Water, Water, and More Water, Water, Water…

We are experiencing extraordinary rainfall in July.  It has rained every day and many days we have had major downpours along with the expected thunder and lightening. I am reminded of the old saying “Rain, rain go away…come again some other day!” Since I am not able to take photos outdoors, I have been playing with a new computer application that transforms a photograph into a work of artistic expression. Specifically, this program creates a “water” color expression of a photo and I have to say that this “water” medium is most appropriate at this time and it is also a wink and a nod towards our dreary weather. 😉 So, making the best of a bad weather situation, I hope you have a substantial sized cup of tea and/or coffee to sip while you sit back, relax and view this substantial sized post.  I hope you enjoy these Sasha Shangri-La watercolor masterpieces. 😉 image Abby, an A1 early studio girl. ❤ image Amber, 1966 Gotz girl. ❤ image Sylvia, 1966 NP girl. ❤ image Heidi, Janet Myhill-Dabbs repaint, 1970’s Trendon girl. ❤ image Finn, 1967 NP boy. ❤ image Tink, Kelly Wenarsky repaint. ❤ image Gwennie, BIII studio girl. ❤ image Ryder, 1960’s Gotz straight nose boy. ❤ image Zoey, 1967 NP girl. ❤ image Claudia, 1968 Dungarees girl. ❤ image Smootch, Janet Myhill-Dabbs studio doll rendition. ❤ image Joy, 1966 NP girl. ❤ image Ellie and Betsy, 2001 Gotz toddlers (Ionas). ❤ ❤ image Drew, 1968 Trendon boy. ❤ image Briana, 1965 Gotz girl. ❤ image Gracie, studio bebe and Marie, BIII studio girl. ❤ image Jessie, 1967 NP girl. ❤ image Mae, 1966 Gotz girl. ❤ image Faith, 1968 fringe girl. ❤ image Emily, Trendon factory anomaly, blue eyed brunette. ❤ image Hazel, Gotz no navel girl. ❤ image Whitney, a glorious reroot with braiding by Sarah Willams. ❤ image Peg, Gotz no nose. ❤ image Jackie, 1970’s wide face gingham girl. ❤ image Course dolls with bebe Gracie. ❤ image Fozzie Bear with Lucy, Cassie Rogers repaint, Emma Flood reroot. ❤ image Kim, factory anomaly, a Gregor with lashes. ❤ image Trendon. ❤ image Rena, Gotz Yamka. ❤ image Adeline, 1967 NP girl. ❤ image Val, 1968 waif Trendon girl. ❤ image Brett, 1969 Trendon boy. ❤ image Casey, 1969 Dungarees girl. ❤ image Ebo, Shelly Baxter repaint. ❤ image Tilly, 1967 NP girl. ❤ image Fara, 1968 fringe girl. ❤ image Claire, BIII studio girl. ❤ image Chris, 1968 shorts boy. ❤ image Sarah, 1970 Gotz no navel girl. ❤ image Ellen, 1966-67 NP girl. ❤ image Avania, Kelly Wenarsky repainted baby. ❤ image Quinn, 1968 shorts boy. ❤ image Diana, 1965/66 Gotz girl. ❤ image Gertie, Janet Myhill-Dabbs repaint. ❤ image Gracie, studio bebe. ❤ image Mike, 1970’s Trendon boy. ❤ image Marcie, 1970 Gotz no navel. ❤ image Johhny, 2001 Gotz toddler (Erik) ❤ image Polly, Nikki repaint. ❤ image Chloe, 1966 NP girl. ❤ image Lewis, 1968 Trendon boy. ❤ image Duncan Hans, factory anomaly, blue eyed brunette boy. ❤ image Carney, 1966 NP girl. ❤ image Ben, BII studio boy. ❤ image Gertie again, Janet Myhill-Dabbs repaint. ❤ image Joey, 1970 PJ boy. ❤ image Briana again, 1965 Gotz girl. ❤ image Ryder again, Gotz straight nose boy. ❤ image Carney again, 1966 NP girl. ❤ image Max, Cassie Rogers repaint. ❤ image Nancy, 1980’s Shelly Baxter repaint. ❤ image Pearl, 1966 NP girl. ❤ image Tassie and Sammie, Cassie Rogers repaints. ❤ ❤ image A Sasha Gathering. ❤ image Little Dawn, 1960’s Gotz girl. ❤ image A peek at Gigi, a BIII studio girl soon to be introduced. ❤ image Kate, Janet Myhill-Dabbs studio rendition. ❤ image Ginny with llama, 1970’s gingham girl. ❤ image Finn and Chloe again. image Audrey, 1968 wide face girl. ❤ image Felix (Cassie’s NP boy) and Finn. image Jean, 1970’s bobbed hair girl. ❤ image Gertie again. ❤ image Pearl waving goodbye and sending lovely wishes for the week to come. We hope you have enjoyed this watery post though certainly not watered down. 😉 image A final photo of Rick and Shelby at the beach recently. Thank you for visiting us and please share any thoughts you may have or favorites too. 🙂 xxx

21 thoughts on “Water, Water, and More Water, Water, Water…

  1. WOW! ….Wow and wow again. Absolutely STUNNING/MAGNIFICENT! I had noticed this effect on your blog title photo on your last post and wondered just how you had done it.
    At the moment I just adore every single photo but perhaphs later in the week when I have a little more time I might be able to choose a few special favourites.

    • Hi Kendal and thank you very much! I am so happy you liked the “paintings” and there are a lot shown. I honestly could not decide which to leave off because I liked them all. So, I posted 98% of them and I think it came to 75 photos if I counted correctly. 🙂

      Please look again when you have the time. I am still trying to pick favorites myself. The program is called “Waterlogue” 🙂 xxx

      • Although I’m meant to be on my way to bed I couldn’t stop myself having another quick view. These are some of my favourites so far….Joy, Briana 1, Kim, Val, Whitney, two Ionas, Polly. Particularly like the full length ones especially when they are wearing the JJ sandals!

