Launching a Sasha Blog–Should I ???

Finn and Chloe

Header photo of Finn, a 1967 NP boy with platinum hair and big sister, Chloe, a 1966 early NP with blue eyes and brunette hair. Finn was my first NP boy and Chloe was my first NP girl and I thought it fitting that they be first on this Sasha blog 🙂

It has been on my mind for some time now to create a Sasha blog. I so admire the artistic talent and the creative hands of Sasha Morgenthaler. Being a member of a couple of Sasha groups, I was taking up a lot of space in those venues from time to time that would be better served on a blog.  So, finally, I am launching a blog!  I have received much joy from other’s Sasha blogs over the years and am very grateful for their time and efforts .  I hope that this blog will bring a measure of delight to those that may read it.


26 thoughts on “Launching a Sasha Blog–Should I ???

  1. Congratulations on setting up your Sasha blog. I wish you every happiness and success with this exciting venture and shall look forward to visiting you here on a regular basis.
    Two lovely dolls to first introduce this super new project. You’ll have such fun and enjoyment producing many future posts.
    Thanks for inviting me to join you here.

  2. Hi Ginger!
    This is an exciting new venture and I wish you all the luck and happiness that will surely accompany it. I will visit you often here, but don’t be a stranger to our facebook group!



  3. Ginger, I think you’ll be marvelous! I look forward to reading your blog and following all your interesting Sasha adventures. The name is absolutely perfect!

  4. Way to go Ginger, welcome to the world of blogging about Sasha’s 🙂 It always nice to have another place to see peoples Sasha’s and Gregors and hear what they are up to

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