Edith Welcomes a Kruse Cousin ❤️

A quick post as Edith extends the arm of friendship towards a new family member joining our Kruse clan cousins here on Cow Creek, Lost Horizon Farm. 🙂


“Hello there shy one.  My name is Edith.  What is your name?”


“Hello Edith. My name is Ingrid.  It is nice to meet you.  You are very pretty Edith.”  “Thank you Ingrid, you are very pretty too!  Look, we have matching boo boos on our hands.  My boo boo is on the right hand and your boo boo is on your left hand.  But together, we can do anything.” ❤


A waterlogue image for you to enjoy.  I think Edith and Ingrid are going to be very close cousins.  Thank you for visiting the blog and have a wonderful week! 🙂 xxx



10 thoughts on “Edith Welcomes a Kruse Cousin ❤️

  1. Watching these two amazing dolls interact is wonderful. Both Edith and Ingrid are gorgeous and rare. I have never seen a KK with a hair style like this Ginger. Ingrid also reminds me of another sweet blonde ponytail KK of yours which had caught my eye. Congrats on adopting such a rare KK girl. Close cousins for sure.

    • Thank you Cathy. I love Ingrid’s hair style and it is very similar to her smaller, 14 inch sister who is a blonde ponytail KK that you especially like. Ingrid is 18 inches tall and I think her size is rare too. Edith is by her side night and day! I love these dolls so much. ❤ xxx

    • Thanks Dee. I have collected the Kruse dolls for many years and love their hand painting, wonderful wigs and cloth bodies stuffed with reindeer hair. Ingrid fits in beautifully here on the farm. 🙂 xxx

  2. Ingrid is just wonderful, I love her gorgeous ponytail and her original outfit, am drooling over her boots! I am so pleased to see Edith making such a fuss over her, what a dear and welcoming child she is.

  3. What a pretty new girl Ingrid is Ginger! And looks like she has an instant friend in Edith 🙂
    Thank you for sharing these lovely girls with us.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

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