A Pearl on my Porch

Hello little one, have you lost your way?

I will help you find your way home. 😉

Do you remember where you came from dear one? ❤

“Hi, I think I have come a long way. My home was in the UK. Where I am today?” she politely asked. 🙂

That explains why I found you in a box on my porch Tuesday.  You were mailed to me from the UK.  You are now in the USA.

My dear girl, this is a farm known as Sasha Shangri-La.   I am your new Mummy and I will care for you.  Do you like your new outfit?

“Yes, I love this pretty dress and the shoes and socks fit me perfectly. Thank you so much dear Mummy” she sweetly said. ❤


Please meet my precious Pearl. She is a 1966 graphic eyed NP.   I am so lucky and so very happy (ga-ga happy) to add Pearl to the Sasha Shangri-La family. 🙂

More photos of sweet Pearl. ❤




Thank you for visiting us here on the farm.  I hope you enjoyed this post. Pearl and I both wish you a very wonderful weekend. 🙂 xxx

16 thoughts on “A Pearl on my Porch

  1. Pearl, you are a stunning little girl and I know you will be very happy at Sasha Shangri-La. I do hope you and mum have a lovely weekend too xxx ❤

    • Hi Auntie Janet! I think I will be very happy here. I am meeting new brothers and sisters and we are playing outdoors a lot so I can see how the land lays here. There are so many trees and birds and the air is very clean. Thank you for the lovely well wishes! ❤ xxx

      • It all sounds like a paradise Pearl, you are very lucky to now live there ❤ xxx

    • Thanks Ronnie! So glad you like her. Pearl was my grandmother’s middle name. Sort of old fashioned but I love it. <3. A rain cell just passed through and we need it! Should be a nice day. 🙂 xxx

  2. What a perfect and faultess real ‘Pearl’ (sea or fresh water?) you found on your doorstep… and ready to add to the ‘string of pearls’ you already have.
    See that you have decided to go for equal sizing rather than the graduated set then.
    This string of pearls must be getting to measure quite a length now and must be well within the insurance guidelines of being re-strung every two years….(more like every two months in your case!)
    Thanks for the weekend’s good weather wishes. I’m still busily sowing some rather belated Runner Bean seeds for me and my family. Hoping that it’s not too late for germination!

    • Oh thank you Kendal, she is a real “pearl” most definitely and I will say that she is a sea pearl considering her origin and place of birth. Though she is certainly land-locked now and at higher elevations too! I have gone for the equal sizing of pearls in this particular strand since the adding of toddlers and babies just doesn’t provide much of a proper graduation. They will have to be on a separate strand of pearls. 😉

      I hope your beans “take” and your sowing will lead to a tasty reaping this summer. Home grown vegetables are my favorite at every meal in the summer. They are the very best! ❤ xxx

  3. Welcome Pearl, you will love living at Sasha Shangri la with all the other lovely Sasha’s and Gregors.
    Your new dress is beautiful just like you and suits you very well. We look forward to seeing you on here when you can spare the time from playing.
    Sasha Village Clan xxxx

    • Thank you Auntie Dee! I think I will love it here too! So much to see and do. I am happy you like my dress. Mummy said that the little girl printed on the front reminded her of me! I love that! ❤ xxx

  4. What a beautiful girl Pearl is Ginger! She’s just gorgeous and those eyes! Lovely! I won’t add to the string of pearls comments as everyone has done that now and I can’t think of anything more to add there, but will say that she is a little GEM! 😉
    Big hugs and have a fantastic weekend yourself with your new girl!
    Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! I love your little GEM comment because Pearl is precious to me like a gem. It’s not every day that a Pearl is found waiting for me on the front porch. I am so fortunate and I love collecting and dressing Sashas! 🙂

      Thank you too for those big hugs and well wishes for the weekend. I am behind on my photography plans so hopefully, I will catch up some this weekend! Sweet but sometimes impatient, Gracie is about to take over my camera too if I don’t get on with it! ❤ xxx

  5. She’s Gorgeous!! What a treasure! I love her colouring, it really suits the outfit. I do love how some of them come home, rather disorientated from their travels. I think you’ve captured that in your photos perfectly! What a happy life your Pearl is going to have!

    • Hello there Verity-Kate! Thank you for the very kind comments for Pearl. Yes, she was indeed disoriented from her trip across the Pond. I was thrilled to remove her from her shell (box) and reveal the hidden beauty to the very kind blog readers such as yourself. Her coloring is also different than the others as well as her eye painting. I am very blessed! ❤ xxx

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