lips.

She came wearing this beautiful outfit by Ruthsdolls.  She also brought with her a pink gingham dress and pants set plus she wore a different wig. It was shedding  and very thin. Here is a photo of her other wig.

She also had a few new extensions added by a previous owner but her wig was still very thin and would not allow styling.  Even gentle handling caused hair shedding. So I found the courage to give her a full, stable, and beautiful human hair wig. I have safely stored away her other wig.  I will show her in the pretty gingham dress set later.  Pink is a great color for her.

Here is a rear view of her hair.  I pulled it back and tied it with a pink silk ribbon.

Izzy up close.  I love her sweet expression.

Welcome dear Izzy to Sasha Shangri-La. 

I hope you are happy here little one.  You have brothers and sisters to play with and keep you company.

Lovely smocking.

Izzy and I thank you for visiting with us today.  We hoped you enjoyed this post and we are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come.

“Bye bye everyone!  Thanks again for dropping by.”

A parting gift of a waterlogue image.

18 thoughts on “Our “Izzy”…Izzn’t She Lovely?

    • Thank you Steve. Her eyes are vibrant. I am glad you like her wig. I was nervous to replace her wig but went ahead because she will have so many style options now. Plus I can always put the first wig back on her. Her new wig is not glued on and I used an artist putty to secure it. 😊 xxx

  1. I did a double take seeing Izzy, I can’t believe how different she looks with a new wig, and how perfectly it suits her. What a transformation. She is just wonderful, those eyes are mesmerising and her smocked dress is just perfect for such a pretty miss.

    • Thank you Janet. I think so too, she looks different with her full hair and I can imagine that her original wig was full and thick back in the beginning. A very sweet girl and I am lucky to have here. 😊 xxx

  2. Gorgeous girl , I love her new wig it makes her look so different and suits her perfectly. Love her dresses, she is definitely a girl to wear pink.
    Another gorgeous addition to your studio crew 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dee. I am glad you like Izzy’s new wig and her outfits.

      The studio crew here is growing! In the past couple of months, I have added a few studio dolls which is very unusual for me to do but they came along quickly and I could not resist. I will be introducing them soon. Izzy was the first. I love her! 😊 xxx

  3. Sorry that I’m only just replying here but had had trouble getting into this commenting section for some unknown reason.
    Another really stunning studio addition. Just love her facial look. Those dark eyes and heavy brows against her pale pink lips are just stunning. I’m loving that Ruthsdolls floral dress etc. on her especially as it so enhances her lips I think that Ruth’s studio clothing is really gorgeous and so perfectly priced to allow these special girls/boys to have several changes of clothing… as it’s much more fun when we can play ‘changing and re-dressing’ our studio dolls like we do with our serie kids.

    That was very daring of you to change her wig! (Not too sure if I could have plucked up enough courage!) I do like her in BOTH the wigs.. but understand the need to preserve the original one for the future since it is shedding from age.
    Thanks again for sharing the beautiful Izzy with us.

    • Thank you Kendal for persevering to make your much appreciated comment. I am glad you like Izzy too. I agree that Ruthdolls clothing is gorgeous and she has helped us to really enjoy our dolls by being able to dress them so beautifully.

      I gathered up my courage to replace Izzy’s wig and I am glad I did now. Her original wig is preserved and she has a most beautiful wig to wear that can be brushed, plaited, and styled. It will be so nice to have hair styling options.

      I really enjoyed your post showing your three handsome and well dressed boys. The location was fantastic! I hope you have a great Sunday. 😊 xxx

  4. What a pretty girl Ginger! And her outfit is perfect for her too. I think her face has a lot of attitude, I hope she doesn’t prove to be a bit of a handful, and doesn’t lead the other girls and boys astray there at Sasha Shangri La! 😉

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for commenting and I apologize for my delayed response. I am glad you like Izzy and her outfit. You are so right, she does have attitude! I will keep a watchful eye on Izzy until we are sure all is well. Gracie is with her constantly which is a good match. Gracie is out going too but very lovable and she will reel Izzy back in if necessary. Have a great week! ❤️ xxx

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