Wonderful Mini Trip to Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati with Heidi and Laura
On Saturday, September 19th, I traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to meet Laura Ward on our planned mini trip to attend the Triple Crown Doll Show scheduled to be held at the Radisson hotel and to begin at 10:00 am on Sunday, September 20th. We were so happy that Heidi Wheeler met us for dinner Saturday night and this photo was taken by Laura from the 18th floor of our hotel where the 360 Restaurant tops the hotel building. I am on the left and Heidi is on the right side of the photo. The bright outside light dimmed our faces a bit. 🙂

The restaurant actually rotates slowly while you eat and so your panoramic view is a full 360 degrees. The river in the background is the Ohio River which eventually flows into the Mississippi River. The tall buildings in the background are in downtown Cincinnati and our hotel is located in Covington, Kentucky. The Ohio River separates the states of Ohio and Kentucky in this area.

It was wonderful to see Heidi and catch up on life events and talk about Sasha dolls too. The food was scrumptious too! 🙂

68 boy

I made two purchases at the doll show on Sunday. The first purchase was made early on and almost immediately upon arriving at the doll show. I spied this amazing 1968 Trendon Brunette boy and snatched him up quickly. He is in minty condition and looks like his clothes have not ever been removed and he retains his plain back, gold wrist tag. His white leather sandals are both for left feet!  But I just bet his is an excellent dancer in spite of the mismatched sandals! 😉  His hair is nice and stable too. But, the most amazing thing about this boy is that his beautiful, hand painted brown eyes have radiating irises! I have never seen this in person and only in a single photograph prior to finding this dear boy. 🙂

68 boy radiating iris
Laura took this close up photo of him using her cell phone camera. It does show the painting of his eyes very well. 🙂

68 boy by bedside
Here he is standing on my bedside table and Gertie and Lizzie are standing behind him. He is shorter than they are and really a petite boy. I have yet to name him but will soon. ❤

doucet pram
My second purchase was this dear little Doucet pram which is in very good condition. The canopy and cover are navy blue and not black as the photo may suggest. I purchased the pram from a dear man at the doll show and he was very kind and witty too. I really enjoyed talking with him and so many other nice people at the show. Anne Votaw was also there and it was so nice to see her. 🙂

I also won two dolls that were helpers or raffled dolls.  Very exciting to win a doll, isn’t it?  One doll was a Madame Alexander “Puddin” doll and the other an Ashton Drake doll with a teddy bear. 🙂

This post is very short and, since I am very tardy posting on my blog, I thought it best to just focus on the doll show finds and the wonderful dinner with Laura and Heidi. I wish I had a photo of Laura but missed that opportunity. I will do better next time, watch out Laura! 🙂

Thank you for visiting the blog and I hope you enjoyed this abbreviated post. I will post again soon and have photos of a few dolls that I adopted from Laura during our mini trip. Have a wonderful week everyone! 🙂 xxx

21 thoughts on “Wonderful Mini Trip to Cincinnati, Ohio

    • Hi Anne! We had a wonderful time and plan to attend next year too. It was so nice to see you again and I have not forgotten our discussion about a festival display next year. I am very excited about your great idea for the festival! Thank you for writing! 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Heidi! Yes, it was just wonderful to see you and a great trip all around! I missed seeing you at the show but I knew you had family plans. I hope we can get together again very soon. Thank you for writing! 🙂 xxx

  1. Lovely to see your wonderful boy and your IMMACULATE pram Ginger but for me the nicest thing is the pic of you and Heidi my friends enjoying yourselves! Love to you all xx

    • Hi Sarah and thank you! The pram is great and the pillow case will just need a bit of a soaking and the inside will be just as nice as the outside. It was so very special to see Sasha friends and spend time together. I am sending love to you too dear friend. ❤ xxx

  2. LOL! I managed to skate from the photos this time 😉 I just love these mini trips we make and the fun we have talking and staring at our dolls. Always a great time. That restaurant was excellent!! Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Hi Teresa! We did have a great time! I wish you could have been there with us too! I so hope to meet you one day soon. I am trying to attend the Sasha Celebration next May and hope to meet you there! ❤ xxx

  3. I just LOVE these mini gatherings with Sasha friends…..and especially if there is an opportunity to have a little (well, rather a big one, in your case here!) Sasha spend involved!
    Heidi is always so much fun to be with…. (as I’m sure that Laura was although I haven’t actually met her as yet!)
    Fab. new Gregor although he made me sad as he was so similar with his eye painting as my recently and very regettfully sold on one.
    Super pram too. Bet that the girls will be fighting as to who gets tthe first push.

    • Hello Kendal, I really enjoyed the doll time in Cincinnati and it was extra special to have Sasha friends there too. It was a lot of fun! Thank you for the lovely comments about the new boy and the pram. They were a delightful and most unexpected surprise! 🙂

      We will have to see which girls will be first in line for a pram push! All of them are interested of course! Sounds like a good subject for a future post! ❤ xxx

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time Ginger, and how fabulous to also meet up with some dear friends. That pram looks to be in amazing condition, what a great find that was, and as for the boy…what can I say? You know how much I love the boys and he is extra special with those wonderful eyes, what a treasure!

    • Hi Lorraine, yes it was great fun and a wonderful way to spend dolly time. The pram is in great condition and the boy is too! Just a wonderful surprise that you don’t often find at a doll show. It was my lucky day at the doll show and my lucky weekend too having such great fun with dear friends! 🙂 xxx

  5. A lovely looking new boy Ginger, I do so love the 68’s and also the petite dolls! Sounds like a great find 🙂 His eyes are fab and he looks so sweet :)The little Doucet pram is in beautiful condition and a lovely find.
    How great to have also met up with a few friends to have a little doll time as well as attending the doll fair. Looks like you all had a lovely time :)xxx

    • Thank you Dee! He is a great find and the 68 children are really so nice to find. 🙂 It was great to see Laura, Heidi and Anne again and the drive was very reasonable too, only 3 hours away! Great friends, Great food, and Great dolls, the very best of times! ❤ xxx

  6. Looks like you had a lovely time dear Ginger and that is one very handsome Gregor you’ve adopted there! Love those eyes, never seen those before, they’re very pretty. And a great pram too…your girls are going to be delighted with that I’m sure!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Hi Sharon! It was a wonderful time in Cincinnati! Thank you for the lovely compliments for Brodie. I had not seen those eyes either except in photos. It was a very unexpected but delightful find. The pram was a great find too. All of the girls want to push the pram. We will see how many get a chance. 🙂 xxx

  7. It sounds like a dream trip with good friends too and some lovely finds at the doll show. What amazingly unusual eyes on your new boy and the pram is super.
    In 2008 we had the wonderful experience of the revolving restaurant at the top of the Schildhorn in Switzerland (where they filmed a James Bond movie in 1968) – the view over the mountains (Eiger, Munch and Jungfrau) from the restaurant is completely and utterly breathtaking. You reach it via 3 cable cars – the trip from the Lauterbrunnen valley is amazing too.

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