A Fun, Fine Day with Finn

Yesterday was simply a glorious day here on Cow Creek Road, the Lost Horizon Farm, and also known as Sasha Shangri-La. ❤

Beautiful blue skies and wonderful stately trees that have yet to produce this year’s leaves. Look, do you see something unexpected in this strong and sturdy tree?

Upon closer inspection, I see my dear boy Finn climbing to new heights!  What a brave boy. 🙂

Yes, it is indeed Finn and look at how well dressed he is.  This outfit includes the sweater, overalls, hat, scarf and socks and they were Finn’s wonderful Christmas swap gifts. 🙂

Hi Finn, what’s up???  “I am up Mommy, look at me!  I love to climb and play outdoors.  Oh, what a happy day!”  With that proclamation, Finn lowered himself down the tree….

“Look Mommy, I am here now!” Hold still Finn, let Mommy take a couple of photos of you! 🙂

This is a really big tree Finn, you look so small when I zoom out!

Wow, a nice photo of Finn basking in the sunlight but just for moment or two…Finn is off and running again….

“Look Mommy, a turkey feather!!! It is so big, isn’t it? It must have been a very big turkey!!” Again, Finn is off and running. 🙂

“Mommy, look…a birdhouse….I wonder if any birdies live here now?”

I think that birds may be starting to build their nests Finn. This birdhouse stays on the porch of the cabin and not many people come this way….it is a good place for birds to build their nests. 🙂

Finn stared inside with wonder and he shared…”I sure hope I get to see the baby birds one day.” I hope you do too Finn. ❤

Look Finn, this old pot is another place where the birds are building a nest. Isn’t this so nice to see? Finn agreed with me 🙂

“Oh Mommy, can we light the lantern now…please?” Not just now dear Finn, but let’s return and stay until dark and Daddy will light the lantern for you plus he will build a campfire for all of us to enjoy. S’mores for everyone as we sit around the campfire! 🙂

Next Finn went into the cabin for a few photos. 🙂

Finn really loves his Daddy’s tin poster of John Wayne. Finn loves to watch John Wayne on TV and Finn has said many times that he wants to be a hero one day. I told him that he has already captured that title in his Mommy’s storybook! 😉

The only resident doll that stays in Daddy’s cabin.  A sweet little china head girl. 🙂

Finn loves his new scarf that also keeps his hands warm. 🙂

Finn up close without his hat. A dear, sweet boy.  I love you Finn. ❤

Finn and I both want to thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post of Finn in the woods around Sasha Shangri-La. ❤

Finn waves goodbye and sends hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week to come. 🙂 xxx


A waterlogue image of Finn. ❤

18 thoughts on “A Fun, Fine Day with Finn

  1. Hello Finn, What a fun day you have had climbing trees and exploring the cabin and the birds nests.
    It looks so lovely and peaceful there and a great place for a boy to enjoy building campfires and sitting out watching the stars.
    I think you hold a special place in mum’s heart. Love the John Wayne poster, we had a big one of John Wayne until we moved to a smaller house and now our friends have it in their home. I was brought up on cowboy and war films shown on TV every Saturday and Sunday afternoon and The Duke was a favourite. 🙂
    Enjoy your week , hugs Dee xxx

    • Hello Auntie Dee! It was a great day and there was so much to see! Daddy said he would build a campfire and Mommy said we would roast hotdogs and sing songs too! 🙂

      I love Mommy and Daddy very much. I watch John Wayne movies with Daddy almost every weekend! We love the “Duke” too. Thank you for writing to me Auntie Dee and have a great day! 🙂 xxx

  2. Wow! Finn is such an adorable inquisitive lad Ginger! I really enjoyed experiencing his adventures through his eyes. What a truly great place to play. I felt like I was right there with him. I got a chuckle about the lone doll inside the cabin. I adore his new scarf which also keeps his hands warm, a genius idea! Great matching hat too!

