Happy Holidays – Hannah’s Homecoming

Hello, my name is Hannah. I have just arrived at Sasha Shangri-La.  My Mommy has gifted me this new dress to wear for Christmas. It was made by Karn Warnaka and it fits me perfectly. 🙂

This is my sister Audrey. Audrey was the first sister to greet me when I arrived. Mommy said my stringing is very loose and so she used a stand to help me “stand” up. 🙂

Mommy removed the stand when Audrey volunteered to help me stand up and Audrey said she would catch me if I would fall. I think Audrey is just the dearest of sisters. ❤
Audrey was born in 1968 and I was born in 1966. Mommy says I am an NP with graphic eyes but I am not certain what that all means right now. I do know that I am a bit taller than Audrey and I should be since I am an older, big sister. Isn’t my Audrey beautiful? I love her festive red knitted outfit with white bolero.  Her stripy socks and red leather shoes are by Ruthsdolls.   Audrey has a present for me! ❤

Mommy told me that Audrey and I are the first of the holiday posts for Sasha Shangri-La. That makes us both very happy! 🙂

My red leather shoes say “JJ” on the bottom and Mommy said that Jean Jensen made them. They fit me just right. I am on the stand again since Audrey stepped aside for this photo. She wanted you to see just me since I am newly adopted. I love my sister Audrey. ❤

Mommy took the rest of this posts photos indoors. The entire weekend was overcast with no sunshine. We hope this unusual warm weather will cool down and the sun will shine too. 🙂

Hi, it’s me, Hannah. 🙂

I love my new home here on the farm situated on Cow Creek, at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤

Mommy and I want to thank you for visiting with us today. We know how very busy you are especially at this time of year and yet, you took some time to spend with us. We are very, very grateful. 🙂

We hope you enjoyed your visit and will visit again very soon. 🙂

Mommy and I along with everyone living here on the farm are all sending you big hugs and happy wishes for today and the week to come. 🙂 xxx

In parting, waterlogue images of Hannah to enjoy. ❤

Happy Christmas and joyous holiday tidings to everyone! ❤

17 thoughts on “Happy Holidays – Hannah’s Homecoming

  1. Welcome Hannah, What a pretty girl you are. Your hair is lovely and looks so nice on you with your new clothes.
    Audrey’s a very nice younger sister to help you stand.
    How nice that you have arrived home just in time for Christmas.
    Auntie Dee :)xxx

    • Hi Auntie Dee! Thank you for the lovely compliments….gee, I am blushing. 😉 I think Audrey is just the “bee’s knee’s”, she is so sweet to me and just a pretty, petite little girl. I am so happy to be here for Christmas. Mommy said she tried very hard to bring him home in time for the holidays. ❤ xxx

  2. What a beautiful girl Hannah is Ginger, such a pretty face, gorgeous eyes and a lovely outfit which suits her perfectly.
    Welcome Hannah! Or as they say here in Spain, Bienvenido Hannah! We hope you will be very happy at Sasha Shangri-la and that we’ll see lots more of you in the future.
    And also, a mention for the gorgeous little Audrey, who is a stunning little brunette 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. I like this outfit made by Karen very much. It is different having the light blue background color for the candy canes and I also like the courduroy of her jacket cut on a diagonal with the lovely silver buttons. The white collar buttons in the back. A nice outfit. 🙂

      Thank you too for mentioning Audrey. She is one of my very favorite girls and her petiteness really shows next to her taller sister. Her wide face just gets to me every time. 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you DollMum for the lovely comments. I am really happy to finally have Hannah home. Hopefully, I will have her restrung soon. It is much easier on my nerves to have Sashas with good stringing and know they will stand on their own! 🙂 xxx

  3. Oh my! What a gorgeous early “graphic eye” Hannah is Ginger! You are so lucky to have such a very fine early example Sasha doll. Hannah and her sister Audrey are wonderful together. It seems they make a great team. It amazes me that the Sasha dolls are so unique, each one is different. Audrey is gorgeous also with her very desirable round head and those early soft brown eyes. I also love the light backdrops you use which enables us to get a real good look at these very pretty faces. Happy Holidays to you Ginger, and your clan as well.

