Amazing Gracie


I was thrilled to see a studio bebe outfit made by Thu Cuc Faes and offered on Shelly’s site and that it was such a pretty aqua or turquoise color. Shelly tucked the outfit in Gracie’s box and I am so excited about her arrival that I just couldn’t wait to see her in a pretty color.


A nice full length view and you can see her leather sandals that fit perfectly.


A “whoops” photo showing her pants 😉


Gracie insisted on including sweet Meg in her photos which I am happy to do!


I think they are best friends now 🙂


Gracie upon a pink pony and having a great time.


What a happy girl 🙂


Hi everyone!


Hugs everyone! 🙂 xx

10 thoughts on “Amazing Gracie

  1. Awww that colour does suit her Ginger! Will it be easy to clothe her, I mean does the Sasha baby clothing fit or is it too small in the shoulders? She certainly looks like a friendly little one and such a sweet face….and it’s obvious you are having a lovely time playing with her too!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon, she is so very sweet and I am having a great time. I am not certain about whether the baby outfits will fit her or not. I am going to try some on her though plus a few toddler dresses that may fit?? Wouldn’t she look cute in a ra-ra outfit?? I will post a few photos of her in baby clothes and dresses and we will see how they fit 🙂 Big hugs, XXXX

      • LOL yes, she’s probably look cute in a ra-ra outfit….with her little chubby legs! When you get yours you can see how it fits her!! It’s so hard to judge her size, even next to the little vinyl baby…I’d so got it into my head that these dolls were quite large!! 🙂

      • We just went outside since today is so beautiful and Gracie tried on 2 toddler/baby outfits and they fit!!!! They are not as full in the skirt as her studio dress but they snapped to close in the back easily and it was not tight. I am like you and thought she would be bigger but she is petite 🙂 What a luv! xx

  2. I too thought these babies would be bigger and chunkier than a normal Sasha baby, so it was a surprise to see how small she is next to a baby Sasha.
    Her new dress is a lovely colour and suits her well and that’s good that she is getting into some of your other baby clothes. I look forward to seeing more photo’s of her.
    hugs Dee xx

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