The 2017 Sasha Celebration Weekend

The Sasha Celebration Weekend was held at the very nice Eastwood Hall in Nottingham.  I arrived May 11th and departed on Sunday May 14th. First, I want to thank Janet and Tricia for all the hard work they shouldered to provide us such a happy time together.   I had a most wonderful time and it was such a joy to see everyone again.  Others have already posted photos and information on Facebook and blogs that well captured the wonderful time had by all. My little post will hopefully be a happy reminder to those that attended and a nice little peek into that special time for others. 😊


Seeing Janet after a year’s time was so nice. She is meeting Morgen for the first time. ❤️

Liss also meeting Morgen. ❤️

Please meet Pio. Janet repainted, wigged and dressed this dear Gotz doll and I adopted him from Liss. 😊

DollMum at dinner and her amazing pram. ❤️

Raffle items in the next few photos.  More raffle items were put on the tables after my photos were taken.

I am very happy here because I actually made the red leather satchel that Gertie is wearing.  This happened thanks to Brigitte and her patience plus I sat next to her which helped me a lot. I also made a wooden duck toy at DollMum’s table which was so cute. There were more crafts and I did get kits to take home to make at a later date. All wonderful crafts! ❤️

The very lovely Theresa and her beautiful studio doll. ❤️ ….I see you Mary!! 😊

These photos were most if not all of the dolls in the international contest. I could not pick a favorite and was just amazed at the talent shown in these beautiful entries.  I think that Sasha would have loved to see these beautiful Sashas. 😊

These dolls were displayed by attendees as their favorite dolls. More were displayed after my photos were taken.  Just amazing! ❤️

Finn knows he is my favorite boy. ❤️

Diane’s clan looking bright as always!

At the end of the SCW, Janet drove away home on her Vespa 🛵

Bye Janet.  Thank you and thank you Tricia for a most special time together as we enjoy each other’s good company and our Sashas. ❤️❤️

Pio and I want to thank you for visiting us today. We hope you have a very happy day and weekend ahead. 😊 xxx


17 thoughts on “The 2017 Sasha Celebration Weekend

  1. Hi Ginger its so nice to look back and see our wonderful memories. I love the photo of you I and Inge and I am pretty sure that Mr G was definitely smitten with that beautiful Brazilian girl xx

  2. I can only imagine the wonderful time you had at the SCW in Nottingham, Ginger. I thoroughly enjoyed all your amazing photos of such wonderful Sasha dolls. Very creative costumes for the International Contest. Plus seeing all those very rare beauties too. Thank you for sharing those especially. I do have a question. Where does one find those wooden stands for Sasha?

    • Hi Cathy and thank you. The costumes were just wonderful to see and the favorite Sashas were really special dolls, so loved and cherished. I think the wooden stands were donated by Kendal but I don’t know who made them. I will ask though and let you know. They are very nice stands. ❤️ xxx

      • I don’t know who made the stands for Kendal however I’ve made similar ones for my dolls (which I had at the SCW too). They are very simple to make if you have the tools and the materials.

        Thank you Ginger for this lovely reminder of the SCW. I think my pram looks better than I do in that photo lol!

      • Thank you DollMum. You look so much better than your pram but my only photo caught you with your eyes closed. So sorry!

        Cathy, Kendal wrote a nice note and I have copied her words regarding the nice doll stands as follows:

        I designed??? (if you can call it that!) those ‘rough’ stands and then asked
        my ex-headmaster at the school that I taught in, who has remained a good
        friend, to make them up for me.
        There was one simply basic individual design for the Studio dolls and
        another like this, only smaller, for an individually standing series doll
        and then three different double designs for TWO dolls to stand together
        (facing each other, side by side and back to back.) Unfortunately I haven’t
        kept the paperwork but all I did was literally stand the dolls on a piece of
        paper and draw round them and marked a dot for where the dowelling rod would
        go. The actual stands were made from off cuts of MDF. I’m sure that Janet
        could give you the measurements and take a few photos of the different
        designs if she still has them.

        (I seem to remember that the studio base size was approximately 7″x7″ {18cms
        square} with the thicker dowelling rod just off centre towards the one of
        the sides to give it the weight to hold the doll. The individual series size
        was possibly? 5″x5″ {12cms square} and the double stands 5″x9″???
        {12x23cms???} with thinner dowelling supports.)

    • Thank you Lel. I surprised myself that I could make a satchel and a leather one too! But Brigitte deserves all the credit with perfectly cut pieces and marks where the holes go, the proper tools and needles plus her guiding hand! I was very happy to complete a such a project for Sasha! ❤️ xxx

  3. Lovely post Ginger and great to see all the International entries. It was nice to see Gertie in those overalls, what a shame I never kept a pair I made for my kids! Well done on the satchel, it looks brilliant.

  4. Thank you Ginger for bringing back all those wonderful memories. I do wish the celebration went on for a whole week just so I could have taken in all those amazing dolls. From the Favourites to the Internationals everyone made such an effort. I have such treasured recollections of times spent with our friends old and new, how we laughed ❤

    • When we visited her Dorisanne told us all about the week long Sasha Festival she organised years ago – it was the first really long festival and it sounds like it was a great success. However it was quite a big thing to organise and the SCW works well as it is (though I wish we could get there earlier on the Friday afternoon).

    • Thank you Janet for the lovely comments. I, too, have the same feelings and would have liked to have spent more time with the people, to have read each Sasha story placed with the favorite dolls. The few that I read were so touching and so dear. Plus I did not have enough time to really appreciate each of the Sasha international entries. Importantly, are the treasured memories that you mentioned and in my mind’s eye, I can still see the happy faces of those that were there and it warms my heart. ❤️ xxx

  5. What lovely memories this post brings back. fabulous company, great dolls and lovely conversation. bliss.. seems so long ago now !
    Thanks for reminding us of that great time together Ginger 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Dee. My blogging delays do have a nice benefit of allowing us to revisit those happy days. It was such a wonderful time together with friends and Sashas. Just the best! ❤️ xxx

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