Psssssst……It’s Me…..Gracie!


Hi everyone! Mummy is in the kitchen again and it sure smells wonderful here at Sasha Shangri-La.  With Mummy away, it’s time for another “Gracie” blog post!  We received a big, wonderful box from Thu Cuc Faes wo lives in Switzerland.  Mummy was so happy to get this box and look at my new outfit that was found inside! 🙂

My brother Bennie has a new outfit too. We look like twins! 🙂

(Bennie is a BII Sasha studio doll and Gracie is a Sasha studio bebe)



I love Bennie! Everyone calls him Ben except me. He is my Bennie! ❤

Bennie and me, Gracie!  We can play outdoors now, yipee!!!

When I stand next to Bennie like this, I am taller than he is! 🙂

But, when Bennie stands up, he is a bit taller than me…don’t we look nice in our new outfits?  They fit perfectly!

Please hold me Bennie, I feel so wee next to you.  I need a hug!

Well, Bennie found my new red wool, hooded duffle coat to help me feel better. 🙂

You know what? Bennie is so smart, I do feel better! 🙂

I just love sitting on Bennie’s lap. ❤

He is so big and strong.  Bennie told me that God made him strong to help others that are weaker. I know this is true, I can feel it in my heart. ❤

But most if all, Bennie is kind and sweet and he loves me. ❤

Bennie found this nice wooden sled and it fits me perfectly! 🙂

He promised to take me outdoors to ride the sled when we get a good snow. I can’t wait to have fun in the snow. 🙂

A last photo of Bennie and me and we thank you for visiting us here at Sasha Shangri-La. We send you big “Bennie” hugs and sweet “Gracie” kisses too! ❤ xxxooo


12 thoughts on “Psssssst……It’s Me…..Gracie!

  1. Hello Gracie
    You are very good at this blogging lark! It’s lovely seeing you with your big brother Bennie, who looks out for you.
    What smart new clothes you and he have ready for this cold weather that’s now arriving.
    I bet Bennie and you will have a great time with your sled when you get some snow!
    I look forward to seeing the photo’s when it happens!!
    I’d best go before your mum comes back and wonders what going on!!
    Take care, love to you and Bennie
    Auntie Dee xxx

    • Hi Auntie Dee! Thank you for writing and I am happy you like our new clothes. I watch Mummy all of the time and I know her hiding place for the computer passwords. I hope she won’t mind when she comes back upstairs….

      Mummy is getting ready for a Thanksgiving Holiday and that has kept her busy in the kitchen. Mummy told me that we have a lot to be thankful for and she explained the meaning of Thanksgiving since it is new to me and my very first Thanksgiving! Maybe she will like my blog post…I do want to help Mummy! 🙂

      Thanks again Auntie Dee! Bennie and I both send our love! ❤ xxx

  2. Two very lucky kids here now all warmly togged out ready for the coming Winter months in these wonderful new and colourful outfits.

    Superb little wooden chair and perfectly sized sledge as well and as that well known song says….’Who could ask for anything more!’
    (We, here, are rather envious…… apart from my Farmchild Studio Doll who has just received a new checked Ruthsdoll’s outfit to wear over Christmas.)

    Many thanks Bennie and Gracie for your most welcome ‘hugs and kisses’…. until we see you here again.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all there at Shangri-La.

    • Hi Kendal and thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving wishes! I am glad you liked the new outfits that Gracie and Ben wore too. I try and look out for Sasha size furniture and accessories and have found a few goodies here and there in my travels.

      I would love to see your farm girl in her new and lovely Ruthsdoll’s outfit. I so admire Ruth’s clothing and I just looked at the beautiful studio dresses on her site the other day. They were all sold of course but it is still fun to admire them! 🙂 xxx

  3. Well I say, don’t you look a delightfully handsome pair all dressed up in your new winter togs!!! Gracie, you look really lovely and so does your brother Bennie, you make a perfect pair and I think your duffle coat is super for when the snow comes and Bennie takes you out for a ride on your sledge! You are a lucky pair of children 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xxx
    PS How on earth did you get a 22 pound turkey in the oven Ginger!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Auntie Sharon! Bennie and I are indeed very lucky! I am so happy you like our outfits and my new coat too! 🙂 xxx

      p.s. Sharon, I had major help with that huge turkey. My dear husband did all of the heavy lifting in and out of the oven. Also, my son carried the bird from the grocery store to our refrigerator earlier in the week. I have great support! 🙂 xxx

  4. Don’t you two look wonderful together and what fabulous blue dungarees. I can see you two are great friends and enjoy each others company very much. Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving.

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