A Note of Thanks…..A Post of Beauty

I want to pause today and to extend my deep heart-felt “thank you” to those of you that visit the Sasha Shangri-La blog and especially to those who comment regularly. As a sign of my appreciation, I thought I would place a few, random photos, from previous posts, into one post, in order to give you enjoyable images in one place and a happy experience on this Friday in March. 🙂

This is my Joy, a 1966 English Production NP girl with red hair and blue eyes. ❤

This is Bronson, a 1967 English Production NP boy having his first bath upon arriving at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤

Whitney not only wearing a gorgeous Sarah William outfit but also enjoying the 150+ plaits that Sarah Williams so skillfully executed to give her this unique look.  Her shoes were made by Jean Jensen. ❤

Diana, a 1966 Gotz girl with a mold line wearing an outfit made by Ruthsdolls, and a bolero, the maker is unknown. ❤

Marie a studio BIII girl in her original outfit and Gracie on her lap, a studio bebe wearing an outfit made by Thu Cuc Faes. ❤

A basket full of boys! ❤


Gotz toddler girls that I named Ellie and Betsy. ❤

Brigitte, a CI studio girl made of hard plastic wearing a wonderful outfit made Brigitte Schwitter. ❤

A Gotz “Yamka” that I named Rena wearing a wonderful knitted sweater and hat by Diane Duke and Boneka leather shoes. ❤

Claudia in the woods. She is a 1968 Dungarees girl. ❤

Emily a 1970’s English production brunette girl with blue eyes. She wears a dress made by a Passion for Sasha and leather shoes by Sashapotamus. ❤

Course Doll
Angel, a wonderful course doll made in Sasha’s studio by a student taking a doll making course. ❤

This is Simon, my happy Caleb boy. 🙂

My very first boy named Finn, a 1967 English Production NP with platinum hair and wearing shorts made by Lorraine Tyler, socks by Sharon Humphreys and shoes by Jean Jensen. I love you Finn. ❤

Benjamin or Bennie or Ben, a handsome gypsum faced boy, painted by Sasha herself. Wonderfully made outfit by Thu Cuc Faes. ❤

NP line up
A lineup of English production, 1966-67 NPs girls in original Sasha outfits with some shoes replaced. ❤

Ebo, Shelly Repainted Caleb
A Shelly repaint of a Caleb boy and named Ebo with his dog, Dog. ❤

A 1960’s Gotz no nose named Peg and owned by Jackie Hyatt. Her woolen outfit, minus the cardigan, was also made by Jackie. ❤

Max, a custom repaint by Cassie Rogers wearing Sashapotamus clothing. A very handsome lad. ❤

Rae, an early 1965 Gotz girl with no mold lines and golden eyes. Wearing a Sashapotamus unicorn shirt and sweater by the needles of Mary Anne. ❤

Adeline, a 1967 English production NP wearing a beautiful dress by Maureen Hallenbeck. ❤

Gertie, repaint, Janet Myhill Dabbs
My dream girl Gertie, a repaint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. ❤

Mary, a waif course doll named after my beloved Mother. Knitted items by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. ❤

Penny, an early 1965 no nose Gotz girl with no mold lines and golden eyes. Her lovely outfit is by Fanny Boiten. ❤

Claire, a BIII studio doll wearing her original outfit. ❤

Quinn, a shorts boy.  Vest by Ted Menten. ❤

Mae, a 1960’s waif Gotz girl with golden eyes. ❤

Audrey, a 1968 wide faced English production girl. ❤

Sarah and Hazel, both no navel Gotz girls. ❤

Morris a shorts boy. ❤

Jessie, an English production 1967 girl with bobbed haircut. She is wearing a Ruthsdolls outfit. ❤

Lucy a lovely repaint by Cassie Rogers and her friend, Fozzie Bear. ❤

Gwennie, my first Sasha studio doll, a BIII, wearing her tagged studio duffle coat. ❤

Sylvia, 1966 redhead NP
Sylvia, an English production 1966 NP girl. ❤

Annie, an early 1965 Gotz girl with golden eyes and no mold lines. ❤

Lastly, a photo of dear Abby, an A-1 studio doll painted by Sasha herself. I love this photo of her wearing my childhood pin gifted by my Grandmother, Adeline. ❤

I hope you have enjoyed this stroll down memory lane with us and we all are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the weekend and the week to come. 🙂 xxx



18 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks…..A Post of Beauty

  1. What a wonderful journey I have just had, remembering past posts and seeing ones for the first time. Thank you Ginger for compiling such a lovely group of photos for us and I wish you and all at Shangri-La a wonderful weekend xx