    • Hi Cathy and thank you for the lovely comments. Hannah is a beautiful girl and a very special treat for me at Christmas. Miss Audrey won my heart when I first saw her on Shelly’s site. I just love her dear little wide face. Those 68 children really are very wonderful. ❤

      I am also amazed at the variety of Sasha dolls and the way they look. Even those made in the same year have unique personalities and are so different from one another especially in the earlier years of production. It really makes the collecting of Sashas interesting and just plain fun! 🙂

      Thank you for the happy holiday greetings too and I wish you a wonderful Christmas season with your family and your Sasha clan! 🙂 xxx

  4. Hannah, you are a very beautiful girl, I love your graphic eyes! I am glad that one of my favourite girls at the farm was there to meet you, it has been lovely looking at all the lovely photos of you and your new sister Audrey. x

  5. Hannah and Audrey are both so lovely they take my breath away, You are lucky, Ginger, to have such a happy Sasha crowd to keep you busy. Wishing you, your family, and all of your Sasha clan a very merry Christmas.

    • Thank you Anne! I agree, I am very lucky to have a Sasha family that I so dearly love. They bring me a lot of joy. ❤

      Merry Christmas Anne and happy tidings to you, your family and to your Sasha family. 🙂 xxx

  6. What a rare and beautiful 1966 graphic eyed girl Hannah is. A superb ending…(or is there still a Christmas doll to come???) to a wonderful collection of Sasha Dolls that have found their way into your lovely ‘dollie’ home. during the twelve months of 2015.
    You have gathered together a most interesting group of these dolls to live under one very caring roof. Each doll being introduced and warmly welcomed into the fold by a brother or sister already living there.
    Here in the Sasha Brood we have a very similar girl but she if a FCP Dungaree girl compared to yours, who we believe, is a Ballerina beauty. (I noticed that you mentioned that the delightful Christmas themed sugar-cane dress was ready waiting for her so did she come to you in her original ballet outfit?)
    Like the others I’m very taken with Audrey, a really pretty wide faced 1968 Gingham. (My very favourite of the Sasha hair/eye combinations.)
    It is interesting to note their startling height differences here so I’m wondering if the two year old torso moulds were completely re-vamped along with the newly intoduced facial philtrum moulds ….as I’ m also aware of the shorter arm lengths from 1968. onwards. I’ve usually automatically put my 1966 and 67 girls in my slighty longer length outfits just as a matter of course knowing that they tend to look better overall in these.
    (Must check my information books when I have a spare minute or twol)
    Many thanks to you both (and your mummy) for the weeks best wishes.,
    PS Will Hannah be having her very own soft toy at Christmas then as I noticed that she wasn’t given it here today?

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for the lovely comments which always are a joy to read. I think Hannah is the last doll for 2015 which has been a great year here at Sasha Shangri-La as well as a robust year for Sasha adoptions. I am really happy with each Sasha adoption this year though it is a challenge to keep up with them! Having brothers and sisters to serve as a welcoming committee is very helpful to me and the Sasha clan. 🙂

      Hannah arrived is a gray dress that was newer and not her best color. I had set aside Karen’s dress for her in anticipation of paying for her in full before Christmas. She is also loosely strung so I am being very careful with her until I can remedy that problem. Hannah does have a full center part and I read in Susanna’s book that the early redheads all had full center parts. I thought she might be a ballerina girl too. I will try a ballerina outfit on her soon made by Ruth Briggs. My only Trendon ballet outfit is not an early one and is missing the shoes I think. I hope to play with the dolls a lot over the holidays since I will have time off from work. That is the best gift for me…to be home with family and to have time to relax. 🙂

      Audrey is noticably petite next to Hannah. At first I thought it was the doll stand that was adding the height but Hannah just towered over Audrey without the stand. I have to say that I really like Audrey’s petite size very much and with her wide face and beautiful eyes, Audrey is one of my most favorite Sashas. ❤

      Oh yes, Hannah will have a soft toy and Audrey had it wrapped but Hannah wanted to wait until Christmas to open it. Sounds like fun on Christmas day! 🙂 xxx

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