Pearl after the Storm

It has been too hot to go outdoors to take photographs for several days. Today, a downpour of rain happened and as soon as it was over, I went outside to take the photos in a much cooler environment though humid.  You may notice a golden hue to some of the photos caused by the sun’s rays pushing through the clouds and mist just after the storm.

This is Pearl and she is happy to wear a new, lovely dress made by Fanny Boiten earlier this year. It fits her perfectly and I love the color with Pearl’s red hair.

Pearl is a graphic eyed NP girl probably made in the later part of 1966 at the Trendon factory in England.

Very nice trimming on her dress and I love the rose print of the fabric.

Pearl is holding a sweet dolly and wearing great shoes made by Marti Murphy.

A few photos of pretty Pearl.

A close up photo of Pearl.

Pearl and I thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed this post.  We also hope you have a wonderful week to come.

Pearl says stay cool everyone!

The following Waterlogue images are for you to enjoy. The first two are the same photo but using a different coloring option. The second two images are also of the same photo using different coloring options.

12 thoughts on “Pearl after the Storm

  1. Gosh Pearl is GORGEOUS, Ginger!! I’m so happy that I see her once again. You have truly captured her beauty even though the weather was not at it’s best. Her green dress and apron with coordinating shoes suit her wonderfully! What a real heart stopper of an early NP with amazing eyes!

    • Thank you Cathy. The sun light outside was a bit odd after the rain so I am glad you think the photos of Pearl are good ones. Fanny is a wonderful seamstress and I love the way she uses fabrics and trims. ❤️ xxx

  2. It was lovely to see the beautiful Pearl getting outside after the storm.
    I love the photos of her especially with the old wooden boards behind, they make the perfect backdrop to show off her sweet face and outfit.
    I hope the weather is treating you well and that you enjoy the rest of the week 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Dee! Thank you for the lovely comments. Yes, finally, we have had two days in a row with temperatures in the low 80’s, no humidity, and no rain! It is bliss! Have a great week too! ❤️ xxx

  3. I just love this Francis green/white outfit on Pearl and those Marti Murphy sandals are fantastic and totally compliment it. BTW. did you already have the shoes and then bought the outfit to go with it OR was it the other way round? Either way they were obviously meant to go together.
    PS. Just me being my usual inquisitive self but was Pearl standing on that white towel to soften a sudden fall or to protect the soles of her new sandals?
    IMO this is one of my most favourite of your Sasha outfits. Absolutely delightful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Kendal. I love the outfit too. I bought the shoes last year at the DC Festival and I bought the dress earlier this year. I had dressed Pearl and was looking through the Sasha shoes to find a coordinating color and I expected to fine a cream or an off white pair. Then I came upon this pair, which I had forgotten were in the box, and it was a perfect match. So, I was just lucky to be able to put them together.

      Pearl was on the towel because the rain storm had just passed and I wanted to protect the soles of the shoes from the wet pavement especially since it was the first time that they had been worn and I wanted to keep them nice.

      I am so happy you like Pearl’s outfit and I hope you have a great weekend. ❤️ xxx

  4. Pearl is beautiful, her outfit, her shoes, her little dolly, all gorgeous and work so well together. I love her how hair is rosy pinky red rather than solid red too. I don’t think all red heads of that time period have a similar colour hair and this shade here is my favourite!

    • Thank you Sharon! Fanny’s dresses are so nice to put on our girls. I have noticed different red hair shades on our early girls too. I am guessing that overtime they had changed color somewhat from sunlight and exposure to the elements. But maybe, there were different hair suppliers to the factory?? It would be nice to know. I like this shade best too and think it is very pretty. Have a great weekend. ❤️ xxx

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