  2. A wonderful post Ginger of some of your fabulous dolls , in their lovely outfits. It’s always nice to wander down the lane with old photo’s , seeing dolls again and studying their faces and outfits. A great past time for a Friday. Have a lovely weekend :)xx

  3. I’m definitely thinking that it should be ME thanking YOU for letting me visit (and comment) on your blogspot and not the other way round!
    Can’t even begin to say which are my very favourite dolls from all the beauties shown here today but will try to mention a few…
    Whilst YOUR Gertie has still to be one of my much loved girls of yours I also adore toddler Ellie’s hairstyle, Sylvia’s dramatic eye painting, Lucy’s very English look with her blue eyes and blonde hair, brunette Audrey’s wider face, Mae’s overall look,, Jessie’s sulky expression, Marie (BTW was she bought from Marie Morgan as I’m sure that I have seen her there in person) and little Bebe Gracie,, (Claire is another studio girl that I’m sure that I have seen there too.)
    Mary one of your recently bought Course Doll,s and Abby your AI studio doll, (sister to Dawn Law’s pony-tailed girl that I have met on many occasions now) and lastly not forgetting Bronson’s NP’s eyes and Joy’s stunning facial look,
    Thanks to you all for giving me this wonderful viewing of such outstanding beauty with these photos and thanks to for your weekend’s good wishes.

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for the lovely comments. As I read your highlighted descriptions of the Sashas, I smiled because you have a wonderful knack for capturing each Sasha’s uniqueness in just a few words. ❤

      Yes, Marie was bought from Marie Morgan and Claire was also bought from Marie. Both dolls were featured on Marie's video on Sasha studio dolls so you might have seen them in that production. In the video the narrator made a point that the face mold III can look very different just by changing the skin and eye colors. I haven't looked at the video in a while now but I think I will watch it again this weekend. 🙂

      You are very welcome and I really enjoyed looking back over the past couple of years of photos and picking a few to show again. Our Sasha photos are very recyclable. 🙂 xxx

      • NOT only have I SEEN but also actually HANDLED and HELD both Claire and Marie on one of my visits to her in my early Sasha collecting years! Small world?
        I too have that video/CD somewhere here but not too sure, as yet, just how to link and view it through my new TV flat screen.. Am due to have a few lessons on how to link it to my laptop in the near future so that I can see my photos stored in My Pictures in this larger format.
        PS. Clarise, my Gertie, is looking forward to meeting her sister (your Gertie) at the SCW.

      • It is wonderful that you saw Claire and Marie and held them before Marie adopted them out. It is indeed a small world. 🙂

        I looked for the Sasha video and found the video abut the Sasha factory but then remembered that the Studio doll was a DVD and, so far, I cannot find it. I will keep looking though. Gertie and I are both looking forward to meeting you and Clarise at the SCW in less than two months now!!! Time is flying by and I can hardly wait! ❤

      • Yes they were on Marie’s DVD that was professionally made in her dining room. I too have that Video that she, Brenda Walton and ? made about the first manufactured Frido dolls which includes that visit to the Frido/Trendon factory. in the mid 60s. I remember dressing just like that.
        I particularly liked the ‘out-takes’ at the very end and which I didn’t actually discover at first. Loved too the bit where it says that ‘…and we made seven perfect dolls in one week!’

      • Kendal, clearly I should re-watch the video too! I do not remember any out-takes at the end plus I do not remember the “7 perfect dolls in one week”. It has been too long! So I will re-watch the video on the Sasha factory and really look hard for the elusive DVD on studio dolls. ❤

  4. Ginger you have the most amazing dolly family and they are all so beautifully dressed too…..I would never in a month of Sundays be able to choose a favourite from all these lovely photos. This post was really a treat for the eyes, a super super bunch of photos, thank you so much for sharing.
    Big hugs
    Sharon xxxxx

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for the kind comments. I am so glad you enjoyed seeing the Sasha dolls once more. I was a bit nervous about this recycling of photos but I think most everyone liked seeing the photos again but in a different post. Sending big hugs your way! 🙂 xxx

  5. HOLY SMOKES! They are all so wonderful Ginger! Alougth all are so amazing, I feel my heart go pitter patter over Claire and Sylvia the most. Thank you Ginger for sharing all these beauties on one page.

    • Hi Cathy and please forgive my delayed reply. I am so glad you enjoyed the “recycled” post of some of the Sasha Shangri-La clan members. Claire and Sylvia send hugs and their love to you! ❤ xxx

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