A Quiet Welcome for Dear Edith


A quiet trip to the post office to retrieve a box sent from the UK.  It was posted on Monday and arrived on Thursday of the same week.  Wonderful postal services!


Out of the box quickly and my heart was beating fast.  A lovely Sasha studio girl and she told me immediately that her name is Edith. ❤


I added a white pinafore, socks and leather shoes and some unmentionables too.  Last, I placed a vintage, pink silk ribbon in her hair.  Edith is a delight. ❤


My dear husband took these photos of me with Edith. I think he could tell how very happy I was to be holding Edith.  His grandmother was also named Edith. 🙂


A quiet moment together. ❤


A final photo of Edith and me.  Of course, I could not forget to acknowledge our dear girl, Shelby who is always by my side.  Welcome home dear Edith.  We hope you will be happy at Sasha Shangri-La! ❤

Thank you for visiting with us today. Have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy your weekend! 🙂 xxx

19 thoughts on “A Quiet Welcome for Dear Edith

  1. Your new girl is AMAZING, Ginger! I love the name Edith as you already know. You must be over the moon with happiness. I am really looking forward to seeing more of the very lovely Edith.

  2. i have got very fond of Sasha dolls. i knit for 1/12th scale dolls but i could be so tempted to dress a Sasha, i am looking in the shops , but have not found one as yet, i will keep looking, i have always loved dolls, but i had two sons and needless to say they were not interested, in the meantime i will follow what other Sasha’s are doing, Sylvia

  3. Another beauty dear Ginger, she looks like she is very happy to be sitting there in your comfortable armchair with you, and with Shelby by your side. I look forward to seeing more of Edith on your blog in the future.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. Edith is happy and adjusting well to her new surroundings. She is very shy and so we are taking our time with getting to know her brothers and sisters. Gracie really wants to play with her!!! 🙂 xxx

  4. Please forgive my delayed comment here on welcoming the delightful Edith to your fold…i can hardly keep up with commenting on all the new dolls that keep arriving at Sasha Shangri-La! It’s looking to me to be more than one doll a month!!!
    Gosh that was a very quick postal service for Edith from here in the UK to you over there in the US. How wonderful that Edith didn’t have to spend so much time being enclosed in that dark box.
    No time was wasted either with you completlng her pretty dress into a complete outfit. She already looks like she is well and truely at home there and getting excited about meeting her new large Sasha family.
    Enjoy yourselves over the weekend!

    • Thank you Kendal for the lovely comments. I have added a few new faces here at Sasha Shangri-La in recent months. Also, I am adopting out Sashas that were not getting their fair share of attention here on the farm. Collectors are seeing the dolls here on the blog and on facebook and are asking to adopt them. Overall, I think I am down a few Sashas now.

      Edith’s postal service was just remarkable! I have had boxes take much longer than four days to arrive and they were mailed here within the states!

      I have managed to keep a few extra studio/course doll sized outfits and shoes and socks and undergarments. So it was very nice to pull a few things together to complete Edith’s outfit. I am so happy that she is here with us. Thank you for the good wishes! 🙂 xxx

  5. Edith is a beauty. I’m sure she will feel at home very quickly. As a Lonely Doll fan from childhood, I adore her name. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

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