Faith in April Showers


Today is a wonderful, beautiful day! It is much warmer, we are having April showers, and the sun is fighting the rain to create small windows of time allowing me to take photos outdoors at Sasha Shangri-La. Β Faith is a favorite of mine. She is an English production girl made in 1968. She has a single row of fringe and very beautiful, hand painted eyes.


Faith put on her cheery Cath Kidston poncho with hood, her wellies and her bright yellow umbrella outdoors to enjoy the day. I took several photos of Faith from different angles and with her hood up and down. She is venturing out on our hillside.




Faith standing in a puddle and enjoying the outdoors πŸ™‚


Faith standing with the front barn shown in the distance.


Another photo showing her wellies that she loves wearing on wet days.


You can see the flowers that have fallen from the redbud tree.


A nice photo showing her umbrella.


It felt so good to be outside today to take photos. Apple blossoms have also fallen nearby. The air feels so clean and crisp on our faces.


Close up photo of Faith.


This photo shows the back of Faith’s poncho with its Cath Kidston label. The poncho is also nicely tagged on the inside “Just for Sasha by Christina Meatyard”. I was so fortunate to find this on Shelly’s site. I love this fabric and the creation by Christina. So very well done!


A final photo taken this lovely day. I would like to dedicate this post to my dear Mother who passed away ten years ago today. Thankfully, I feel very close to Mother which continues to bless and encourage me :). A last happy thought to share with you is that Faith and I are sending you big hugs and well wishes for a beautiful weekend. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Faith in April Showers

  1. Lovely post of the beautiful Faith enjoying the spring showers. Sweet to see her in the pretty poncho which is ideal for keeping her dry. Looks like she is having a lot of fun in the puddles.

  2. Lovely post and i love Faiths outfit by Christina, i remember admiring it just as she was finishing it. I miss my mum everyday too and your post is a lovely way to remember her. Theresa x

  3. Faith is a lovely girl and seems not to mind the rain a bit in her doughty rain gear. Your Mom must have been a very special person to produce a wonderful and loving daughter in you, Ginger. I imagine that you were two peas in a pod. Thank you for the heartwarming post.



  4. So lovely to see darling Faith splodging in the wet grass and puddles. Her poncho is fantastic, I love these atmospheric photos Ginger, I can almost smell the air

  5. Love your post pics and Faith and her poncho! I remember wanting one when Chris made her first and hope she makes more.
    MOST of all I love the way you describe the air and also your Mother. I have the same sentiments and my Mum bought me my first Sasha and continued to collect and support me with little things for them and used to laugh that they always were with me throughout my life. I miss her terribly and it will be 7 years in October that she is gone from us.
    But our love and memories and joy in life live on!!
    Love you Ginger xxx

  6. Oh thank you Sarah. You are so right about our love, joy and memories that live on. How very special that your Mum bought you your first Sasha and what happy memories you now have!

    My Mom collected dolls so she brought to me my love of dolls. This led me to Sashas and a lot of happy times! Love you too dear Sarah xx πŸ™‚

  7. Faith obviously enjoys, just like real-life kids, walking through the long wet grass in her little ‘Wellies’ and colourful and waterproof Cath Kidston cape and then finally having a bit of a splash about in some shallow puddles left behind after the April Showers.
    I too love the fresh smell of the earth after a rain shower. (Unfortunately though my garden isn’t smelling quite so nice at the moment as it has just had a ‘lawn weed and feed’ product, with a rather distinctive pungent aroma, sprinkled over it so that hopefully these showers will wash it in and save me from having to water it by hose-pipe.)
    Many thanks for the week ahead’s good wishes.

  8. A very pretty girl and her lovely poncho! I love Cath Kidston things, the fabrics are always so attractive! So a great idea of Christinas to make a rain poncho for a Sasha. I’m glad you were able to snap it up as it’s perfect with the umbrella for your sweet little girl. Doesn’t the rain make for great photos, everything looks so crisp and green! Have a lovely weekend Ginger!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

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