Please meet Nancy

This lovely girl was repainted by Shelly Baxter. Her name is Nancy.

Nancy is wearing a beautiful outfit made by Nancy Collins. It was gifted to me at the Festival in Phoenix. Its previous life was a tea towel with different bottles of spices and pretty colors. So very nice to recycle lovely fabrics. Β The bolero is a perfect accessory to the sleeveless dress.

One bottle is the spice “Ginger”. πŸ™‚

I love these knickers which can be a pair of shorts too.

Nancy’s leather shoes were purchased from Cassie of Sashapotamus at the Festival.

Lastly, a close view of Shelly’s eye painting. I think Nancy is a lovely girl. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Please meet Nancy

  1. Another great addition to your collection.
    Love how the blues and purples in her dress bring out the colour of her eyes.How smart is that having your name written on the dress and shorts fabric.

    • Thank you Kendal. I have had Nancy a good while but I was stumped on what to name her. After returning from the Festival in June with the outfit made by the talented Nancy Collins, and then trying the outfit on her, it was clear that she was “Nancy”. Some times it takes a while for things to come together πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Shelly does do such beautiful repaints and your new girl Nancy is indeed a beauty.
    I love brunette’s with blue eyes and it’s always amazed me that the factory was so set in having just single eye colour’s for certain hair colour ! They missed out on lots of Sales I would think by not having all eye colour’s across the Sasha’s.
    Nancy is a lovely edition to your clan and a very pretty dress too!:) xxx

  3. I have to agree Ginger, Nancy is a really love repaint by Shelly. I’m a sucker for the eyes that Shelly does, she makes them really pretty….I have two girls done by her. I love this colour blue too…..and the outfit looks great on her….and what a stroke of luck to have your name right there on the front of her knickers like that! πŸ˜‰
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

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