    • Hi Cathy and I am so glad you enjoyed Finn’s adventures in the woods. We are very fortunate to have some land and most of it is woodlands. That poor little china head doll holds a special spot for me being the lone doll living in my husband’s cabin. I can think of great stories from her perspective! She looks a little put-out I think! 😉

      We love that scarf too and all the nice Christmas gifts coming from the swap. Thank you for writing to us! 🙂 xxx

  3. What a superb outdoor adventurous day Finn had.with firstly climbing that very tall tree and then balancing on only one foot whilst steadying himself with just the one hand for the photo-shoot. Liked too how he had had his dungarees turned up to three quarter length.
    Was amused at the camera and hand’s shadow showing up on the tree’s trunk! Difficult to avoid I’m guessing with it being such a bright day, judging by the colour of the sky.

    I really enjoy taking a peep inside people’s dens! I ‘spied’ a very smart clock, oil lamp and John Wayne poster!
    Great to see some of the wild birds nesting sites. Loved the empty saucepan the very best!
    Many thanks Finn for letting us be with you today and for your good week’s wishes.

    • It was a wonderful day Kendal and we captured that gift of a sunny, warm day at the cabin. Rick helped me place Finn up high in the tree and he was just off to the side ready to catch Finn if he fell. 🙂

      It was a very bright day and the sun was behind me in some of the photos. I used my cell phone as the camera ths time. I think it did a nice job. The indoor photos had an auto buikt-in flash. Rick selected all of the cabin’s contents except the china doll which I suggested. I love how he has “dressed” it.

      Thank you for the lovely comments! I am glad you enjoyed this post. It has snowed since Sunday so I hope the beautiful weather will return soon. 🙂 xxx

  4. Dear sweet Finn, what an adventurer you are! Climbing so high in the trees, like a little blond monkey, higher and higher, up and up! WOW it’s a wonder you didn’t suffer from altitude sickness 😉 And don’t you look great in your new clothes, so warm and cosy. It is lovely to see you again here on the Sasha Shangri La blog 🙂

    • Thank you Auntie Sharon! 🙂 I love climbing trees and exploring the woods. It feels good to feel the sun’s warming rays on my face. We are hoping for more pretty days!

      I love my new clothes too! I rolled up my pant legs so everyone would see my new, matching socks! What neat Christmas gifts! 🙂 xxx (big hugs)

  5. How did I miss this wonderful post? I have just spent a delightful time walking around the farm with Finn. I was a bit nervous seeing how far he climbed the big tree and received when his attention moved to things nearer the ground. I loved seeing the birds nests, especially how the industrious birds have built in a saucepan. I also loved seeing Rick’s sanctum! The balance of John Wayne, told and then the little china head doll, what a surprise and so delightful. I hope the weekend is sunny again for you Finn so you can be out and about exploring new things on the farm xxx

    • Oh dear Janet, how did I miss commenting on your lovely comment for Finn? Please forgive me. I only just noticed when I was updated the header and background for the blog. I saw that the comments received on this post were uneven in number and that usually means that I have forgotten to write back to someone.

      Finn did climb very high that day but what the camera did not show was Rick off to the side helping me reach that high and also serving as a “spotter” in case Finn would fall. I don’t think I would have taken the chance of sweet Finn falling all by myself. Finn love it of course! 😉

      Rick’s cabin is such fun to see. He has selected items over recent years and made it into a nice place and definitely a masculine cabin! My little china head doll is the only insertion by me and she has managed to stay because Rick likes her and her civil war era birthday. She is a sweetie 🙂

      Thank you so much for commenting and I hope that you have a beautiful upcoming week my friend! ❤ xxx

      • I wonder if Billy will be my spotter for the more adventurous Sashas of mine who wish to climb to new heights? I somehow doubt it, I may take some tips from you! Do you think Rick will allow me to see inside his cabin? It really does sound wonderful and maybe we can all enjoy a s’more together!

      • Yes, Rick affirmed this morning that he will give the grand tour of the farm to include his cabin and the fireside where s’mores will be made and eaten! When we talked about, it he asked, “now when will this happen? Is it May or July?” LOL….I think I must write down all of the plans for the dear man. ❤

      • I am so excited Ginger and can’t wait to meet Rick and get the grand tour! I haven’t had real s’mores for about 20 years as we don’t have Graham Crackers here, my mouth is watering just thinking about them. My husband too keeps asking me to verify my plans and it goes in one ear and out the other!

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