My Girls

Adeline is wearing a new dress from Shelly’s site that serves as a great pinafore over her Ruthsdolls pink corduroy dress. I love the pretty pink and purple print which came with a nice matching hair tie and pants. The maker is unknown.  Tilly is also wearing a pretty floral dress by an unknown maker and from Shelly’s site. Tilly wears her colorful cardi by Mary Anne Getchell. Both girls are wearing brightly colored, leather Mary Jane shoes by Jean Jensen.

You may notice in the background our beautiful rottie, Shelby. She loves to be there, right in the mix of things, when I take the Sashas outdoors. ❤

We brought a quilt with us to soften the ground.

Adeline. ❤

A closer view of Adeline’s dress fabric reveals butterflies, her favorite. 🙂

It was a beautiful Fall day to take the photos.

Tilly loves her new outfit.  Her great socks were found on Shelly’s site and were made by Dollies4u.

A closer view of Tilly. 🙂

Adeline and Tilly send their hugs to you and wish everyone a wonderful week to come. They also send their well wishes to those traveling to Dee’s Chat n Snap this weekend. Have a great time everyone! 🙂 xxx

14 thoughts on “My Girls

  1. Your girls look splendid. Adeline’s dress is perfect. Oh I am so jealous of your pretty Sasha dolls and their amazing facepaint!

  2. Two gorgeous girls Ginger. Adeline looks sweet in her pink dresses, love the print on the new dress from Shellys. Tilly, also looks so colourful and warm ready to see off any chill on a winters day.
    Tilly’s eye’s are truly beautiful, in fact both girls are a lovely sight for a cool morning..
    Thanks for the good wishes for the Chat n Snap, only a few hours until it starts!! Will put on lots of photo’s so you can all see the action! :)xxx

  3. What a bright idea to add the pink/purple print dress over Adeline’s pale pink cord dress as a pinafore.
    Tilly’s Autumnal colours certainly give her a warm glow.
    Shelly’s clothing page is a great way to buy their clothing. After a quick scan through the two doll pages that it where I always head next!

    Loving the dainty wood scene behind them. (Sensible mother to lay that quilt down in case of any tumbles from slight, unexpected gusts of wind.)

    PS. Not sure just what Denise is doing still on the computer at that time of the morning!.

    • Me too Kendal, I go to the doll pages on Shelly’s site and then straight to the clothes pages. I try to visit often because it is enjoyable to spend time there.

      I think necessity is the mother of invention often when dressing the dolls. I really like the pink and purple print dress and did not want to wait to next year for Adeline to wear it. So I looked through the dresses and found the pretty pink one and was happy it worked out so well.

      The quilt was laid down for the unexpected falls. I try to be very careful but the wind gusts are very unpredictable. It is also nice to have a soft place to lay the dolls down when they are not in the photo. 🙂 xxx

      p.s. I think Dee has remarkable stamina 🙂

  4. Lovely photo’s of your beautiful girls and not forgetting the very pretty black and tan girl in the background. Theresa xxxx

    • Thank you Lorraine! I missed your comment last week, so sorry. I am glad you enjoyed the girls outdoors. This weekend has been wet and cold so we are waiting for another pretty day to take photos outdoors. 🙂 xxx

  5. The girls do look lovely Ginger, they’re perfectly dressed for the colder autumn days….what great finds on Shelly’s site. I didn’t know you had a Rottweiller, such gorgeous dogs….I often tell Lucy my Miniature Pinscher that if she continues to try to stick her nose in the dishwasher when I’m loading it, she will likely lose her long snout and end up looking like a Miniature Rottie instead…seeing as she is the same colour LOL……funny though, it doesn’t seem to stop her!
    Big hugs Sharon xxxx

  6. Thank you Sharon! So happy you enoyed the post and it is always nice to hear from you. Our rottie is Shelby and she is a real dear. She loves to stay with me when I go outdoors and I enjoy her company. I can just see your sweet min pin licking the dishes in the dishwater! Our Shelby’s head would not begin to fit in the dishwasher but she loves to eat! 🙂 xxx

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