This is a precious childhood photo of my Mom, Mary. There were several poses of her taken at this time and this pose is the one her Mom kept, my Granny, Adeline.  Other poses were given to Mom’s aunts and uncles. One photo went into my great Uncle Fred’s wallet as he left to go overseas to fight in World War II. He was unmarried at the time and his niece, Mary, he loved liked a daughter. ❤

From the black and white photo in his wallet, Uncle Fred commissioned this painting of Mom and we are blessed that it made it back to us in the USA. It has been cherished ever since that time. Mom’s hair color was a golden brown with some red highlights but that, of course, did not show up in the black and white photo used to paint her portrait.  She always wore her hair in plaits until she reached her high school years. She saved locks of her hair in her cedar lined keepsake box which is how I know of the color and it was very similar to my own hair color though mine was more reddish or ginger colored. 😉

This photo and the next one were taken by Shelly. Some of you might have seen this dear Sasha course doll recently up for adoption on Shelly’s site.   I was the lucky Mom this time!

Though described as a waif, her expression tugged at my heart and I asked Shelly to send me a close-up of her and….

Shelly sent this photo which won my hear completely.  The small dent on the middle of her forehead and her quirky left brow really touched my heart. ❤

This photo, and those that follow, were taken by Janet Myhill-Dabbs after she received the waif course doll that Shelly kindly shipped to her.  Janet agreed to remove any stray marks from her face and sort out her hair which was like a “bird’s nest” and pulling away from her head. Also, Janet kindly agreed to help this dear one to start a wardrobe. 🙂

The bird’s nest up close! 😉

Drum roll please…….I am happy for you to meet Mary after she has had her spa treatment and she is wearing her new cardigan and matching hat with very lush and lovely ribbons in her hair! 🙂

A side view showing her sweet profile.

The back view showing her much improved hair and lovely cardigan. 🙂

Mary is sitting with Janet’s Nellie and some of you may have seen some of these photos on facebook this past week posted by Janet. We both agreed that these two will be on display at the Sasha Celebration Weekend in May.  So until then, I will blow kisses and send hugs to Mary across the Pond. 🙂

Lastly, Mary’s expression with her special quirky brow does remind me of my dear Mom. Her hair color and plaits remind me of Mom’s war-time portrait.  Mom has been on my heart a lot lately and she is always on my mind. She passed away in April 2004 and I miss her now more than ever. The extreme pain has subsided though and now my memories bring warm, loving, and consoling thoughts to my mind.  As a doll collector and lover of dolls, I like to think that Mom would be very pleased to know that Mary was named after her. ❤

Mary and I both want to thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post. We both are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the beautiful week to come! 🙂 xxx

20 thoughts on “Mary

  1. There is definitely a likeness to your mother. Mary looks very sweet and is sure to be loved. Oh, and she’ll get to travel home with you personally. What fun.

    • Hi Julie and thank you so much! I had not thought about how very special it will be to travel in the UK with Mary and home too! It is certain that she will bring to my mind happy thoughts of Mom … sharing my first trip to the UK. That is very heart-warming to ponder. ❤ xxx

  2. When I saw Dear Mary on Shelly’s funnily enough I thought of you and then when I saw her visiting with Janet I knew she must be yours 🙂
    She appealed as soon as I saw her and am so glad she’s going to go live with you and has been named for your dear mother Mary. Who it must be said she does have a look of.
    How wonderful to have a photo of your mother as a child with pigtail/plaits and for her Uncle to commission and return with a picture painted from her photo.

    Our Mum’s are dear to us and it is sad when they pass from us but we always have them and our wonderful memories stored safely in our hearts and minds that we can take out and view when we feel the need to bring them close for whatever reason.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely Mother and the lovely Mary with us today, I look forward to meeting ypu both at the Sasha celebration in May.

    Have a lovely week :)xxx

    • Thank you Dee! How nice that you thought of me and that it was me to adopt Mary after all. I should have said that Mom’s eyes were blue and not brown which was another interpretation of the black and white photo. Though, Uncle Fred did have brown eyes which might have helped with that artist decision too. 🙂

      I agree, there is a resemblance between my Mom and Mary which is very comforting. Mom’s portrait was in my Granny’s bedroom until she passed and then it was in my Mom’s bedroom until she passed. Now, it is in my bedroom. I loved all of my Granny’s brothers and sisters very much and Uncle Fred was especially a dear man.

      Our Mom’s love is a wonderful gift and you are so right, we do bring out their memories to help us for many reasons. How wonderful to have this gift that we can not be separated from ever! ❤

      Mary and I are both really looking forward to meeting you too Dee. It will be a wonderful Sasha gathering! 🙂 xxx

  3. What a beautiful post Ginger and some really lovely and very special memories and treasures of your Mom. How wonderful that this Course doll reminded you so much of your Mom and that the ever talented Janet was able to work her magic on her. It will be really love to see her in person at the Celebration weekend, and you of course! Much excitement indeed to get to spend some time together again.

