The Lovely Sylvia


Sylvia is the newest member to the Sasha family. I was fortunate to be able to purchase her from a collector here in the States and she is shown in the new Sasha Dolls Serie Identification book under eye painting (photo #37). I must say that her eyes did indeed capture my heart.  I love her sweet expression and her red hair which has had some trimming. She does have a full center part.  Please excuse the stray hair over her left eye.



Sylvia traveled to me in her original brown cord outfit which is safely put away. She is wearing a cheery Nellie Rose dungarees outfit purchased from Shelly’s site and previously owned by Kendal.  I love to be on the receiving end of Kendal’s Sasha wardrobe and was lucky to snatch up this well made outfit.  Sylvia’s shoes were also on Shelly’s site and are from Ruthsdolls.


Another photo showing Sylvia’s hair length and confident pose. Welcome dear Sylvia to Sasha Shangri-La!


14 thoughts on “The Lovely Sylvia

  1. I’m glad you are now the owner of the Cath Kidston ‘Stanley’ fabric dungarees Ginger…they were made as an OOAK for me by Nellie Rose in 2012. Good luck with your new blog!

    • It is so nice to know the full history of this special outfit. I would like to learn more about the Cath Kidston “Stanley” fabrics. This fabric is wonderful and new to me. Thank you for writing and the good wishes!

      • Cath Kidston opened her first store in London, England in 1993. The’ Stanley’ fabric (only available in this colour) was designed in honour of her Lakeland Terrier named Stanley who died last year and sadly it was discontinued before his death which is a great shame as it is such a good scale for Sasha to wear and you could almost imagine a real little girl wanting to wear it 🙂 Cath has designed a small range of ‘Stanley’ items this season, but sadly no fabric at the time of writing. I know this because I went into one of her stores in Brighton yesterday if I come across any I will be sure to let you know.

  2. Sylvia is simply gorgeous. Although I have the new identification Sasha Book I haven’t had the time to really settle down to reading it in detail as yet but will certainly look out for her when I do.
    It’s a super feeling to actually own a doll that is featured in these kind of books. Makes the doll even more special….. if that’s possible!

    Hadn’t realised until just now that you had done this second post! Must be more alert in future to your great enthusiasm in your newly found project.
    I was sad to have to part with the dungaree set (although have kept the coat) but usually sell on the clothing that a new doll comes in to help pay for the doll. (Incidentally the Ruthsdoll’s shoes were mine too! A case of every little helps!)
    Unfortunately selling on is now the only way for me to purchase anything new.

  3. Thank you Kendal, for the kind words for Sylvia. It is nice to be in a book and I remember your beautiful studio doll was in the first book, Sasha Dolls The History. I have really enjoyed these books and have not finished reading them all the way through. So far, I have read by sections when I have a need to know more in a certain area. Especially true with the identification book. They are all great references.

    I knew I was posting twice in one day but just couldn’t wait. I am going to take advantage of the excitement now expecting that one post a week at times will be challenging to do. Learning how to place more than one photo, with accompanying text, in a single post took some time. I could much better appreciate your frustration that time you lost a full posting and had to start over.

    I also sell and pass on to help buy new Sasha things. The receivers are happy and so are the sellers though sometimes there may be a regret or two, I think it is worth the risk overall. I love the red shoes and thank you for passing them along!

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