A Christmas Gift of a Sasha Doll

This little lady made a Sasha dream come true for me. I had yet to own a 1967 NP with red hair and now, thanks to my dear husband, that dream has come true. Β She made a safe trip from Germany and arrived in about seven days no worse for her journey and happy to be liberated from the box. πŸ™‚

She came to me wearing a dungarees outfit which is nice to have and is safely stored away. Β Her previous owner sent unexpected and delightful Christmas gifts with her which are absolutely perfect for Christmas. Β Please excuse my photo taken on a patterned quilt. I was so excited when I opened the wrapped gifts that I was lucky to have been able to remember to take a photo! The wooden elf ornaments are adorable and such a thoughtful addition. The beautiful knitted red sweater has a satin ribbon woven around the waistline and it ties into a bow for a nice feminine touch. The red gingham dress has a full skirt with a bottom ruffle. I love the white collar which looks especailly nice with her sweater. Β A very pretty outfit! πŸ™‚

Time for a few photos around the Christmas tree. Β Look, a sock monkey!

The lovely red leather shoes and socks were made by Ruth’s dolls. πŸ™‚

I hope you like how I styled her hair which has been trimmed to a longer bob length. The ribbon was from her Christmas package. ❀

Ellen was one of the first girls to say hello and she had to retrieve her shoes and socks from her new sister because they go with her outfit. Β We found a nice pair of red leather boots for her new sister to wear. πŸ™‚

The boots were made by Jean Jensen. ❀

Sylvia extended a warm welcome to her new sister. Β  Sylvia is usually very shy but she was noticably happy to meet her new sister. πŸ™‚

A pair of reds wearing red!

Tilly is next to say hello and gives a warm welcome to her sister from the Sasha Shangri-La family. πŸ™‚

Smile for the camera girls! πŸ˜‰

Adeline is also very happy to meet her sister. πŸ™‚

Girls ready for Christmas fun!

Christmas decorations and a vintage angel to see.

I think this ia a very nice angel. Β I think that I will like living here! πŸ™‚

A close view of my Christmas girl. She then whispered to me her name, it is Zoey. ❀

Another view of the lovely Zoey for you to see. ❀

A group photo of the girls dressed in their Christmas outfits. Zoey feels very happy to be surrounded by caring sisters. Β She loves her new family. πŸ™‚

A group photo of the sweet girls that were made and painted in 1967, a very good year! ❀

A last photo of Zoey for you to see. I hope you enjoyed the girls dressed for the holidays and especially enjoyed meeting my Christmas girl, Zoey. ❀ Β  Have a wonderful weekend my Sasha friends! πŸ™‚ xxx

22 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift of a Sasha Doll

  1. Welcome Zoey! You look very happy amongst your new sisters and you all look beautiful in your festive clothes. Your mummy is very lucky to find you xx

    • Thank you Auntie Diane! I am happy and am meeting other new sisters and brothers too! My Mummy said she was so very happy to find me and that she loves me too! I saw her kissing Santa and there was a tear of joy on her cheek when she first held me. I love her too! ❀ xxx

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of Zoey, what a wonderful Christmas present indeed! She looks so lovely as do all your beautiful girls in their fabulous red festive outfits. Just perfect to celebrate the Christmas season. They are all simply stunning!

    • Thank you Lorraine! I am thrilled to add Zoey to the family and it was love at first sight! It is so nice to have time off during the holidays and to be able to do things that you just don’t have time for normally. Zoey is a wonderful present! πŸ™‚ xxx

    • So true Ronnie! If they lined us all up in a “Spoiled Rotten” line, I would be front and center! Zoey is a dear girl and I certainly do feel very grateful and very lucky too!!! So glad you like Zoey! I will take more photos soon! πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Zoey is gorgeous Ginger and looks lovely in her red outfit. She goes perfectly with all her new sisters and what a wonderful husband to buy her for your Christmas gift.
    I look forward to see more of her over the coming Year. :)xxx

    • Thank you Dee! Yes, Rick is a very dear man and I am very blessed to share life with him! ❀

      So happy you like Zoey and I will be showing her again soon. I want to take some outdoors photos when the weather permits! So, time to redress a few Sashas for cold weather! πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Hi Theresa! Zoey is quite a gift for Christmas and that was when she came up for sale so it was a wonderful addition to the Christmas celebration! Her hair does have a great color and shine and, though it is shorter in length, I love it as it is! Thanks for writing! πŸ™‚ xxx

    • Hi Kendal! Thank you for writing about Zoey. She is quickly meeting everyone here and making friends. She is playing with Gracie today! I agree and think she is a most perfect Christmas gift! πŸ™‚ xx

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous girlie Ginger, she fits in so well with your other beauties πŸ™‚ You have obviously been a very good girl this year πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad that you finally got the girl you’ ve always wanted and dreamed of having, you deserve all the nice things in the world πŸ™‚
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you so much Sharon for your very kind words! I have tried to be a good girl and will keep on trying! :). Zoey is such an unexpected but delightful find. I am glad you like her too! Sending you hugs and love dear Sharon! ❀ xxx

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