    • Thank you Lorraine. I am very blessed to have the photo and the painting of Mom and especially my many happy memories of her. Janet is so wonderful and talented and I so appreciate her saying “yes” to helping this dear course doll out. It will be wonderful to see her in person and you too! Time is flying by and we will be there before we know it! 🙂 xxx

  4. I went after this doll too but due to my ‘computer’s STUPID behaviour’ over the last month or so was ‘first man too late!’ Should have guessed that it was YOU who beat me to the post… but with not being able to view Facebook for many past weeks I hadn’t realised this fact until just now!
    I too fell in love with her but wouldn’t have been able to link her delightful looks to my late mother so it’s good that it was you who won her.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the post with all the interesting links and info to your late mother plus all the super photos. I’m looking forward to seeing (and hopefully having a little hold of her) and of course meeting YOU, at the SCW in May.
    Until then take care of yourself and thanks for the good wishes.

    • Hi Kendal. I am not surprised that we both love the same doll! Our Sasha tastes are very similar. I always like to know who adopts a doll that I tried to adopt. That way you can hopefully see the doll again one day and you know they are loved and cared for. Mary will be well loved and it is a joy to share her. ❤

      Thank you for the lovely comments and it will be so very nice to finally meet you at the SCW! I have wanted to meet you for a very long time now! Plus, Mary will be there and available for hugs and inspections as well as Gertie and Finn. I look forward to seeing your Sashas too. It will be such a great time! 🙂 xxx

  5. What a lovely girl your mum was Ginger and now you have little Mary in your life, indeed a good likeness to your mum’s school photo. Your mum actually reminds me a little of my own mum who also wore long plaits like that as a child, although my mum’s hair was brown. Thank goodness I still have my mum although not many photos of her at that young age. a
    I think Janet has done a wonderful job on Mary and she’ll be waiting for you in the UK in May when you visit 🙂
    Big hugs xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! I do not have many childhood photos of my Mom so I treasure the few that have survived. It is wonderful that your Mom is here and with you. I remember the photos of her that you shared on your blog. She is so lovely and those photos made me smile! :).

      I agree that Janet did a terrific job with Mary’s “refresh”. It will be a happy day when Mary and I meet in May! 🙂 xxx

  6. Hi Ginger sorry for the late response to your post, but for some reason my internet provider decided to block your site, technology ahhhh. Anyway I would just like to say that I am happy that little Mary has come to live with you and Janet has done a great job on her hair. I look forward to seeing you and her at the Sasha Celebration weekend xx

    • Hi Theresa! I am glad you found my post! Once my internet put all of my facebook emails into a spam folder. I finally was able to sort it out but I do not have a clue how that happened! 😦

      Thank you for the kind words for Mary. I am just so happy to be her new Mom and she does remind me of my Mom in certain ways. Janet’s talent is just amazing! Mary is sure to be a much happier little girl now. I am really looking forward to meeting you too at the SCW. We will have the best time! 🙂 xxx

  7. Of “Course” you know that I would adore Mary, Ginger. It is wonderful that you have named her in remembrance of your beloved mother, and also creating a similar likeness of her during her younger years. I remember seeing the photo of her with Janet’s Nellie on FB and made a comment about the wonderful knit berets. Mary is lovely and quite unique with her quirky brow and two toned hair. She is amazing, and a wonderful tribute to your mom. Mary will be cherished for many years to come, I’m sure.

    • Cathy, of “Course” I knew you would love Mary! Thank you for the lovely compliments. Isn’t it wonderful how Sasha dolls enrich our lives? Dear Mary was a complete surprise and she seems to have been meant to join our Sasha family. Her name was inspired after Janet had just received her and took the first photos. While writing to Janet, I knew she would be Mary. I have not named a doll yet for Mom and so I think it was the right time and the right Sasha to be Mom’s namesake. I am so very happy this quirky eyed girl will join us here at Sasha Shangri-La! 🙂 xxx

  8. What a wonderful post dedicated to your mom Ginger. I feel very honoured to have her namesake with me and love the fact that both our mothers share the name Mary. Course Mary has had some additions to her wardrobe over the past week. She now has a knitted waistcoat that fits over her plaid dress, a pair of socks and black leather shoes and some really cute rosebud pantaloons! I will take photos for you soon. She and Nellie are going to meet Tricia in a few weeks time and they have both inspired her to seek a Course doll of her own ❤ xxx

  9. What a great addition to remind you of your mother! Your mom’s childhood photo is adorable! There is definitely a resemblance and I can see why you fell in love. Great job to Janet for getting her in better condition!

  10. Your story of Mary your doll and Mary your mom is the most wonderful one you’ve told ever. I love your CD named Mary.

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