A Lovely Lunch with Friends and Sashas

On Wednesday, Diane, Judith (who joined us the day before), and I went to Dawn Law’s beautiful home to have lunch and enjoy Sashas. It was a lovely day with lovely ladies that also joined the gathering and of course, lovely Sashas. The dolls are all very special, well loved, and well dressed. It was a real privilege to see them.  The doll photos capture most of the dolls that were brought to share but I am not certain that I photographed them all. So, here is the sampling caught by my camera. 😊

These outstanding dolls were kindly brought by Brenda Walton and they are very, very special as they were painted by Sasha herself.  They were displayed openly for everyone to see and enjoy. My special Morgen, also painted by Sasha, is on the window ledge looking over her sisters.  It was heavenly to see these amazing works of art.  I so admired each of these works of art but I fell in love with Freckles.  ❤️

Beautiful Sashas. ❤️

Among the Very Important Sashas (VIS), were Trendon toddlers at play among friends. ❤️

Gorgeous Sasha dolls. ❤️

Hello Spike! So nice to meet you in person! 😊

I have been an ardent yet remote Archie fan for years and seeing him in person was a real treat. ❤️

Brenda happily greeting Granny Peggy who joined the festivities. 😊

Brenda meeting Helen, a world traveler. 😊

Brenda is introducing Freckles to Granny Peggy. 😊

I think Brenda is introducing the lovely Alice to Granny Peggy.  Sharing Sashas. This is the best of the very best!!! ❤️

Dawn ensured everyone was well fed and welcomed. She was a wonderful hostess.  The food was beautifully laid out in the conservatory and we ate outdoors.  It was delicious and the company was wonderful.  Just a terrific day! Thank you Dawn for a fantastic time with Sasha friends. 😊

Granny Peggy meeting a special Sasha. ❤️

A photo taken by Brenda’s daughter of the group attending the lunch and shown on Facebook.  Rosie missed the photo. It was so nice to spend time with these lovely ladies.  😊

The next photos to share are of the lovely house and grounds. It is was so beautiful and peaceful. 😊

Swans! What a delightful surprise! 😊

The wonderful day ended with happy smiles, friendships renewed, and treasured memories in our hearts. ❤️

On Thursday morning, I took a last look at the restful view that enveloped the kind hospitality bestowed on me by my host and hostess. We packed up and left for Nottingham and the upcoming Sasha Celebration Weekend.  What a wonderful week I had with Diane and her husband, Tony.  They both made me feel so very welcomed. I am thankful and blessed. 😊

A peek photo of Eastwood Hall.  The next post will be memories from the SCW. Thank you for visiting the blog and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! 😊 xxx



12 thoughts on “A Lovely Lunch with Friends and Sashas

  1. WOW Ginger!! I very much enjoyed seeing the VIS!! I really had no idea there were that many. I would imagine there are even more. Nice to see them photographed together. What a thrill to have one. You are so lucky to have Morgen. I did recognize a few in the group from the last couple festivals in the States. They are all such very sweet ladies. Dawn is a very lovely lady I’m quite honored to know her as well as all the Sasha friends in the UK. I do hope our paths cross next year in Minnesota.

    • Thank you Cathy and I am glad you enjoyed the post. Brenda’s dolls are shown in the Sasha book under special dolls which they certainly are!!! I am very lucky to have Morgen and treasure her very much. All of the ladies were so very kind and, I agree, Dawn is a very lovely lady. I hope we all see each other next year in Minnesota! Sasha ladies are very special. ❤️ xxx

  2. I’m so glad you were able to visit Dawn, see her beautiful house and enjoy her hospitality. It is such a feat for the eyes to see her amazing collection and then there were all the special guests, people and Sasha dolls! I was able to put names to all the people at the luncheon and loved seeing the Sasha M painted dolls, Morgen included. I especially loved the photos of Brenda and Peggy, you captured such intimacy there. xxx

    • Thank you Janet. It was a special day and I so enjoyed the time with the lovely ladies. Some of them I met for the first time at Dawn’s house but I had “known” them for years through the Sasha Mart and later through Facebook. It was so nice to meet them face-to-face after all these years. Of course, the Sashas were wonderful to see in person too, a rare treat for me. ❤️ xxx

  3. Hi Ginger it was such a shame I couldn’t make it to Dawn’s that day, but unfortunately I was working. How great for you to see Brenda’s dolls and my favourite of all time is the Algerian girl. Dawns home is beautiful. The swans are magnificent creatures, however I have a fear of them and geese, due to a childhood experience and they seem to sense it. When I was trying to photograph them, they chased me, you should have seen me run. I reckon I would have held an Olympic record for the fastest sprint on earth.

    • Hi Theresa and thank you for the great comments! I remember those not too distant days ago when work caused me to miss fun occasions. So I highly recommend retirement now to all who can do so and as soon as they can! I am sorry you were not there too. The Algerian girl is just fantastic and I can see why you love her.

      I had a childhood experience with a goose chasing me but it did not translate into a fear of swans probably because we don’t have swans in our area. So I was happy to see them and to be near them. I was really close to a pair if swans in Switzerland which I will show in a later post. I can just imagine you making haste though with your long legs running as fast as they can!! ❤️ xxx

  4. What a special day for our little group and wonderful for both Brenda and my mom to be able to join us. My mom was very nervous about going as she rarely goes anywhere nowadays but once at Dawn’s all was well. In fact, I don’t think she wanted to leave! She is still chattering away to me about the afternoon and who she met and all the lovely dolls. She refers to Brenda as Auntie Brenda for some reason. Dawn was the perfect hostess and looked after us so well. We live just a few minutes away from each other but meeting up every so often is always lovely. She went to a lot of trouble on the day and I know we all appreciated it very much indeed.

    Ginger, I’m glad you enjoyed your time staying with us in our village in deepest Warwickshire. We very rarely have anyone staying as we enjoy our privacy and travel a lot, but you were an absolute pleasure. There was so much more you could have seen in the area but hopefully you got a flavour of this part of central England.

    All the gang at Sasha Meadow are waving frantically at you over the internet and send you love and hugs xxxxxxx

    • Yes it was a most special day. I am already relishing the memories of the time spent there. It was so nice that your Mom said yes and came to join the group. It was a real privilege to see her with Brenda, two very special ladies, and with their Sasha dolls. I enjoyed meeting and spending time with everyone there. Dawn was so very kind and hospitable as always.

      I loved my time in your village and yes, I did receive a wonderful sampling of that part of England. It was just the best. Thank you again for the lovely, lovely hospitality.

      I received those hugs and the love from your gang and my clan is sending much love and hugs back to you and yours! ❤️ xxx

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