Another Brunette Boy Comes to Stay……Poor Dear

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to find the dear little waif 1967 NP brunette boy on ebay. I was drawn to his amazing eyes and the ding on his sweet nose, and other dings too, did nothing to decrease my admiration for him so I took the plunge and bought him!  I have always had a soft spot in my heart for waifs and this boy went straight to my heart full speed ahead!  He arrived yesterday and I love him, dings and all. ❤

This is his ebay photo and he is wearing a later Sasha outfit that I have always thought of as a girl’s outfit though it is probably not neccesarily so. The striped swimsuit is in the bag. 🙂

Here he is waving hello right out of the box.  What a nice and happy lad. 🙂

Hello there dear one! ❤

First things first….this dear little waif boy desperately needed a bath. He was quite grubby plus he was a bit stinky….in fact, he was a lot stinky!  Not a cigarette smoke smell but just a stored for a very long time kind of smell. 😦

Of course, I said nothing to him about his cleanliness or lack there of since we are getting to know one another and not wanting to offend him.  After all, it is not his fault that was discarded and hidden away for a long time. 😦

He became excited and I think removing his clothes was very liberating and he was feeling very spry!  So, I explained to him that he was going to take a bath. 🙂

This dear, well worn waif then asked me, “Mummy, what is a bath?” I at once realized that he had not been bathed before today, not ever! So off to the bathroom we went to boldly accept this new adventure. 🙂

So we made it a fun time with not too hot water and lots of bubbles. And he carefully waded in and took it slowly.  I could tell this experience was new to him but he seemed to like it. 🙂

After his tubby time and a good scrub, we suds-up his wonderful jet black hair. ❤

Oh my, what a sweet boy.  Be still my heart! ❤

Time for a good rinsing. 🙂

All done now and not a strand of hair was lost in the process. Plus, he likes taking a bath too! 😉

So now he is quietly resting and is much, much cleaner plus his hair and body smell so nice. I think he is ready for a nap and he did say “Mummy, I am so sleepy.” He is probably dealing with some jet lag too coming over the pond in a padded box for a couple of weeks. I gave him a little kiss and said “Sleep my dear one, you are much loved here.” He then hugged me and whispered his name to me….”I am Bronson”. I smiled and said ” I love you my dear Bronson.”

Thank you for visiting with us here at Sasha Shangri-La.  I hope you liked this post and this is a Waterlogue image of Bronson for you to enjoy.  Bronson and I both are sending you warm hugs and happy wishes for the weekend and week to come. 🙂 xxx

21 thoughts on “Another Brunette Boy Comes to Stay……Poor Dear

  1. What a gorgeous lad he is Ginger ! I do love the waif’s 🙂 and he is a darling one. So glad you gave him a home where he was not made to feel unclean but encouraged to enjoy his first bath followed by some quiet time.
    Another lovely addition to your family :)xxx

    • Thank you Dee! What a special feeling it is to “rescue” a waif and though Bronson is still far from minty, he took a good step today towards improvement by cleaning up well and enjoying his bath. I look forward to dressing him and his meeting the other boys here on the farm. The other new boy Brodie was watching intently. Brodie is probably wondering why he has not had a bath yet! 😉 I am very blessed! 🙂 xxx

  2. Yes, I agree that you are ‘blessed!’
    Bronson ia a really handsome lad and love the fact that he looks as though he’s been ‘in the wars’ due to a previous active and adventurous life…..just as these dolls should be! Well, they were MADE for PLAYING with!
    Looking forward to seeing how you dress him and the time when he gets his pet dog and meets his brothers (….and sisters?)
    Bath times are such fun and I have to admire your lack of hestitation when it comes to brunette hair washing!
    Many thanks for your’s and Bronson’s hugs and good wishes for the weekend and following week.

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for your comments. I always look forward to hearing your thoughts and I appreciate the reminder that our dear Sashas were made to be playthings! Bronson is certain to have had a very active play life at one time and I wonder if he, like many boys, had been quite a fighter. He has managed to survive pretty well the past 48 years. 🙂

      I think I am more at ease with the waifs when I dress them and photograph them. If they have a tumble or if a fingernail grazes them, it is not a big deal. The minty dolls require me to be extra careful when I handle them. I try to keep them in the good condition that they come in. 🙂

      Bronson will be meeting family members soon and will have his own special puppy. I did test his hair with a comb first and it was not fragile and no strands came out from the combing. His hair is just like Jessie’s hair (67 NP wide faced brunette with bobbed hair girl) in its texture and color. Both of them have great hair. I think that would be a great photo to show those two together! 🙂 xxx

  3. What a sweet boy Ginger! And a great find!
    Well maybe he was a bit stinky on his arrival but boys will be boys I guess! I’m glad he enjoyed his bath and is settling in, he’s very handsome and even more so now that he’s all shiny clean 🙂

    • Thank you Sharon! I agree with you and I think Bronson might be a bit of a rough and tumble boy by the looks of his scratches and dings. The bath was very helpful and he does look much better now. ❤ xxx

  4. He is a super boy, not much of a waif in my eyes, he looks too good to be a waif, but rather an adventurous boy who knows how to enjoy himself 🙂 What a really great addition to the family. There is something about cleaning up a dirty doll that makes them that much special – having to give them a bit of love and attention that they might not have had in some time. Brings out their character.

    • Thank you Lorraine. Bronson certainly looks better after his bath. His nose ding doesn’t seem to stand out very much now but his gorgeous eyes and his nice hair do grab the attention. I agree that cleaning a doll is a special time and I really enjoyed the water and putting the suds in his hair. A great time with this dear boy. 🙂 xxx

  5. He looks very happy to be there in his new home and so he should be – he’s had his first bit of pampering in nearly 50 years ! He’s really special and I’m glad he found you to take care of him 🙂 xx

    • Hi Linda! I think he is very happy now with his clean body and hair plus he smells so nice! Thank you very much for the lovely comments. I think he is special too and I am so very happy that he is here! 🙂 xxx

  6. What a heart warming post Ginger and what an experience for Bronson having his first bubble bath. The photos are lovely and I can tell he has really captured your heart. I really loved the Waterlogged painting at the end too, nice touch! ❤

    • Thank you Janet. Bronson is a “new” boy now that he is clean and smells nice. I am glad you enjoyed this post and he has captured my heart entirely! It is so much fun to find a special doll and especially a waif! 🙂 xxx

      • My heart is also with the waifs Ginger, I think I love them most because they have been loved so much in their lifetime. They have so much more to tell us than a truly mint doll!

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