Please meet Lizzy, Gertie’s Sister

Some of you may have seen this lovely photo taken by Janet Myhill Dabbs and posted on facebook. Janet hand painted this lovely girl and gave her a new life! She had previously been a Pintucks girls with a bobbed wig and overall needing a lot of help. Janet gave her a spa treatment, a new pintucks wig dyed to this delicious new chestnut  color, restrung her, and created the gorgeous outfit you see her wearing in the photo. This new girl’s name is Lizzy. ❤
Lizzy and Edith
Gertie was so excited about meeting her new sister Lizzy. Gertie was looking and relooking at her photos and especially this photo of Lizzy taken with her twin, Edith. ❤

So, a week or so later, Lizzy arrived at Sasha Shangri-La and this photo is the first photo taken of Lizzy with Gertie. 🙂

Gertie and Lizzy together. I braided Lizzy’s hair because I love braids so very much. Braids remind me of when I was a little girl and they also remind me of my Mom who wore braids most of her childhood. Her braids were captured in many old photos that I now treasure dearly. ❤

An up close photo of Gertie and Lizzy. 🙂

Gertie brought her dear ragbaby, a gift from Edith and Janet, to share with Lizzy and help her to feel at home. 🙂

Lizzy was so happy to hug the ragbaby. 🙂

Lizzy presented a gift from Edith to Gertie.

Gertie was so happy to receive this handmade sling shot and bag with ammunition! Gertie wants to practice her accuracy on Dad’s firing range one day soon. 😉

A delightful and thoughtful gift from Edith and so very special with a forked twig from Gertie’s homeland in the UK. Thank you so very much Edith and Mommy Janet too! 🙂

A touch of the hand and a tender moment between sisters. ❤

Much love between these two dear sisters. ❤

Now, let’s look at a few photos of just Lizzy. Janet used vintage William Morris fabric. I love this pinafore and its lovely, muted colors. ❤

Her clogs are woolen and have a nice accent of an embroidered pattern. 🙂

A close up of Lizzy to better see her eyes and I love those freckles too! ❤

Dear Lizzy ❤

Lizzy again. 🙂

I think Lizzy will love her new home here at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤

Gertie rejoins her sister. 🙂

A nice, full view of the happy pair. 🙂

In parting, a watercolor (computer generated) of Lizzy for you to enjoy. Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoyed this post! Lizzy, Gertie and I are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week to come! 🙂 xxx

12 thoughts on “Please meet Lizzy, Gertie’s Sister

  1. Another beauty to join the Shangri-La household – she has had a stunning make over.

    Henry will be so jealous of the sling shot – he so coveted Janet’s girl Lottie when she came to stay with him in 2013!

    • Thank you Lorraine! I agree, her make over is fantastic! Gertie was so happy getting that sling shot! Plus there is not shortage of “targets” here on the farm with the firing range targets, old tree stumps, plus Rick has archery targets out now getting ready to practice. Maybe Gertie will join in with him! Please give our hugs to Henry! 🙂 xxx

  2. This is another magical post Ginger, I have so enjoyed reading the story of our dear Lizzy. She looks so cute in braids and now I know why that style is so dear to your heart. I am so pleased Gertie liked the slingshot, Edith was worried it was a bit boyish for her but as she gets so much fun from hers she felt Gertie would get hooked! I am glad there are lots of things to aim at on the farm. Lizzy had some practice whilst here too so she could show Gertie the technique. Edith and me send tons of kisses to the girls and of course their mum xxx

    • Oh thank you Janet! I am happy and relieved too that you like her braids. 🙂 The sling shot is a big hit here on the Farm and the boys are lining up for it so I hope Edith is okay that Gertie will be sharing the much coveted sling shot! 😉

      Gertie and Lizzy are sending you and Edith tons of kisses too! 🙂 xxx

  3. OH! I hadn’t realised that this latest customised girl by Janet was to be a sister for Gertie! How marvellous is that? Aren’t you the lucky ones? I’m ‘dead’envious but hopefully I’ll beable to get a ‘Gertie’ of my own asap.

    Now I’m in a bit of a quandry as to which hair and eye colourings I like the best when I see these two girls together but reckon that I had better stick to the original plan…. although the brunette hair/brown eyes has always been my favourite colourways of the Frido/Trendon dolls. Her freckles are just delightful.
    Very pretty pinafore and dress materials.
    Loving the ragdoll and catapult. Both fab. toys! I can but dream!
    Enjoy yourselves girls!

    • Thank you Kendal! I am so happy that you like Lizzy and her outfit and also her freckles! Yes, we are all very lucky to have Lizzy here with us! Gertie is much happier to have a sister with her. 🙂

      I am still amazed each time I see a new creation by Janet and her artistic expressions are inspired and wonderful to see. ❤ I am looking forward to seeing your custom doll by Janet when she arrives and joins your brood! It is very nice to have that to look forward to and she will be wonderful!!! 🙂 xxx

  4. I just love these pintucks girls that have had a make over by Janet. Lizzy is just plain gorgeous, I love their hair in the braids it just looks perfect like little girls enjoying playing, you could imagine them coming back from playing in the garden with one braid starting to unravel while their sister’s braid tie is about to fall off, with stray hairs around their grinning faces!
    I bet they would look great in dungarees and boots!
    I did see the photo Janet put on fb and my immediate thought was I wonder if she’s for Ginger!! Lol I loved her outfit too!

    Another lovely addition to your family Ginger, she is a perfect sister to Gertie :)xxx

    • Hi Dee! I love the pintucks girls too! The hair braids always warm my heart and I love to think of them playing in the garden as you described. I will dress them in dungarees next, what fun they are! Thank you for the lovely comments. 🙂 xxx

  5. What a lovely new girl to arrive with you there at Sasha Shangri-La, Ginger. You are getting quite the famly there! I love the new girls hair in what we usually call ‘plaits’, but same as braids of course. I am also a big fan of this style of hair, it looks so sweet and old fashioned. I have several of my dolls wearing plaits too 🙂
    I also like the fabric of her dress, very nice indeed.
    The girls look to be getting on famously, so hopefully they’ll now be inseparable and enjoy the new toys too….that slingshot or catapault as us Brits usually call them, is so cooooool!!!! (I mention the differences in names of items because Anne Votaw and I have been having a similar conversation this week!!!! The differences can cause a lot of good laughs!)

    • Hi Sharon and thank you! We call them plaits too! My grandmother always called them plaits and the times when she plaited my hair are now fond memories I have of the time we spent together. Very sweet. ❤

      The girls are never apart and the slingshot is so popular and the boys have it now! Gertie is happy to share with them. I enjoy the different names for the same things very much. We even have those differences here in the USA between different areas of the country. Very interesting! 🙂 xxx

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