A Bright Star at Sasha Shangri-La

1.  Oh joy, I caught a glimpse of a bright light. Look, a tag that shines!

2.  A lovely silvery shine that causes the heart to quicken and brings a smile to the face. 🙂

3.  This bright girl recently came to live with us here at Sasha Shangri-La. I am so happy to introduce Brigitte to you. She is a studio doll created in Sasha’s studio in Switzerland. 🙂


4. Finally, having a day without rain, I was able to take photos outdoors. I wanted to take close-up photos so you could see the face painting by Sasha Morgenthaler. ❤

5.  I absolutely love this beautiful girl. ❤

6. Sweet Brigitte. 🙂

7.  Brigitte’s beautiful outfit was made by Brigitte Schwitter. 🙂

8.  I love the soft color of the corduroy. ❤

9.  Brigitte knitted the wool socks and made the leather shoes. 🙂

10.  Very nice matching pants. 🙂

11.  Brigitte. ❤

12.  Brigitte again. I wanted to show her from different angles or sides. Do you have a favorite photo of Brigitte?

I have numbered the photos to help you to select a favorite one or two. 🙂

13.  I think Brigitte is a star!

14.  Brigitte’s other side. 🙂

15.  My girl. ❤

16.  I  hope you have enjoyed meeting Brigitte. 🙂

17.  I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Brigitte for making my girl such a lovely outfit.  (Also,  I have ordered an outfit from Ruth of Ruthsdolls as a surprise Christmas present for Brigitte. Shhhhhh..don’t tell her! 😉

18.  Brigitte and I want to thank you for visiting with us today. 🙂

19.  Brigitte is very happy to be here with her brothers and sisters. She is a very outgoing and happy girl. 🙂

20.  Brigitte and I are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the weekend and the week to come. 🙂 xxx

A waterlogue image of Brigitte. ❤

Note: The poor baby stuck in a bottle is now safe and sound and out of the bottle. More to come! 🙂

22 thoughts on “A Bright Star at Sasha Shangri-La

  1. Welcome Brigitte , what a little beauty you are. And so beautifully dressed by your name sake. I love the photo’s 3 and 11 plus the water colour at the end.
    What a lovely addition to the family and just in time for Christmas, congratulations on your new girl Ginger :)xxxx

  2. Brigitte is a real treasure Ginger! Congrats to you for having such a very fine example Studio girl! I especially love her very unique coloring. Her deep skin color with the blond hair and almost ochre eyes is a wonderfully pleasing combination. I hope to see more of your lovely Brigitte showing off her outfit by Ruth. I also ordered two from Ruth for my Course Kids. Perhaps I can talk Shelly into changing into something new too.

    • Thank you Cathy! I am glad you like her too! Brigitte will be back soon with her other new outfit. I look forward to seeing your dolls in your new outfits. If Shelly is able to try one on, that would be very nice! 🙂 xxx

  3. Brigitte is breath taking Ginger, I just love her eyes, in fact her whole demeanour. Her dress, pants, socks and shoes are all so perfect and beautifully made by her names sake too. I think my favourite photos are numbers 5 and 11, I couldn’t choose between them.

      • We have been a bit stir crazy too but today it is bright and the hurricane winds have abated! I am glad Brigitte got the chance to see the farm, I am sure she is very happy with her new prospect!

  4. Dear Ginger,

    Emma and I are your exchange partners. Your gift has been delayed 😢. Our dog ate part of Finn’s gift. Probably as unbelievable to you as it was to me. Anyway, we have finished remaking it and should have your package mailed tomorrow. In other news, your gift arrived here on Friday. Ana and Kira are very excited!

    Merry Christmas, Julie

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Julie and Merry Christmas! Please do not worry about the delay. You have made my day and I really laughed out loud thinking of your dog eating part of your gift. We have had our share of dogs chewing the wrong things over the years. I am sure it was not funny to you but it brought back happy memories for me since our dog that chewed the very most has passed on now and her memories are happy ones. I am glad the box arrived too! Ho Ho Ho!!! 🙂 xxx

  5. Brigitte is certainly a ‘Star of wonder, Star of light, Star with royal beauty bright!’ (lyrics taken from the carol ‘We Three Kings of Orient Are.’
    Sasha’s CI and CIII are my favourite of her studio doll forms and face moulds. (My two studio girls are these.) Did you know that it was from the facial I mould like Brigitte’s, that the Gotz No-noses originally stemmed from.
    Loving Brigitte’s overall hair, skin and eye colour and her fine cord dress enhances these so well. Really pretty hairstyle too.
    One of my studio girls, the farmchild, has two of Ruth’s beautiful smocked checked dresses… plus a warm woollen coat to wear this winter.
    Thanks for this week’s good wishes. I shall certainly be needing them as haven’t even started on my Christmas preparations and am definitely struggling with thinking and designing a Sasha based Xmas card. Might even already be too late to have one this year!

  6. Oh thank you Kendal, I absolutely love the carol “We Three Kings of Orient Are” and Brigitte is a star of light to me. I am still getting to know her and must have stars in my eyes since I failed to put her details in the post. I appreciate you writing about her face mold I and her C body. She is also made of hard plastic. I had read that this face mold was the one used for the no-nose or button nose dolls. It is a wonderful mold. 🙂

    Brigitte’s hair seemed to ask to be put into bunches. It was separated when she arrived and on the thin side so into bunches it went. I hope to buy a coat one day for her I have one green wool duffle coat but it is Gwennie’s coat and it would be nice to have one for Brigitte.

    I wish you the very best with your creation of a Sasha Christmas card. I am certain it will be lovely and would not be diminished if received after Christmas. Perhaps more of a Happy New Year’s greetings. 🙂 xxx

  7. What an absolutely beautiful girl Brigitte is, I absolutely love her whole look! I really think she’s a gem, and wasn’t able to choose a favourite photo as she really does look good from all angles!
    I am so happy for you Ginger, no-one deserves this super girlie more than you do!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Hi Sharon and thank you very much! I am happy you like Brigitte and her outfit too. I could not pick one photo either thinking she does not have a “bad” side or even a “better” side like they say of some movie stars! LOL…. Thank you too for the lovely complement dear Sharon. I had hoped to have a studio doll one day with the “C” body and now I have one. I could not love her more if I tried! ❤ xxx

  8. A super girl Ginger, what a wonderful pre Christmas arrival. She looks beautiful in her lemon corduroy dress with little leather shoes and socks. How lovely you were able to get outside to photograph her – no chance of that here at the moment! I am sure she is a very welcome and much loved addition to your amazing family.

    • Hi Lorraine! Thank you so much for writing and Brigitte is a birthday, Christmas, and many other happy days present to me. I am glad to introduce her now and hope to get a holiday photo or two of her. We were so lucky to have two sunny days over the weekend. At this time of year, you never know what you will find yourself with weather-wise. During the week, I drive to work and drive home from work both in the dark so my photo taking is greatly limited. A sunny weekend day is the very best time to take photos at Sasha Shangri-La! 🙂 xxx

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