Gracie’s Gifts

Hi there everyone, it’s me again, Gracie! Mummy went to the kitchen and I just had to tell you the very best of news!   I, Gracie, have just received my very first post in the mail. It’s a big box!  Oh joy! 🙂

Oh my, what do think is inside? It is a wonderful surprise! 🙂

Oh, how lovely, a card with my name, Gracie, written on it. Mummy read it to me and the box was sent by my loving Godmother, Norvell Jones. Auntie Norvell put two wrapped packages inside the box. How exciting, I want to dance around the room!

The first package has a pretty yellow ribbon tied in a bow.  Can’t wait to see inside!!!!

Oh my, it is a beautiful pale, yellow corduroy dress! I love it! ❤

Mummy showed me the wonderful smocking and she said that I would have to wait but would be able to try it on very soon. But, I do not want to wait!!! 😦

After Mummy stepped away, I found the pretty yellow ribbon!

I love ribbons, don’t you? ❤

I really want to wear this pretty dress……Mummy said soon but it is so hard to wait……. 😦

Lookie, I think it will look pretty on me, don’t you?  I do think I can try it on by myself, don’t you?

Auntie Norvell’s tag is sewn in the dress seam. :). It is sooooo hard to wait on Mummy…. 😦

Well, I just had to try on my new dress. Isn’t it lovely? This is the first yellow dress I have owned and it is so soft and it is so warm! 🙂

I love my new dress!  It fits me perfectly. ❤

I thought I heard Mummy coming but she is still in the kitchen, whew….. 🙂

My big sister Claire just gave me this precious little teddy bear made by Ted Menten. Ted gifted the bear to Claire when he made a beautiful white studio dress for her a few years ago. Claire said the teddy is perfect next to my new dress!  I think the teddy is perfect for me.  Today is such a special day and it just keeps on getting better! 🙂

I think I will sit and rest a bit….but I want to open the second package very much. 🙂

Since Mummy is still away, I wanted to look at the second package. Inside is a beautiful pink dress made by Auntie Norvell. I have worn this dress once before and she wanted to make some alterations. So, I am so happy to have this pink dress back. 🙂

A lovely printed fabric.   Why is Mummy spending so much time in the kitchen? I do not like waiting…… 😦

Well, i just could not wait on Mummy. I love my pretty pink dress too! ❤

I pushed my hair back with this sparkly, pink bug clip. Isn’t it just divine??? 🙂

I think that pink is such a pretty color!

I hope that Mummy will not be cross with me. In a way, I am helping her by learning to dress myself and to style my hair. I am a big girl now and not a baby anymore. I want to help my Mummy. I love her with all my heart. ❤

Teddy just looks great with my pink dress too!  He is very soft and cuddly. 🙂

I think I will sit down and think about how very special today has been for me, Gracie.  I think that I am the luckiest little girl in the whole wide world!!! 🙂

I think I hear Mummy coming up the stairs. I am going to sit very still and look at her very sweetly and tell her that I love her. I hope she will understand why I could not wait for her to dress me.  I hope she thinks that I look pretty in my dress!

Auntie Norvell, thank you so very much for my dresses. I love them both very, very much!

Oh, Mummy is here now…..

Well…..everything is just fine here at Sasha Shangri-La. Mummy did gently remind me how important it is to mind what Mummy says to do and that it is for my own good. She told me that I might get hurt by taking risky steps while she is away.  I told Mummy that I would try very hard to be a good girl! 🙂

She picked me up and kissed me on my head. She carefully removed the sparkly bug clip and replaced it with a soft, pink satin ribbon saying that it would be much gentler on my precious Gracie head. She rejoined me with my sisters Adeline and Chloe and with my brother, Bennie, who is always close by and also my big sister, Marie, giving me a comforting touch to the shoulder.  They all said that they missed me!  I feel so very happy today and I feel so excited down in my tummy, like butterflies, because I am so loved in my Sasha family. ❤

