Day Two 2018 Sasha Festival

Photos of the “Dress a Sasha” entries. There are some additional entries but they were not assembled yet.

* No photo editing like cropping, brightening, ordering, etc.

Lovely bebe dressed in a lovely Diane Duke creation.

Hi everyone! It’s me, Gracie. Auntie Elizabeth is so happy to see me. I am happy too! What fun we are having!


CFA auction items. I am sorry they are not in order but I think they are all here. There were 99 items. (Actually 100 items if you count the last minute entry of “Spend the night with Curly”.  I think it raised $35.00!  I will share later how much was raised when we know the figures.  For the children!

Display dolls beautifully dressed and arranged.

Luncheon gathering photos. Penny and Gracie having the best time. Each table had a terrific centerpiece with its own Lake designation and the attributes of that lake on the poster. Brilliant!

Luncheon gift.


Curly visited with Baby Sheila. A very happy reunion.

Marti Murphy was the auctioneer and she wore a great Minnesota Viking hat during a couple of Minnesota themed auction items. So funny and she was just fantastic!

Lastly, a quick photo of Finn wearing his winning auction item donated by Diane, Noreen, and Judith. Amazing detailed work of love. We are so happy!  I will show this in detail and better later.

Going to get ready for today’s fun adventures. Have a great day!  Sasha hugs!


20 thoughts on “Day Two 2018 Sasha Festival

  1. Many thanks for these wonderful photos and descriptiions, Ginger. as I know just how much time and effort it takes to do our blog posts… BUT I can assure it is very much appreciated for WE unfortunate ‘stay-at-homers!’
    Loving the main displays, Dress a Sasha Competion enteries and Auction raffle items… not to mention the odd exra meal table scene.
    A display of such generosity yet again.
    PS. Finn looks FAB. in his newly won Auction outfit!

    • Thank you Kendal. I am glad that you enjoyed the Festival posts. There was tremendous generosity demonstrated at the Festival. So many donations and I understand $15,000.00 was raised for the children’s fund and that is sure to increase after corporate matches. The Sasha community is just so loving and giving. ❤️

      Finn loves his new outfit and probably will never take it off! Just amazing needle work by talented ladies. ❤️ xxx

  2. Fabulous set of photos Ginger, so much detail for us to drool over. What a lot of work in those dress a Sasha displays .
    Such wonderful auction items and Finn’s one looks just perfect for him, a lovely sweater outfit for the boy about Cow Creek 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Dee. Finn’s outfit fits him perfectly. We will go outdoors for better photos soon. It has rained every day since we returned. I look forward to some time in the sun before it heats up! 😊 xxx

  3. Thank you so much Ginger for the wonderful photos. It really does help console those of us who aren’t attending. I’m so glad you are having fun. Congrats on the new Diane Duke outfit. A most excellent auction win.

  4. I am so pleased to see there were more child entries in Dress a Sasha this year – by the labelling it looks like they were all assembled by child so I’m guessing there were no ‘made by child’ entries. It looks like you had lots of fun at the auction and Finn looks great in his new outfit. Thanks for sharing Day 2 of the festival for us stay at homes.

    • Hi DollMum. You are very welcome. I copied the categories from the registration information:
      There will be 6 categories for entries:
      1. Adult – All clothing made by entrant (shoes, socks, and accessories may be purchased)
      2. Adult – All items assembled by entrant
      3. Teen – All clothing made by entrant (shoes, socks, and accessories may be purchased
      4. Teen – All items assembled by entrant
      5. Child 12 and under – All clothing made by entrant (shoes, socks, and accessories may be purchased
      6. Child 12 and under – All items assembled by entrant

      AA is adult assembled; AM is adult made; TA is teen assembled, CA is child assembled. Looking at the ballot, I see there were 15 AA entries, 15AM entries, 1 TA entry; and 5 CA entries. 😊 xxx

  5. Thanks so much, Ginger, for all your posts, but particularly these of the Festival. I got too involved with catching up with folks I hadn’t gotten to see in a couple of years, and didn’t take nearly enough photos. Thanks for sharing yours. Wish I’d gotten to visit with you more.

    • You are most welcome Carol. It was delightful to see you again. I, too, wish we had more time to catch up too. The days just fly by don’t they? I hope to see you next year! ❤️ xxx

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