Chloe and Sara Dress for December



Chloe is a 1966 Sasha doll and was my first NP.  She is a brunette with very beautiful blue eyes. She is wearing a fantastic outfit that I found on Shelly’s site.  I believe Kendal owned this lovely outfit before me and I am uncertain who made it. Thank you Sarah Williams for your help. 🥰

I took many photos to share with you.  Her boots were made by Jean Jensen.

I hope you enjoy Chloe’s photos.


It is nice to dress Chloe in lovely clothes.

Next, is petite Sara, a 1967 NP painted by Sara Doggart.   Sara is wearing a warm and pretty outfit that I found on Shelly’s site. I think Kendal owned this outfit too.  Her black leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

I love this outfit especially since it is plaid and flannel. A wonderful fabric.

I took a lot of photos of Sara too.

Beautiful Sara. 

I hope you enjoyed Sara’s photos.

I thought I should show these sisters together. 

A very special pair! 

Thank you for visiting with us today.  We hope you have a wonderful day and week to come.  We are enjoying our first seasonal snowfall of about 3 inches.

Sending you hugs and happy wishes! 🥰 xxx

A Gracie Hello


Sweet Gracie is happy to say hello to you.  She is hopeful all is well with you and yours. ❤️

Gracie is wearing an outfit we found at Ruthsdolls. This includes her leather shoes and white  socks. She is so happy to have a new outfit. 😊

This adorable outfit is toddler sized and fits her well.

Though Gracie is a studio Bebe, she has always claimed hat she is not a baby.  I do agree with Gracie and think she looks extra sweet modeling her pretty new outfit.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you enjoyed this post.  Gracie and I both hope you have a happy weekend. ❤️

Hello from Sasha Shangri-La


We haven’t posted in quite some time.  Without knowing, I had too many photos stored from previous posts which took me over my limit. My previous attempts to post were unsuccessful.  So, I have deleted a lot of photos. I hope this action will allow me to post.

This sweet BIV studio doll is named Evie.  She came to Sasha Shangri-La this year.  I love her and especially her blue eyes.

Evie is wearing a beautiful smocked dress made by Thu Cuc Faes in Switzerland. I love the fabric.  Her red leather shoes were made by Ruthsdolls.  That is Chloe next to her.  She is a 1966 brunette NP.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and I hope it posts! Have a great week! ❤️

It feels good to be back and I thought it should be short and sweet. ❤️

Clara at Home on Cow Creek


I was on Facebook recently and saw this beautiful reroot by Jackie Rydstrom.  I adopted her immediately. Her hair is a very soft, wavy mohair.

Jackie also made her lovely dress. Looking closely, you can see tiny brown bows. I added brown leather shoes by Sashapotamus.

Beautiful Clara. ❤️

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you have a great week.

Clara and her puppy Molly send you hugs and happy wishes for the upcoming holiday season. ❤️

New Outfit and Onesie for Bea 🐝


Hello! My name is Bea. I am a BII Sasha studio doll.  Mommy has given me a beautiful onesie to wear because I came without any under garments.  Plus, Mommy gave me a wonderful school girl outfit to wear.   I hope you enjoy seeing these photos.

My onesie was knitted by Rosie Laird. Mommy saw on Facebook that Rosie knitted a onesie for the 16 inch vinyl Sasha dolls. So she wrote to Rosie and asked her if she would knit a larger version for a studio doll like me! Rosie said yes, Mommy provided measurements, and look at the beautiful knitting I now have! Thank you Rosie! 🌹

The onesie is so very nice, and fits so very well, that Mommy ordered more of them for my studio sisters!

Next, I am so excited to share with you my beautiful school girl outfit hand made by Brigitte Schwitter.  Brigitte also made my socks and shoes.  I am on cloud nine! ❤️

Mommy does not know who previously owned me but she was told that my original studio outfit was a school girl outfit. So she wrote to Auntie Brigitte and she made me this fantastic outfit. Thank you Brigitte from our hearts. ❤️

Look at the beautiful sweater she knitted for me. ❤️

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

It fits perfectly!

I think I am ready to go back to school.  These fabulous shoes are made for walking!😊

Then, as a wonderful surprise, Mommy added her scarab bar pin which is so nice to wear.

I hope you enjoyed my new outfit from top to bottom! Thank you for visiting with me today.

Have a wonderful day and week to come.  Bye now!  ❤️