I, Gracie, am waving goodbye, wishing you a great week to come, and sending you great big Gracie hugs! 🙂 xxx

16 thoughts on “Gracie’s Gifts

  1. Gracie what a lucky girl you are ! Your godmother auntie Norvel is wonderful and so very talented to send you such a gorgeous pale yellow dress with such beautiful smocking and it looks so good on you!
    Your lovely pink dress looks beautiful on too! Luckly you Mummy was not cross that you did not wait! sometimes it is hard to wait though! 🙂
    You look so pretty in both dresses I can see you having to change every other day so that you get to wear them both.

    have a lovely day with your new dresses and bunny.

    Dee 🙂 xx

    • Thank you auntie Dee! I am happy you like my dresses too! Auntie Norvell is so very generous to me! I am such a lucky girl. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your kind comments with me. Love, Gracie xxxx ❤

  2. Hi Ginger, Gracie looks so cute in her dresses and the little bear is adorable too, Norvel has done a fantastic job on the smocking, Gracie is indeed a very lucky girl xx

  3. Norvell, told me she was making you some dresses Gracie – she certainly has a soft spot for you and who can blame her? You look absolutely gorgeous in both of the dresses, they are so beautiful and just perfect for you. Her work is just stunning.

  4. Hello Gracie!
    You are such a delightful little girl. Mummy loves you very much; she just wants to be sure you are safe!
    The yellow and pink dresses are so lovely, Aunt Norvell has done an outstanding job with them. The colors are perfect for you!
    I like how your Mom has styled your hair off of your forehead, you have a wonderfully expressive face, Gracie. ❤ thank you for brightening my day!

    • Hi Auntie Nancy, how lovely to hear from you! You are right that Mummy looks out for me. I am one lucky little girl. :). I love my new pretty dresses and it is great fun to try new hair styles! Thank you for writing! Love, Gracie. 🙂 xxx

  5. Dear Gracie,
    Just how lucky are YOU then? Not one but TWO new dresses! Both look so lovely on you that it would be hard if you had to only choose to keep one!
    Isn’t it exciting when you receive surprise parcels?
    I can well understand how hard it was to wait until your mummy had the time to be with you to help you try them on….. although it looks as though you have managed very well all by yourself this time……… but do listen to her and be very careful in the future as my mummy says that mummies always know best how to keep you safe from harm.
    I hope that you enjoy and have fun wearing your new dresses.
    Lots of love from Kendal’s Sasha Brood’s, Bebe Amiee.xxxxx
    PS. I had a super time at the CnS with my sisters Bea and Noelle, mummy and my Auntie Chon.

    • Dear Amiee,
      I am so happy that you have written to me! Yes, I am very lucky to have two new dresses! I love them both! I promised Mummy that I would listen to her and try very hard to be good. She is the best Mummy and she loves me very much! ❤

      How wonderful that you were able to take a fun trip with your Mummy and Aunt Chon and your sisters too! My Mummy showed me the photos of you at the Chat n Snap in your nice red coat and having a great time! You look very, very pretty! I hope we can meet one day and play with Bea and Noelle too. What fun we would have together! 🙂

      I hope you write again some day soon. Lots of love from me, Gracie, and my Mummy too! 🙂 xxxx

  6. Oh my goodness Gracie, what an incredibly lucky girl you are to receive not one but TWO beautiful dresses from your Auntie Norvel! And don’t you look beautiful in each of them! I love that your teddy matches with both dresses, you will have to always have him with you whenever you wear them.
    Mummy is right though, it is best to wait when she tells you to, just in case….and probably mummy would have liked to have been there with you to see the look of excitement on your sweet face when you opened your packages and saw the contents….now she will have to wait herself until next time! 😉
    Big hugs xxxx

    • Oh thank you Auntie Sharon! I think I am very lucky too. I love my dresses very much and my teddy too. Mummy said you recntly made a trip from Spain to England and had a really great time! I am happy for you and your dolly family to make such a nice trip! 🙂 xxx

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