Gotz and Sashas Old and New


This is Briana a brunette girl from the 1960’s with ochre painted eyes.  She is wearing a lovely holly patterned dress made by Maureen Hallenbeck.  Briana is wearing warm, stripy tights and red leather  shoes made by Ruthsdolls.


I love the added touches of trimming, buttons, and dotted collar.


Briana up close. Her brunette hair is soft and silky and her face painting is so nice and a real treat found on the earlier Gotz dolls.  🌹


New for Christmas is the beautiful wool plaid coat and coordinated bag made by Fanny Boiten.  I love the fabric and wish that I had a coat like Briana’s coat! 😊


Inside her bag is a dear little doll that was in my Mother’s doll collection.  I had gifted it to Mary Righos with a doll she adopted from me.  When Mary posted photos of the doll on facebook, Janet Myhill-Dabbs recognized it immediately as a doll she had made years earlier.  We were all so surprised and dear Mary surprised me again by re-gifting the doll back to me because she thought this dolly must stay with me. How kind! If only our dolls could talk about their journeys, what would they say?  😊


A peek at the festive lining of Briana’s coat.🌹


Briana loves her coat. ❤


Briana up close. 😊


This is a later Gotz girl that came to me recently.  I had posted her on Facebook as available for adoption.  Kendal kindly helped me with her identification as Annett (if I remembered correctly) who was manufactured in 1999 and 2000 (source: Sasha Doll Serie Identification). Annett originally wore a brown corduroy farm pants with a white blouse, a red duffle coat and white sandals.


Annett has found a furry friend to play with and to love.


She is wearing dotted tights and brown leather shoes by Kathe Kruse. 😊


Her hair has a slight wave from previous braiding I think, so I gave her a single braid and a special bow. 😊


Her hair is very nice and full and long.


Briana has joined with Annett to send you a very happy hello and also happy wishes for the week to come. 😊


Thank you for spending time with us today. 😊 xxx

Waterlogue images to enjoy. 🌹



14 thoughts on “Gotz and Sashas Old and New

  1. WOW, Ginger! Both old and new Gotz girls are beautiful and smartly dresses. I adore Briana’s brunette hair and gorgeous ochre eyes. When pulling up the image of her face one can truly see how amazing her eyes are with loads of shading. Love her dress, and her coat is to die for! Later Annett is very pretty too, with her blue eyes and soft light brunette hair. I love that you have put her hair into a single braid, it suits her very well.

    • Hi Cathy and thank you! The Gotz factory has really produced many wonderful dolls over the years. The early Sasha dolls are individually hand painted and are lovely I think. 😊

      Annett has enjoyed the attention since arriving here on Cow Creek. She loves her soft puppy and new clothes. All things little girls love. ❤️ xxx

  2. Briana and Annett are both such beauties, each in their own right. I love their outfits and the way you have fashioned Annett’s hair. It suits her perfectly and she looks equally as endearing from the back as the front! I wish I knew what happened to the little rag dolly after leaving the school where I taught art and crafts in New York City to ending up with your Mom Ginger! We must have made those dollies back in 1988!

    • Thank you Janet, I love gathering Sasha’s hair in bunches and especially braids. I would to know the journey of this dear little dolly. I think she was meant to be here on Cow Creek. A wonderful and special dolly for the Sasha dolls to love. ❤ xxx

  3. I love the gorgeous early and late Götz dolls together. I also have an Annett, but she is sort of a tomboy and refuses to wear dresses. Maybe I’ll show her how pretty her sister looks.

  4. Briana is gorgeous and the dress by Maureen looks love on her. Fanny’s coat is another great item that goes so well with Briana and her dress.
    How wonderful about the little doll having been made by Janet years earlier and going visiting and then returning home 🙂

    Annett is another lovely later Gotz girl and the longer style of her dress giving her an old fashioned country look suits her to a T !

    A lovely pair of old and new Gotz over there at Cow Creek 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Dee and thank you. Briana is not shown often here on the blog and it is definitely time to feature her and show how pretty she is in beautiful clothing made by our talented Sasha friends. She is so happy to spend time with Annett and especially happy to play with Janet’s sweet dolly. Cow Creek is shining bright today! 😊 xxx

  5. What a lovely pair of Gotz girlies you have there Ginger! I love Briana’s coat, it looks so smart and warm. And her dress is very pretty too. Annett looks so nice in her dress and with her hair plaited and tied with a pretty bow.
    That is amazing about the doll that Janet made! How coincidental that she should end up with your mom and then finally with you….and then off and back again! Incredible, if only she could talk.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! I am glad you like the outfits the Gotz girls are wearing today. It is such fun to dress them in pretty clothing. I would love to hear what the dear little dolly would say about her travels. I bet it would be fascinating! My Mom left me a lot of dolls and I have kept quite a few of them. I try to adopt out some of them from time to time but I keep the special ones that she held dear….as far as I know. I am so happy she gave to me her love of dolls and that we shared that love together. 😊 xxx

  6. For some unknown reason I’m not getting all your super photos to download but luckily I am able to see a couple of each of your lovely Gotz girls to be able add a little comment here.
    I really have enjoyed seeing these two examples of the Gotz Dolls here though it’s quite hard to comprehend that they are manufactured by the same company… be it many years apart.

    This is a particularly very pretty looking Annett and I love how you have put her hair in a single side braid. What I can’t understand is why with the later 1990s dolls Gotz didn’t paint as much detail to the eyes as they did with their original 1960’s dolls. Such a shame really as these later doll’s bodies were much more sturdier and so deserved much better eye detail.

    Interesting how you have decided to dress both these girls to show their different and individual personalities and rather daring of you to put those dark spotted tights with the paler star/Paisley designed dress but it works wonderfully well and I love the brown KK sandals at the bottom of the studio length dress.

    Fab plaid coat that Briana’s wearing and I like how her Christmas dress has incorporated various different materials. Reminds me of Cindy Patrick and her wonderful Pinestreetstudio outfits.

    Great story attached to Janet’s little home made doll and great waterlogue photos to finish.
    Thanks girls for the week’s good wishes. Sending the very same back to you from The Brood and I!

    • Thank you Kendal for your lovely comment. I wonder too why the newer Gotz dolls were not provided with at least some hand painting/ finishing of their eyes. There is a big difference between the generations. I love the nice bodies and super long hair of the newer dolls and their original outfits were nice too. I like all of their dolls but hand painting always wins my vote. 😊

      I am glad you liked the girl’s outfits. It was fun dressing them for cooler weather though we are not experiencing cool weather here. Yesterday was in the 60’s and rainy. They predict winter temperatures next week and it will nice to have a winter season. Though I probably will be wishing for Spring in a month or so!

      Thank you for the good wishes from you and your amazing brood. We all here at Sasha Shangri-La send you our very best. ❤ xxx

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