Oh My Goodness Gracie


Well, Gracie has taken Sasha Shangri-La by storm and is really shaking things up! The past few days have been so lovely with perfect, not too hot temperatures and no rain :). Gracie was so excited to meet her new family and she has a winning way with everyone! At Gracie’s insistance, we went outside and laid-out a blanket on the grass to enjoy the day. Gracie is sitting very still and lady-like and she thinks no one can see her but, her big brother Finn did see her! Β Gotcha ya Gracie!!!


Finn and his pup Fetch are in love with the new baby, Gracie πŸ™‚


Finn asked me to take a close up of sweet Gracie.


Gracie invited shy baby Ginger and sweet little Betsy to join in the fun. They look so sweet together and what a nice diversity of Sasha dolls with a vinyl baby, a studio bebe, and a Gotz toddler–all in a row and very happy :). Gracie asked them both if she could try on their dresses. She was convinced their dresses would fit her too. So baby Ginger was first to offer up her dress.


Gracie said ” Look, it fits me too!” But baby Ginger looks a little shy since she is the only one without a dress on. Gracie could tell that baby Ginger was shy and so she asked Betsy for her dress.


Gracie was so happy and said” Look Betsy, your dress fits me too!” Baby Ginger is much more at ease now that Betsy is without a dress too. Gracie kissed them both for being such sweet and generous sisters πŸ™‚


Gracie showing the lovely dresses. The pretty pink dress I received in a swap from Diane in the USA. The lovely blue dress was made by Joan Wilson who sadly passed away this past year. Both dresses fit Gracie well and snapped easily in the back. The skirts are not cut as full as Thu Cuc Faes studio dress and they were hemmed shorter too but they do fit. Gracie quickly returned the dresses to her sisters not wanting to cause them any further anxiety.


Three happy girls πŸ™‚


Finn returned and wanted to hold the babies especially Gracie πŸ™‚


Finn and baby Ginger πŸ™‚


Finn and sweet Betsy πŸ™‚


One last Finn photo with precious Gracie. He is so very fond of her and is sure to be the best big brother :). Β We all had a great time outdoors. Β  Finn and Gracie sends hugs to you! xxxx

12 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness Gracie

  1. Gracie is so sweet Ginger and what a lovely big brother Finn is cuddling her and making her welcome.
    Baby Ginger and Little Betsy were very nice to let Gracie try on their dresses which looked nice on all the girls.
    We had a lovely weather here in the UK today also and it was lovely seeing the babies and Finn enjoying some sunshine.
    Hugs Dee πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Dee, it is so nice that your weather was beautiful too. I know you are making beautiful garden creations and your Sashas and Mr. Mossy will look so lovely in your outdoor setting. I look forward to your future posts!

      I am so happy you enjoyed this post. Gracie is motivating all of us to get up and to get going. πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Really lovely photos of the babies sharing their dresses Ginger, so sweet to see.

    Love that Finn wanted to give Gracie a cuddle as well. Looks like it was a really lovely day for you.

  3. Awww these photos are sooo sweet Ginger! It’s lovely to see you enjoying yourself so much with your new bebe, she really is a little darling, isn’t she. I like how the other little ones were happy to share their outfits so that she could try them on…you toddler, Betsy, has the sweetest face I have to say. I like the blanket that Gracie is sitting so nicely on! I look forward to seeing more photos of Gracie and her siblings very soon!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  4. What a delighful ‘sharing’ post set outdoors and in the glorious sunshine.Wonderful to see how one new Sasha member and the appearance of the sun can spread such love, happiness and the ability to willingly share with others. Sasha Morgenthaler would have been overjoyed to see this.

    Funny enough two weeks ago wanting a change for my studio bebe, who has only ever worn her original labelled red/white checked dress and knickers, I changed her into some of my babies’ clothing and was surprised just how well they fitted her……apart from the length in the trousers and tights……as I had thought that the studio babes had always looked so much bigger.

    Gracie is just simply adorable!
    PS. Love your heading photo.

    • Oh thank you Kendal for your lovely comments. It was indeed a glorious day!

      I remember your sweet studio bebe and I think you photographed her one year placed in your Christmas tree because I can see her in my mind looking so precious and festive :). I hope you find a baby outfit that will suit her. It would be a joy to see her again!

      So glad you liked the new heading too. Thought it was time to change things, like a bit of Spring cleaning :). xx

  5. Hi Ginger i love the photo’s especially the one of Fin and Gracie together. The girls were good to share their dresses with Gracie too x

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