A New Life for a Wonderful Waif

I recently adopted a dear waif that Ellen Church offered on behalf of a friend. This now pretty girl was purchased new years ago for the daughters of Ellen’s friend.  How wonderful! (The next four photos were taken by Ellen ).

This waif was pulled from a toy box and was in a very played-with condition.  No one wanted her any more. 😦

Well, it was this girl’s lucky day when Ellen Church came to visit! Ellen took her home, washed and conditioned her hair and sent her to Pat Pellerito for tear repairs and restringing.  The quality of life is greatly improving for this early Gotz girl. 🙂


So, this sweet girl is now clean and can stand. Her hair is very good and not dried out though it is thinning on top and has some cutting too.  Ellen combed it to the side and placed a perfect, heart shaped clip in her hair.  Ellen’s Sasha dolls are always dressed so beautifully and perfectly presented and this girl is no exception. ❤

Isn’t she beautiful?  I named her Frieda. Thank you Ellen! ❤

When Frieda arrived here at Sasha Shangri-La, she was very shy. She is hiding behind the lovely card that Ellen put in with Frieda’s things. ❤

Peek-a-Boo Frieda, I see you! 🙂

Frieda turned her card over and said “Look, here is a photo of me!   Yes, that is you my dear one. 🙂

Ellen dressed her beautifully in a Ruthsdolls dress, pinafore, and socks that are perfect for Frieda and her beautiful coloring. She is wearing her original brown shoes. 🙂

Frieda brought with her the brown cord dress and a green dress too. (Ellen’s photo)

Underneath, Frieda wears the most lovely hand crocheted underwear. (Ellen’s photo)

A close up photo of the beautiful Ruthsdolls outfit. ❤

As a welcoming gift, I gave Frieda a Sashapotamus surprise!

She is so excited and looks inside her bag. 🙂

“What is it Mommy?”  Look inside the tissue paper my dear Frieda. ❤

“Oh my Mommy! New shoes and they match my dress!” “Oh thank you Mommy!”  You are very welcome my dear one. ❤

Frieda put her new shoes on and they are just the right size.  “Oh Mommy, I love them! ❤

“Mommy, I feel so pretty!”  You are very pretty my sweet Frieda. ❤

So dear Frieda has been lovingly restored and beautifully redressed to begin her new life. 🙂

Hello Frieda. 🙂

Frieda, early Gotz
We are so happy You have joined the Sasha Shangri-La family. 🙂

Happy feet! 🙂

Happy girl! 🙂

Frieda and I want to thank you for visiting with us. We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week to come! 🙂 xxx

A couple of waterlogue images for you to enjoy. ❤

Hug a Sasha today! 🙂 xxx

14 thoughts on “A New Life for a Wonderful Waif

  1. What a very special story Ginger, I love how Frieda has been styled by Ellen and those little Sashapotamus shoes are the finishing touch. She is such a sweetie and I’m sure with your love and attention she will overcome her shyness!

    • Thank you Janet! I am becoming a waif lover Janet though so much about Frieda is not waifish at all. I think she is just lovely. 🙂 I am glad you like her new shoes too. I do not think she will ever take them off! She is a dear girl and already is meeting her sisters and they are having a great time! ❤ xxx

      • My waifs are just so precious to me; to love a forgotten, well loved toy once more is such a pleasure. It sparks my imagination too, thinking about their former lives and all the things they have witnessed.

    • Hi Lorraine and thank you. I agree that she looks very pretty in the dress that Ellen selected for her to wear. The shoes were just perfect for her and they really brightened her day! It is so nice to have her here with us on the Farm. 🙂 xxx

  2. Welcome Lovely Frieda, I am so glad Ellen saved you from the toy box and helped you back to health so that you could come and live at Sasha Shangri La with your new Mummy and family.
    Your dress is beautiful and the perfect colour with your lovely red hair and what gorgeous shoes to welcome you and complete your outfit.
    I am sure once you have settled in you will lose some of your shyness and be just as chatty as the rest !
    Aunty Dee :)xx

    • Hi Aunty Dee! I am a lucky girl to have so many people that have loved me and taken care of me and now I have a new family. I am meeting my sisters and getting to know them so I am beginning to feel at home. 🙂

      Thank you for the lovely comments about my dress and new shoes. I feel very special in my pretty dress and I hope I can wear my new shoes forever! Bye bye! 🙂 xxx

  3. What a lovely new girl arrives at Sasha Shangri-La! She has the sweetest face and the aqua dress is just perfect for her and her colouring. What a bit of luck that not only was Frieda rescued by Ellen but now she has found her way into your wonderful family Ginger. She is a very very lucky girl 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you very much and I agree that Ellen selected the beautiful outfit for Frieda, a perfect color! I feel very lucky to adopt this dear sweet girl and she is our only slate eyed redhead. A wonderful addition! ❤ xxx

  4. I always adore it when you come across a doll that has been well loved by her former young owner/s. You immediately realise that this doll will fit straight into your life and family to carry on being cherished and cared for without even the slightest complaint about their being a waif amongst mintier dolls, as they already know the true meaning of love and being loved.
    Though with all her recent care and attention and beautiful outfit Frieda certainly doesn’t resemble a waif in any shape, form or description.
    Her new shoes from you are pure perfection with that outfit and which means that her original brown Mary-Janes can be stored away carefully with her own brown cord dress.
    Thinking that this is a ‘win-win’ situation alround!

    • Oh Kendal, I was thrilled to adopt this well-loved girl and in my mind I could just see her left in a toy box and patiently waiting to be rescued. I am thankful to Ellen for giving her the very best of care including her outreach to Pat for important repairs. What a journey Frieda has had and now she lives as a beloved member of a big family here on the farm, Sasha Shangri-La. A happy addition! 🙂

      Thank you for the very kind comments. I am with you, she no longer look like a waif but is now a sweet, beautiful Sasha. It is wonderful to see what good hands can do with our Sashas. Yes, her brown shoes are safely stored with her brown cord dress. Isn’t it nice that she has her original dress and shoes? Though I do not think those “aqua ice” shoes will be off of her feet any time soon. ❤ xxx

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