      • Thank you so much Kendal. I really like the full length views too. I was amazed at how the patterned sweaters and fabrics were captured in the watercolors. I love your choices! ❤ xxx

      • Had to take another look! As well as the above photos I also like….Mae, Peg, Lucy and FB, Tilly, Audrey, Jean, Gertie again and Pearl!
        (Thinking now that it might have been easier just to list the ones that I wasn’t so keen on.)
        PS My daughter says to tell you what a …..’Very lovely blog post!’

      • Oh Kendal, another round of excellent choices. Thank you! Please thank Chon for me for her lovely compliment. :). I cannot seem to get beyond Abby, the first watercolor. I have installed her photo as my screen saver. When I adjusted the screensaver from the “tile” mode to the “expand” mode, Abby’s photo transformed once again into an amazing watery essence and I cannot take my eyes from her. This has been a lovely experience for me. A very happy post! 🙂 xxx

  2. What an amazing effect this programme has on the photos! They are just so good, some you cannot get the nose to clearly but other are near perfect!.
    I love how it ‘paints ‘ their hair and features. Would be wonderful to be able to paint them truly in this fashion but hey! that app is a great thing to have. I may have to look into seeing if I can do this for some of my Sasha’s , these would look lovely printed and framed and place on a wall.
    Well done Ginger on this feast of water coloured Sashas and Gregors , thanks for sharing :)xxx

    • Hi Dee and thank you for the lovely comments. I was struck by the differences in the “painting” of the facial features and some photos interpreted the eyes in a way I did not care for so I did not save them. Others left the mouth off entirely which I did not particularly like. Overall, the “paintings” were very wonderful and I have always thought that I might try my hand at painting again. In High School, I was a fair artist but not great like some in my class who were majorly talented. So, maybe I will try again one day. 🙂

      I agree they would look so nice framed and also a greeting or note card. It is fun to have options! If you would like to send me a photo, I will watercolor it for you so you can see if you like it. Thank you again for your kind, supportive words! ❤ xxx

  3. What an incredible Art Exhibition Ginger! I have so enjoyed your gallery of watercolours. I hope the rain lets up soon for you but from my part I’m glad it kept you indoors to create!

    • Thank you Janet and it is a high compliment coming from you! I was so excited watching the water colors come about that it was hard to stop coloring the photos!

      I think we might have dry weather for most of today and tomorrow which will allow for some recovery. 🙂 xxx

  4. Ooohhhh I was only able to see the first photo as we have bad wi-fi signal strength at the moment so will have to come back another day when it is better and view the rest. If the first photo is anything to go by though, I will definitely enjoy this post!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx and hoping that your weather dries up a bit soon!

  5. I absolutely love it! What a perfect way to make the best of the wet weather! When it rains, make water color paintings! They are all beautiful and I very much enjoyed them. I’d hang several of those lovely masterpieces on my wall! I am so sorry that it has been so long since I’ve posted a comment. I have been mitigating disasters for the past few weeks and we were off-line for a few days too. I love your lovely new daughter Briana, and your heartfelt tribute to your mother was so full of love and beauty. Your mother taught you well, and I am so glad that she instilled the love of collecting dolls into your heart, and helped us all be able to share in your wonderful blog and enjoy your lovely Sasha Shangri-La family. Your new background is really pretty too.

    All our love to you and yours from Fern Woods. We are getting ready to take some summer pictures up here, but like you we are having a lot of rain and the wild garden (since I just haven’t had any time to even start taming it) is just too wet to take any outdoor photos. When I manage to get some passable ones, perhaps I will be able to send some out to all my blogging friends, at least until I have time to start my own blog.

    Keep enjoying your wonderful family; human, animal and doll, and thank you for some much appreciated sunshine.

    Elisabeth and the dolls at Fern Woods.

    • Hi Elisabeth and it is so nice to hear from you. I am happy you like the water colors and I had such a great time creating them in that new application. Our wifi has been in and out too depending on the intensity of any particular storm. My Ipad is also connected to the clouds or a satellite so I have kept a connection most of the time.

      I am so happy you like seeing Briana and the post honoring my Mother. Thank you for your encouraging words of support and also for the love coming from you and you Fern Woods family. I hope you photos turn out well and I want to encourage you to keep the faith about starting your blog. I have found it to be very fulfilling and I think you would too when you are ready. I hope your weather improves! 🙂 xxx

  6. What a great collection of watery arts you’ve created with the help of your computer. It is really interesting how the medium of (electronic) watercolour brings out the pensive expressions on the Sasha face, as we all know they are so very photogenic and of course artist created in the first place, translating the photos into watercolour emphasizes their thoughtfulness. The pictures are large though and take ages to download on my PC but resizing them for the web might reduce their impact.

    • Hi DollMum! Thank you and I agree the watercolors do bring out their individual expressions in a very special way. I thought it was particularly interesting to observe the studio doll images since they were painted by Sasha herself. It seemed to me that those images were very true to the studio doll’s appearance. ❤

      I am not savy enough to know the impact of resizing the images but if there is a next time, I will break it up into several posts. 🙂 xxx

  7. Ginger, the computerized watercolors are amazing — some better than others, but all good. My mother was a watercolorist and many of these Sasha pictures turned into watercolors look to be the “real” thing. I enjoyed looking at them.

    • Hi Anne! Thank you for the lovely comment about the watercolors. I am happy you enjoyed seeing them. I will show more watercolors again from time to time. I enjoyed watching the photos transform! 🙂 xxx

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