Claudia, a Refuge on a Frigid Day

Yesterday when I got in my car to drive to work, the temperature read -21 degrees on my car dashboard. It was the coldest day that I can ever remember in my 60 years on planet earth. Just before leaving for work, I heard a loud bang against our front window. The glass had just cracked on our double pane window.  A not welcomed sign of the day’s offerings.  My VW faithfully delivered me to my workplace forty minutes away as I forced my way in the dark and along the plowed, salt-stained roadways.  The punished roads were lined on both sides with high, mounded banks of snow and ice.  Nevertheless. I was present and on time for duty.

I share this journey because after I returned home some 10 hours later, I found great comfort dressing and photographing Sasha dolls.  It was dark so please excuse the fuzziness of the photos caused by limited light sources.  I hope you enjoy this post, a glimmer of light in our Sasha world.  This is the very special Claudia, a 1968 dungarees girl. She is wearing a wonderfully made outfit found on Shelly’s site. 🙂

The striped tights are warm and I love the black leather boots. ❤

Claudia came to me with her hair down and I styled it in bunches which seem to suit her well. So nice to have a full center part. 🙂

I hope you will notice the exceptional detailing on Claudia’s blouse. Her pleated skirt straps do cover up some of the blouse but the effect of the skirt is charming. 🙂

Claudia is very happy to model this outfit for us. 🙂

A closer view of the collar and Claudia’s eyes. 🙂

Another close view and you can see the pretty sleeves. 🙂

A full view. 🙂

A final and last look at Claudia’s face and brown eyes. Thank you for visiting us today. Please stay warm and be safe. Have a great weekend and week to come. 🙂 xxx

11 thoughts on “Claudia, a Refuge on a Frigid Day

  1. Not sure that I could cope living with such LOW MINUS temperatures as that! but know that I could definitely cope living with your beautiful Claudia any day.

    You seem to do very well with snapping up some most attractive outfits from the sales pages at Sashadolluk. I’m usually ‘first man too late’ with the ones that I like the best.

    Claudia looks bright and cheerful just like the weather that we have here in Cheshire today, clear bright blue skies (scattered with white fluffy clouds,) bright and warming brilliant sunshine….( but unfortunately still very COLD!)

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for the kind words for Claudia! I have had very good luck with Shelly’s site but I watch it faithfully. 🙂

      So nice that your day is sunny and bright! These artic temperatures are very extreme and very unexpected for us! It is snowing heavily again today and the roads are covered once more. But at least it is warmer with no more minus temperatures! More time for Sashas! 🙂 xxx

  2. To think I complain when it’s -5 and we have had some snow! I take my ‘Hat’ off to you Ginger for travelling such icy snowy freezing roads to get to work. And for the window to break due to how old it was!! It makes me shiver just hearing about it.

    I totally understand how once home, safe and well, back i the warmth some Sasha time was called for and what a lovely girl to pick! Claudia a Dungarees girl ! I so love the dungaree girls, there is something special about them. Her outfit is beautiful and perfect for these cold chilly days, she looks so snug and warm in the red and green. It look like it could be a Ruth Hartley outfit, I love these pleated skirts with pretty blouse sets, I have a couple of these sets that I have not used yet, I like them with the tights, I may have to get them out!!

    Thank you for a very warming post, I hope it warm’s up for your next trip to work! :)xxx

    • Hi Dee! You are so right and finally being home safe and sound, I was relieved and so happy to play with Sashas. We will get the window repaired this Spring when the day is sunny and the temperature is much warmer. 🙂

      Yes, it is a Ruth Hartley outfit and I look forward to seeing your girls all in a row wearing your outfits! I love her clothing! Thank you for writing! 🙂 xxx

  3. Oh my goodness Ginger, I cannot even begin to imagine temperatures that low….I’m shivering just thinking about it. When it gets below 25 CENTIGRADE here, I tend to feel a little bit chilly LOL, I am such a wimp.
    Well it was indeed a lovely sight to see this beautiful girl on your blog today and wearing such a sweet outfit, which suits her perfectly. I have a redhead from the same year but my girl is a ballet one, I need to share her more as she very pretty too 🙂
    I love that you find such great outfits on Shelly’s site, like Kendal says, I’m always too late aswell….. 🙂
    Big hugs and have a super week, please keep SAFE and WARM !
    Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon and so glad you enjoyed seeing Claudia. I will look forward to seeing your lovely ballet girl sometime soon on your blog! 🙂

      These sub zero temperatures are really surprising to me and today, it is warmer but we have snow and freezing rain. I really can’t wait for Spring and pretty days! Thank you for the lovely well wishes! 🙂 xxx

  4. That is just too cold I am afraid…I would have to hibernate and not come out until it had warmed up again. Glad you found warming solace with your beautiful Claudia. Fabulous out fit that looks great on her.

    Take are in this frigid climate.

    • Hi Lorraine! So nice you enjoyed seeing Claudia! Our area schools have been closed all week. I think even the kids will be ready to go back to classes! Thank you for the lovely well wishes! 🙂 xxx

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