Day One 2018 Sasha Festival

A very quick post from yesterday’s activities. I am glad to post the very few photos that I took because it has made me aware that I must take more photos today.

Many Festival attendees went to the Mall of America and the hotel provided a free shuttle to and from.


The entrance where we were dropped off by the bus.  What an enormous mall.

Photos at the LEGO store.

Amazing what you can make from the small LEGO pieces.

Back at the hotel, I did take photos of the course doll display.  I will do my best today to share more of the events.

The following photos show the nice bag, auction paddle, and a few pages from the Festival booklet we were given at the registration.  There is more in the bag that I will share later.

After registering, there was a meet and greet to include an ice cream social gathering that was delightful. I did not get photos of that time but it was so nice to see everyone there. Have a great day everyone!

14 thoughts on “Day One 2018 Sasha Festival

  1. Many thanks indeed for these first day Festival photos as I know just how hard it is to be behind the camera (though luckily you have obviously managed to get in front of it on several occasions which was really lovely for us to see!) whilst trying not miss too much that is happening around you.
    Hope that you didn’t spend too much in that Mall and so not have enough left to use at the sales tables tomorrow.
    Please remember me to everyone who knows (especially Susan P. Dawn, Diane, Heidi, Sheila, Marti, Betty) or has heard of me, and I wish you all a really Sasha fun filled long weekend!
    Special love to little Gracie! Hope that she manages to get her new dress.

    • You are very welcome Kendal. I tried to get a range of photos but certainly missed things because I was enjoying my time very much. I posted each morning taking advantage of the extra hour due to the time difference in Minnesota from West Virginia. I wanted to share as quickly as possible.

      The Mall was so nice but I had been there before though it was years ago. I bought a few irresistible items but kept money aside for Sasha.

      Gracie had the very best of times and was loved by many special aunties. ❤️ xxx

  2. Your first day looks so exciting Ginger, and it’s still going on! I love the Course Doll display and also the booklet you were all given. I must have a copy of the J Star baby clothes, they are just the sweetest! xxx

  3. So the fun is already underway! The Mall looks enormous ! It must take a whole week just to see everything!
    Lovely course dolls and how lovely to have a couple of patterns in the event book.
    enjoy and keep it coming 🙂 xx

    • The Mall is so huge that we only managed to see a portion on it. There are rides in the center like a carousel and roller coaster that was just amazing really. So very many shops!

      The Festival was fantastic and I think I am fully recovered now 😉though none of the Sasha items are put away since I hope to do a post of the booty! ❤️ xxx

  4. Wow, it looks like the first day was fun – thank you for sharing your photos and taking the time to post this during the festival (I know how hard that is when you want to be spending the time with everyone else and the Sasha dolls all the time).

    • You are very welcome DollMum. Yes, I surprised myself by posting while there at the Festival. Having that extra hour in the morning really helped to make those posts though it was done without any editing which made me a bit nervous. I decided that making timely posts was more important to everyone. ❤️ xxx

  5. Thanks for sharing Ginger – you’re looking good 🙂 I love the contents of your brochure and would love a copy of the baby rompers pattern – Emma had a pair just like them xx

    • You are welcome Tricia. I am happy to share the baby rompers pattern. We will chat about the best way to get it to you. It is a wonderful memory of Emma’s baby days. ❤️ xxx

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